Sailing in Seattle

I wanted to share some of the photos we took in Seattle because I really loved this top and got soo many compliments on it while we were out and about walking around! And also just because it was a fun day! My aunt and uncle took us out on their yacht (well they aren’t actually my aunt and uncle.. they are like my mom’s second cousins so I have no idea what that is to me but I call them my aunt and uncle!) They took us out last time I was in Seattle for a family reunion and they took us to see all of the beautiful homes along the water – it was BEAUTIFUL! This time they took us to the locks which is where you get dropped down into the ocean from Lake Washington! It was really cool to see it take you down! I guess we also got really lucky because she said usually its such a long line to get down but we pulled up just as they were about to drop down and got right in.


What I Wore : Top | Shorts | Sunglasses | Necklaces  (1, 2, 3 ) | Hat


As you might have been able to tell, I am really obsessed with Lack of Color hats. I borrowed one at a shoot and was obsessed with it so I knew I wanted to buy one. Well then they give you that 10 or 15% off for your first order and since I happened to get to the site just as they restocked I snagged quite a few hats! I absolutely love wearing hats lately – for practical reasons (I feel like I am safer from the harsh sun) and just because I think they look good with my current length of hair.


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  1. How are you so beautiful and flawless?? So put together all the time! So fashionable! Your life seems like a dream!

  2. I adore you and I run the park and through the Ballard locks almost every weekend……HOW did I miss you?!😭😂 cute pics!

  3. SO CUTE!! Sounds like fun! I’m going to Seattle in a couple weeks so I love seeing your Seattle style for packing inspo 😉
    I LOVE that top! & Rachel’s is really cute too!

  4. What Lightroom preset did you use to edit these photos?! So cute!