Barefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park and PradaBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park throwing leaves in Prada
Barefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park in Prada bootiesBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park drinking hot chocolate in Prada bootiesBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with NordstromBarefoot Blonde in Fall in Central Park with Nordstrom

SWEATER: For Love And Lemons (also in cream here!) / JEANS: 3×1 (similar here!) / BOOTIES: Prada (also love these) / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / BAG: Chloé / CHOKER: Jules Smith

Beleaf it or not, we were supposed to be getting back from Disney World today. We were so excited to go. We were going to be there over their halloween festivities so we had costumes packed up and everything. But we ultimately decided that with our time running out here in the city, we wanted to soak up every last bit, and fall is literally my favorite time here. Some of my favorite memories are of last fall taking Atticus to the park while I was still pregnant with Rosie and playing in the leaves, and then taking the two of them back to “our spot” after she was born. This season is the best!

Especially because of fall shoes! This is the time of year I get to bust out my thigh high boots (I got them in this cream color this year from Nordstrom!) and fun booties. I also got these Prada booties from Nordstrom that I am wearing here, and these Jeffrey Campbell booties which I lovve!

Above are some more of my favorite shoes for this fall!!!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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  1. Not to sound creepy but you are so gorgeous and you’re MY AGE. I would kill to live in NYC but I’m coming there for thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, cutest sweater I’ve ever seen. And those boooties?!! Oooooh, honey child. ?? Once again, you are STUNNING.

  3. Fall is coming <3 Loving all the style ideas!

    xoxo Carissa Owens
    One World State of Mind

  4. The styling on this outfit is perfection!!! The chokers, the colors, the lipstick – you look so chic, Amber! I am praying yesterday providing you with some good news!!!

  5. Love the boots!!!!! So cute.. Love reading your blogs, you should write more in the blog like you used to!! I love when you have long posts!!

  6. Amber! You look gorgeous as always! I would love to know what size and type of curling iron you have been using for the waves you have been rocking! My hair is about as long as yours and I have the hardest time getting waves that size. Thank you!!

  7. Love, love, love this outfit. Love hearing and reading about y’alls life. How did you do your hair? I love it!

  8. I’m so excited for your move and can’t wait to see all the ways your blog evolves when you’re not in NY. You seem to rock every place you go, so I know you will rock Arizona too!! Thanks for being open and honest. You’re inspiring to so many of us!! xo Holly

  9. I am thinking of you today, Amber. Hope everything goes well for you at the doctor’s and for your lovely family. Happy Fall to you all! xoxo Magdalena

  10. Love this outfit and your hair!! So beautiful! What lip color is that? It is a perfect shade for fall!

  11. hi Amber, I love this post and know exactly how you feel about leaving NYC! I left 5 years ago (now live in AZ!) but I still find myself dreaming of just having a few days in the city. I am curious when your posts are sponsored if they gift the items to you? Enjoy your last few wks in NYC! xx

  12. you look absolutely gorgeous, amber! these boots are amazing!!! <3 <3 <3 and i think you made the right decision – i am sure disney world during halloween would be awesome – but it's always best to follow your heart! i love autumn too – all the colorful leaves are just sooo pretty!


  13. Love absolutely everything about this post. Those goregeous sleeves on that beautiful sweater, those amazing boots, your hair and smile, the jeans and that purse… hahaha love it all! And I’m especially loving the fact that fall in NYC topped DisneyWorld. That’s awesome. Enjoy every minute you have left!!!

  14. So autumnal and so beautiful, comfy looking pictures! I simply “fall” in love with these 🙂 And I just love the thigh high boots you mentioned! Can’t wait to see you wearing them 🙂

  15. I’m loving all your posts lately you look amazing! Also, your blog has always been the one I continue to read through the years because of how real you are and how much you open up. I’ve been thinking about your post about your lump scare a lot since you shared it and I’ll be praying and thinking of you! Can’t wait to get my extensions I’m so excited about them!! Xoxo

  16. AH! I LOVE this look! The shoes, the purse, the sunnies and that sweater! Ugh. You style products so well! ? Always love your fall looks.

  17. Love the sweater! You look great in it! Also, can you do a tutorial on how to scrunch your hair? I’ve been loving the look!!

  18. Love that sweater I need it! I was also wondering if you had a post on baby wraps. Or if you could just tell me your favorite brand. I’m expecting baby #2 in March so I thinks it’s completely necessary but there are so many. Thank you in advance for your help.

  19. Ahh, I absolutely love your entire outfit in these photos!! Want literally everything…gimmeee.

    I think it’s a great idea that you stayed in NY to enjoy it just a bit more before you guys leave. 🙂 Besides, WDW will always be here! (FL resident here btw!)

    P.S. These photos really make me miss living in New England…I love all the colorful leaves and the cooler (but not too cold) weather!

    Enjoy your remaining time over there 🙂

    xo E

  20. Those lips! That color is beautiful!! And I’m glad you guys decided to stay in NYC! Disney is absolutely perfect this time of year! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween will be there next year if you decided you wanted to go for the holiday!

  21. Amber you have such beautiful style!
    I love the boots and the colour of that sweater on you!

  22. this outfit is stunning!!!! where is that sweater from? it is absolutely adorable!! your family is gorgeous and i hope you have fun during the time you have left in NYC! where are you traveling to next? xo

  23. Your hair is gorgeous! YOU need to do a tutorial with these curls and your extensions ASAP! Love that lipstick color! What is it?

  24. I think it’s so sweet you decided to soak up some fall in NY instead of Disney! Disney is great, but enjoying fall in the city is even better 🙂 I am so in love with this cozy look – especially that lip color O M G xx

  25. Are you still planning to do your fall giveaway? Also I love seeing what you paired your sweater with because Rachel Parcell did a post yesterday with the same one. I love seeing how to wear things differently. Hope you had a fabulous time in Disney!

  26. U look stunning! The shoes are amazing, your sweater is simply perfect! I totally get what you mean about fall, I love it as much as you do 🙂 and if I could I could spend every fall exactly where you are now, in New York!

  27. Love love love this sweater Amber! It screams fall!

  28. I LOVE that sweater! So cute! And I totally get wanting to soak up every last minute of fall in NYC. I’ve never been, actually, but it looks fabulous!

  29. You are just stunning! And I love that color on you so much ? So sad that you won’t be at Disney world but I would totally do that same since NYC is SO gorgeous right now! I was wondering what lip color that is – it’s such a perfect shade for autumn!! ?

  30. obsessed with your outfit! Love that you have been posting more frequently <3 you're in my prayers for your appointment tomorrow