i promise that no one is more in love with gisele than i am.
i am going to stalk her/meet her one day and inform her that i am her long lost bff.

sometimes its okay to be sad for a night. and cry. and let it all out. and listen to sad songs. and eat lots of chocolate (calories dont count if youre sad) and then the next morning you pick yourself up tell yourself how awesome, smart, amazing, talented, kind, and gorgeous you are (because you will wake up with puffy eyes after crying, feeling ugly so you have to make yourself feel better obvi) and then make the most out of everything in your life that day. compliment everyone and try your hardest to be positive about everything and go for a run and blast your music and think about all the things that make you happy.
today = success.
prayers: answered.
my professors: hilarious. awesome. seriously love.
my classes: obsessed.
(except math… im currently looking for a math tutor.. preferably a tall, handsome, patient, male)
sweets: check. 3 cookies.
good news: dont need the math book i bought soo i get $110 bones back! which means… i get to buy a BED! wahooo!
time for me to watch greys anatomy all night.

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