January Update

Here is a little January update!!! This pic was taken on our lot the day we broke ground! Not sure why I look soo serious ha …. I think I just quickly posed for a pic just to document the moment and it was freezing so right after I ran in the car. And by freezing I mean like 50 degrees which is freezing to me lol. The dirt work is officially done and now they are starting to pour concrete!! In just over a month we will start framing eeeeeek!!!! I am so excited. It is weird to imagine our family in the new house.. I can’t picture it quite yet.

I am back from a weekend in Seattle with Rosie! We went to visit my friend and her son who is Ro’s age. Rosie was on a high the entire weekend. She basically didn’t stop smiling and I had the best time with her. I think my favorite part was cuddling her all night. She isn’t a good cosleeper at home, I think because Atticus is in the bed too and she gets really excited to hang out with him so she wants to party. But she snuggled me allll night and it was the best!!!!

I have to say that I missed Atticus more than I have ever missed him! It broke my heart to leave him because on our way to the airport he was SO excited to go fly with mommy. I was crushed to tell him he wasn’t coming 🙁 he had a soccer game and something else we didn’t want him to miss) but he had such a fun time with his dad! They saw Paddington, went to chuck e cheese, had a soccer game and his soccer team pics, went to church, and did lots of bike rides. I love that we both got one on one time.

These are from last week when we went to Disney on Ice!! It was really fun but I do wish it was slightly shorter – the whole thing was 2 hours which I thought was maybe a little too long. I think 90 minutes would have been great. Rosie and Atticus loved the Beauty and the Beast part and the Elsa part! We are really obsessed with Frozen right now… And by we I mean Rosie is. She lovvves Elsa. Which is so funny because Anna is definitely the main character and such a better character!!! I am always like no Anna is cooler! lol but Elsa always wins. Maybe it is that braid…..

Rosie’s Frozen microphone broke and we had just gotten it, grr. She loved it and I loved that it made her want to sing. She would walk around the house singing with it all the time so I am debating if I buy a new one or not.

I love that Atticus is at an age where he can go to plays and movies and whatnot and stay interested the whole time, it is so so fun. That is one thing I lovvved doing growing up was going to plays and different performances. And I still love it. Actually funny story… David got me Hamilton tickets for Christmas for next Sunday but then realized that it is at the same time and day as the SUPER BOWL!!!! Haha ahhh he was so pissed when he put it together so now we are trying to sell them so we can buy other ones for a different day buuut no one is buying them so we will see.

-Atticus is now in Primary at church which is so crazy and feels like kindergarten or something!!! He loves it though! He gave the closing prayer last Sunday and he was so excited.

-David is still obsessed with smoking his meats! He is always using his smoker and making different meals with his meat. It is so cute how much he loves it haha. And on his instagram explore page under “videos you might like..” it is all videos of people cutting meat haha

-Seeing the kids with their new cousins makes me verrrry baby hungry. They are SO sweet and so good with them. They love to hold them and rock them. It is just the sweetest thing ever and makes my heart explode. But I am trying to be patient and wait until end of this year to get pregnant.

-Rosie and I took TWO long naps together in Seattle and both of them we woke up sweaty as can be. I always over do it with the blankets and sweaters.

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  1. This update is precious. That black and white photo is beautiful – you should definitely do a large print of it.

  2. I loved this! One of these a month would be so great to read your highlights.

  3. So dang cute Amberrrr!!! So exciting that you broke ground❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. If it were me I would go to Hamilton! DVR the Super Bowl haha! Hamilton is just thaaaaaaat good! It’s epic.

  5. So many fun moments and memories going on here! I love that you both got to have special one on one time with your kids. My boys sleep better with us when they’re separate too. When they’re together all the want to do is hide under the covers and think no one can see them. Kids are too funny 🙂 Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  6. Aw it looks like you’ve had a great past few weeks! I love the picks of all the kids and your friends at the Ice show. And congrats on breaking ground on the house! Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  7. I am such a fan of your blog and I follow it daily… Admittedly I am terrible at commenting – so, this is something new for me…
    I LOVED this post the most for it’s candid, natural pics. Don’t get me wrong, I love your professional and styled shoots – but the candid ones that look like you snapped them with the phone are just so personal, real and fresh! LOVE!!!

  8. Adorable post! Thank you for letting us catch up with you. Could you do a short tutorial on how to make Rosie’s french braids/pigtail braids? I only know how to do one on my daughter and would love to try to make two.. Is it difficult? Thank you! XOXO

  9. Aw I truly love posts like these! I’m so happy that your 2018 is off to a wonderful start, you deserve it. That’s so exciting you’re trying for Baby #3 at the end of the year!! I am so ecstatic for you!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  10. What a fun collection of pictures and stories from this month! I enjoyed reading through it all… your kiddos are just about 2 years ahead of my two, so I love peeking forward to the next stage via your blog. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. Your family is my favorite ever since! You’re January was full of excitement and surprises ha. I’m excited now to have a family because you’ve been my inspiration ever since 🙂

    Love Lots,
    Sushmita | https://wandersushi.blogspot.com

  12. I love how you write!! Like someone else said, it feels like your just talking with an old friend!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Love these kind of update posts!! You are so chatty and sound just like a friend.

  14. Love the photos, as usual, and loooove this post too 🙂
    Also, I just realized “Jack and Rosie”, like Jack and Rose in Titanic, awwwww <3 <3 <3

  15. Fun update! Where are the jammies from that have Rosie’s name on them? So cute!

  16. I love posts like these! So many great photos of great memories. Thank you for being so open with us- I have loved following you these past several years ❤