Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!Barefoot Blonde - Rosie Turns One!

ROSIE’S OUTFIT: Sincerely Scout / MY STRIPED SKIRT: Alice + Olivia (on sale!) / YELLOW CARDIGAN: J. Crew / HEADBAND: Anthropologie / TREATS: Sweet Tooth Fairy / PIÑATAS: Tini Pinatas

Our Rosie is officially one!!! Her birthday was a New York City theme since she will always be my girl born in NYC 🙂 I have such amazing memories of her here in the city – being pregnant with her, taking her on her first walk, play dates with her lil buddies, splash pads, sunsets, lots of parks, and just so many fun things.

I remember the day we found out we were having a girl like it was yesterday! I was sitting on our pink couch on our apartment on 93rd and Central Park West. We were all packed up and ready to head to Europe for a month when I got the call from our doctor and she said “its a girl!” I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling and I was just skipping around the rest of the day. I also remember her birth like it was yesterday too!! My Rosie girl is just so special to me, my heart wants to burst every time I look at her!

Atticus was so excited for his sis, he was so sweet to the birthday girl 🙂 we started her day with a birthday breakfast which consisted of raspberries and strawberries. She would have this for every meal if she could! Then we played – she napped – then cake and balloons – then birthday dinner – then gifts! Her favorite was her stuffed animal she got from grandma 🙂 She was so lucky that her grandma and grandpa flew in for the big day!!! The next morning we did the piñatas since we ran out of time on her actual bday! It was so fun, we love you Rosie!

You can watch some video from the day, here 🙂

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  1. She is a human doll!! And your clone!! Congratulations!! Enjoy your time in HI!

  2. Amber! I love the “happy birthday Rosie” garland! Where is this from?!

    Thank you!

  3. Hi amber!!!! Will you be doing a meet up in hawaii? It would be an absolutely dream to meet you and chat with you!!! I would love it and i am so glad that you are here on oahu!!! It is absolutely beautiful here and i love living here. Warmest of welcomes!!! Love u!!!?????

  4. This looks so adorable! I can remember reading the blog post when you shared her birth with us–time has flown! Happy Birthday Rosie <3


  5. I absolutely loved getting to watch the vlog of Rosie’s first birthday – she will be so grateful one day to have all of these precious memories so well documented! What an inspiration 🙂 Beautiful pictures of the day, love the theme! Atticus going at the piñata and stopping every time one little piece of candy came out had me giggling. What precious beautiful (inside and out) children you have!!

  6. She is so precious and very happy little girl and I loved her outfit and how she looked with cake on her face.I love watching little ones on their birthdays and love watching them play in the cake to makes it all the more precious to celebrate their birthdays.

  7. She is so cute and very happy little girl and very much loved by her parents.

  8. Aww this is so cute! I loved the vlog, it will be so fun for Rosie to see that when she’s older! The NYC theme is also sooo cute 🙂

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  9. Cute! My baby will be one this month and I can’t believe it. I’ve started the party planning. I can’t wait till she tries cake!! What a fast year! Cute, cute girl and what a fun party!

  10. I love this post and the video you made! It’s so sweet that one day Rosie will be able to look back on it all. Your family is the cutest!
    Happy birthday, Rosie!

    Carrie |

  11. What a lovely day spent on your little princess’ birthday! <3 Happy Birthday, sweet Rosie – may you continue to bring as much happiness to your parents as they hearts can get! 🙂 And of course, lots of strawberries and raspberries for you every breakfast, if possible! 🙂
    Loved the NYC themed party – absolutely adorable! xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  12. OMG! I can’t believe she’s already one! I remember when you were pregnant! Happy Birthday lil sweatheart 🙂 my babygirl will be one in two moths and I can’t wait to make that a special day for our whole family! Love from Poland for the 4 of you!

  13. Happy Birthday Rosie! I love this theme so much! Your photos are always so perfect! SO CUTE

  14. I am so obsessed with this NYC themed birthday! Such a fun idea…who knew they actually made salted pretzel balloons?! Happy 1st Birthday, Rosie…looks like it was a fun one!


  15. Absolutely LOVE the pictures!!! Wow, a year flies by! Just wait, my oldest just turned 16 last weekend. Enjoy your kiddos while they’re young because you’ll blink & they’ll already be in High School. It may not seem like it now through the more difficult younger years, but they grow way too fast! God Bless & Happy Birthday to Rosie Belle! 🙂

  16. So lovely!! Hope ya’ll had a wonderful time in NYC!! Can’t wait to see your new adventures!!! xox

  17. I can’t believe she is one already! This is the cutest little theme and perfect for her. I love seeing pics of you and your family and your sweet dog. We have a golden retriever that looks exactly like him. They are the best, aren’t they?! Beautifully Candid