Rolling Rosie

I had to share these pics of Rosie skate boarding in a blog post too because they are some of my favs!!! I can never tell if she is a tom boy or the girliest girl ever. She is both! Just depends on her mood. Sometimes she wants glittery everything paired with Elsa braids and her tutu. Other days the only way we can get her to put on her shoes is if we call them her skateboard shoes. There is actually a place that does skate lessons nearby but you have to be 4 (as soon as Atticus turns 4 he wants to do them) but until then David has been teaching the kids some beginner stuff. AKA just how to stand on it and slowly scoot. Which is more than I can do soooo….

My Favorite Children's Clothing Websites


Yellow & 12 Things

This was a look from this weekend that I wanted to share .. and since it has been a while since I have done a 12 things.. here are 12 very random things for you!


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  1. The kid is pure gold. Do you know if Ten Toes a good longboard for beginners? My husband and I have been wanting to try it out so I was curious.