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Ro’s pajamas are from Mini Boden

Just found these pictures and had to post them! Ro bear has a fever and is so sad and sick tonight. Luckily she is sleeping right now and I am hoping tonight is better for her than last night was. Poor thing 🙁 I love her so much and hate seeing her sad. My dad is in town right now and brought a huge box filled with giant oranges from our backyard in Arizona. Rosie was munching on oranges all day today so hoping that vitamin C can help a sista out.

Also shout out to Becki Owens for designing her nursery we had for her in NYC! I always love what Becki does and am so excited to be working with her again soon.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. So much to catch you all up on soon! xoxoxo

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  1. Poor Rosie!! Seeing your baby sad is so hard – just breaks your heart when you’ve done all you can do and they are still upset.

  2. She is the cutest!!! I hope she feels better! Did your dad have to do anything special to bring the oranges into Hawaii?

    1. Aww thank you so much!! And I asked him and he said he didn’t have to do anything 🙂

  3. She is so cute and looks just like you! My son was sick earlier this week too and it’s so brutal when toddlers get sick (especially when you’re sick yourself) haha


    1. I love hearing that, thank you!! And oh no! It is the worst 🙁 I hope he’s better! xo

  4. I freaking LOVE Boden! A proper British brand 🙂 And Rosie looks the cutest in it!

  5. Awe!! I hope Rosie is feeling better soon! I love reading you blog and seeing what you and your wonderful family are up to! I hope to have such a cute family one day!

  6. I hope she feels better soon! I love seeing her grow and hate to hear she is feeling bad!

  7. These pictures are so cute, i’ve always loved that couch that was in her nursery (I think). Poor darling I hope she gets better soon!
    xxxxx Lots of love, Isobel

  8. You have the cutest and happiest kiddos I’ve ever seen. I just love your family❤️

  9. I hope she feels better! And I am DYING to read your next from the heart post. Soon, pretty please!!

  10. Rosie is already adorable, but the second you cut those bangs, she became even cuter!! It seems like this flu/cold thing is going around *everywhere*. My husband came home early from work today because he’s been trying to fight it off, but it finally caught up to him!

    xo, Sofia

  11. She is too sweet! I hope she feels better soon!! And that’s so fun that your parents have a orange tree in their yard!! Do they have any other fruit trees like that??

  12. Beautiful just like her mother! Praying for a speedy recovery and sending hugs from Wisconsin 🙂