last night was thee funniest night ever. ive honestly never laughed so hard in my life.
i was (and still am) in park city and yesterday went like this..
1. lounged all day doing homework. i have so much homework my brain is like wanting to commit.
2. went on a walk down main street
3. went to rocky mountain chocolate factory
4. went to the bookstore and snuggled with kittens
5. then i coerced lauren into singing Rich Girl with me (video below)
6. did jillian micheals work out dvd
7. me and kier were learning the burlesque dance from youtube haha which was hilarious 
8. then her and i literally laughed for like 3 hours straight looking at old pics from junior high and high school and talking about hilarious memories. then we got lex on speaker phone and died even more. def got a good ab work out.
9. then hot tubbing and planned a fun group date and then went sleepy.
so i have this cousin/bff/roommate lauren…
its weird because we are nothing alike.. but so alike all at the same time. 
can that even happen?
we bug each other and love each other even more.
she hates when i whistle and i hate when she pops her ankles. 
i whistle constantly so i always have to make a conscience effort to not do it around her and i try not to cringe too much when she starts poppin those ankles.
i always want to make commercials, music videos, stupid videos, take funny pictures, take normal pictures, do crazy dances, you know, the works… but she doesnt. so that is how we are different. as you can see from these videos.. i will FORCE her into doing silly things and then she finishes it by saying “yeah im over that” (like in the end of the rich girl song) hahaha she is too funny. 
when will she learn i will never stop begging her to do these things and she just needs to swallow the freaking pill and do it?!?!
p.s. she is currently entering every contest imaginable in hopes of winning something… hahaha she says if she wins something it will help her feel better about herself just to know she actually has some luck in life.

i always try to copy my friend sadies mexican chola accent (she is so freaking good) but i think i fail… at least lauren thinks i sound russian or somesssing

Photos from rich girl

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  1. ACTUALLY YOU DO HAVE AN INTERESTING LIFE!…when ever people write in caps lock i always think they are yelling loudly at me or something.. hah but i was honestly thinking that and when i read that persons comment I had to say something! i found your blog like two weeks ago, and i have been creepin ever since! i love it you are so funny, positive, happy, and not to mention beautiful inside and out. your positive energy and attitude are contagious, it makes me want to go out or call up my friends and do silly things and live each day to its fullest! 🙂

  2. coming from someone who is taking the time out of their “life” to say rude things on someones blog… haha

    and i have the greatest life. 2 jobs, 14 credits in school, amazing friends, calling in church, amazing family, and lots more. i just choose to spend my free time having fun and being silly. maybe you should try it 🙂