Returning to Hawaii

Ah you guys Hawaii just felt like home it was amazing! Felt so good to be back. We booked this trip a long time ago with some credit card points we had – David actually booked it for a Mother’s Day gift and we were supposed to go in August but had to switch dates to November. We spent most of our time on Oahu and then some on Kauai. It was our first time to Kauai and it is beautiful. I do think we will stick to Oahu mostly though just because it is always nice to have a spot where you know people to hang out with, your favorite food spots, your beaches, etc. I love the familiar feeling of Oahu but I was glad we finally got to see Kauai and it is as beautiful as everyone says. The first part of our trip we stayed over by Lanikai Beach at an airbnb. It was a good location because it was close to the beach and also right next to town so we were close to lots of good food and a Target which was nice because I always forget stuff on trips. I forgot to pack the kids sandals so we went and got cheap little flip flops for them which they thought were SO cool. I also almost always forget my toothbrush. And we also stocked up on some good snacks for the beach.

What I Wore: Black Bikini | Beach Wrap (Similar Here & Here)

It was seriously dreamy spending the evenings watching the sunset and laying in the sand with the kids letting the waves crash on us. The kids were so much fun this trip and so many times David and I kept saying to each other “we just have the sweetest kids!!!!” we feel so lucky to have them and we all have so much fun together. I love having little inside jokes with my kids and our little things we say and do together that only we think are funny. It feels so special.

We met up with some friends while in Hawaii and got to catch up with people and let the kids play with some of their buddies! We also ate shave ice every single day I kid you not. We also ate lots of healthy stuff too don’t worry.

Now we are back in AZ and are on the final countdown until our house is done! Everyday we go there are new, big changes because a lot of the big stuff is happening right now. Yesterday they dug the hole for our pool and today they are setting all the pavers in the front yard. We will probably be in the house before Christmas and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get the house all put together and unpacked AND do Christmas. I think moving into the house will be Christmas enough and I will just put up our little tree we have and some stockings. We will all be so excited to be in the house that I don’t think anyone will care if we don’t go all out this year.

I hope you guys have a great day today!!!!!!

Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii - Morning Routine - Barefoot Blonde

My Morning Routine

Health & Wellness

I am sure you guys have heard the saying that “the secret of your success lies in your daily routine.” I fully believe that is true and when I don’t have good habits I don’t get as much done and notice a difference. Our daily routine at home is always a little different depending what projects we have going on but for the most part a lot of it always stays the same. One really consistent part of our day is our mornings.

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  1. I just can’t wait for you to meve to the new house! And show us everything, of course.. 😀 And guys – Christmas right away? What better could you ask for…just a magical time with or without all the decor stuff 🙂

  2. Ahhh you guys looks so happy in Hawaï! I can just feel it by looking at these photos.
    Can’t wait for your house to be finished, everything looks so amazing on your Stories!

  3. The picture of David with the two kids on his back is frame worthy! So beautiful!!!