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I shouldn’t have to tell you how important self-care is, but it is. You should do whatever makes you feel your best self. Whether that is doing face masks every week, taking relaxing baths, meditating, or getting massages regularly (which is amazing – Will and I just got our first couples massage and we loooovved it) it’s important to do things for YOU. There are so many different things you can do to take care of yourself but something not everyone does is a milk bath.

Wouldn’t that be expensive to fill a tub with gallons of milk? Or very cold? Will it smell like straight milk? What if I’m a vegan? Well, let me clear up some questions you may have and share how to actually take a milk bath and make it super relaxing.

DIY Supplies

1 Bag of Powdered Milk
or 1-2 Gallons of Whole Milk (vegans: use nut milk)
Fresh, Real Flowers (I used 3 bouquets)
Essential Oils (lavender, peppermint, lemon,
or orange are my faves)
Epsom Salt

Fill your tub with warm water then mix in the milk and epsom salt. Add in about 10 drops of essential oils. Cut off the stems of the flowers and add them in the bath.

The milk works to soothe skin and leave it feeling super soft by working to exfoliate. This is thanks to the fat and protein in the milk, hence why you need whole milk. The epsom salt helps to relax muscles and draw out toxins. The essential oils and fresh flowers add delicious smells to the bath and plus the flowers make the bath look gorgeous. I used eucalyptus too and it added to the soothing smell.

I ran my bath with the hottest water setting so that when I added the cold milk and took the time adding in the flowers, it would still be pretty warm.

To make your bath even more relaxing, put on a face mask while you soak or bring a book to read and play some soothing music (I love Ben Howard).

When you are done with your bath, you can cozy up in a bathrobe you made yourself, get the tutorial here! Have you ever taken a milk bath before? This was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised with it. My skin feels so soft now, I might have to do this more often!

Article and images by Jenny Bess. You can view more content by Jenny on her blog and on her Instagram here

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Meet Jenny

Hello, I’m Jenny! I’m a DIY fashion blogger, beach bum, and dog mom of 2. I was born and raised in Florida and find myself loving anything tropical. I’m a self-taught sewist and love designing and making my own clothes, accessories and home decor. When I’m not creating, you can find me on photoshoots with my boyfriend Will, swimming in the ocean or taking a nap (because let’s be real, life can be exhausting).
My motto has always been if you can’t find it or afford it, make it yourself. In addition to making things, I’ve taken an interest in sustainability and being more eco-friendly. I hate going to the beach and finding trash left behind, I also hate being wasteful. That’s why I love thrifting and making use of old things while also being mindful of the products I use and the items I buy. You can find me at, P.S. I love anything teal!

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