Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Is it horrible if I say that Monday nights aren’t as fun without bachelor on? I am ready for bachelor in paradise ha! And tonight’s work out was sooo hard – my legs were shaking walking to my car after. So we treated ourselves to some brownies 😉 I am eating them and watching Shark Tank as I write this.

Okay so this weekend we went up to a fun spot about 30 min away – kind of in the middle of nowhere. We were having fun exploring with the kids and making homemade popsicles and chasing Chauncey around. When it was time to head home we could not find our keys anywhere – I am talking anyyyyywhere! We looked for a solid THREE hours! Took our car apart – our bags – looked in every bush – retraced all of our steps – pockets – kids pockets – etc etc. It was nuts, they just disappeared. We kept trying to call ubers to come get us so we could at least get the kids home but being on the North Shore the couple ubers available kept canceling on us. Finally I pleaded with one to come and get us and she did (yay! And she was so sweet). So me and the kids went home in the uber and David stayed to keep looking. He looked for another few hours and then finally we had to call roadside assistance and get a new key. This ain’t cheap – it was $500 for a new key and to have it brought to us —- yiiiiiiikes. Still don’t know where the key is. I must have checked my bra about 100 times thinking it had to be somewhere totally ridiculous. So weird.

I am off to bed! I keep telling myself I am going to go to bed early but now here I am at midnight – ugh. I regret it every time when our kiddos wake up at 7am. One day I will get a solid 8 hours!


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  1. omg I hate when this happens!!! When I can’t find something it just puts me into such a bad mood, like really “you don’t want to be around me” bad mood! Last time I lost a key to the car after I JUST OPENED IT and my husband and I looked for it for 20 minutes since we couldn’t start the car, arguing (of course since my mood was so bad!) and then I found it in my purse!!! Please keep me posted I’d really love to know where (if) you find the key! xoxo

  2. This is such a cute post! haha I know not having the bachelor on is sad. That is usually an excuse for all of girls to have a good time together. But hey shark tank is a good tv show for sure!

  3. Hawaii looks SO beautiful. I cannot wait to go one day. That stinks about the key though- glad someone finally picked you all up! I don’t even know why that look is so adorable! It just is!!! Also had no idea that it was a skirt + top combo but I’m lovin it. I’m with yah on the sleep thing- only had 4 hours last night. -Katie

  4. Amber, that dress is beautiful on you!! Oh no about the key! I hate it when I misplace stuff like that, and it always turns up in the most obvious place at a later stage – so frustrating!

    The Lilly Mint Blog

  5. Oh my gosh, my husband and I were just saying the same thing about the bachelor! It’s so boring not having it on!

  6. Love this post! Sorry to hear about your key Amber! Been there done that at the mall, SO expensive! Hope you guys find it, always nice to have a spare one in case it happens again. Love that dress btw!

    Xo, Lauren

  7. Put a tile on those new keys asap! It’s a must with kiddos. Between my mom brain and the babes playing with them, it’s the only way I can find them these days 😜

  8. i just love love love your hat! but i feel so sorry for all the trouble you had with your keys! we search for my hubby’s keys once a week (at least it feels like once a week 😉 ) – we always talk about getting one of those locate gadgets for keys 😉 (if you know what i mean)… 🙂


  9. Once my mum lost her watch at a flower garden while travelling, we used our pictures to locate where she was wearing the watch last. We found it exactly were she was wearing it last in the pictures…

  10. oh nooooo that’s like watching money go down the drain…. But it just happens, unfortunately!

    Gosh I love that hat so so much but the price aaahhhhh hopefully it will get on sale eventually!

  11. Beautiful dress! One of the best I’ve seen this year. I also keep saying that I’ll get to bed earlier and am still up after 12 most nights. I’m determined to do better because I have a class full of boys to teach, and they have lots of energy. 😊

    Happy Tuesday

  12. I love the layout of your website! Is there a certain template or website such as SquareSpace that you use to help you design it? I am thinking about starting a blog and I don’t even know where to start hahaha

  13. You’re adorable! I love the hat and stripes are always a good thing! Sorry about your keys! Hope you’ll get 8 hours tonight! I’m the same way, every night I tell myself go to bed early and then 1am rolls around. Haha ! So much to do and too much on my mind every night. Take care! Kisses

  14. That really is a bummer, I can relate last weekend my friend lost her phone (turns out it was stolen!) we looked for it everywhere and spent all day straking it down even going to the police station for help, because she had her personal information on there it was esencial to find it. Well turns out her phone is stranded in a mountain…but at least she managed to lock it 😕

  15. We’ve all been there with the lost keys! My husband and I once locked our keys in the car on a road trip. AAA came to the rescue that time. It sounds like you all handled it well with good humor and I’m sure the kids probably thought it was just a game, looking for the keys, haha!

  16. Ah I am th worst with losing things! At least your outfit is adorable!

  17. Beautiful as A L W A Y S! I’m so sorry about your key!! That is the worst!

  18. Oh my goodness!! That’s so rough, so sorry you never found it! I never understand how some things can just completely vanish!! I had an SD card do that once…still no idea where it went lol.

    LOVE this dress and hat combo! So cute! Also, I’m assuming David takes most of your photos? If so, I love the style of pics he captures! It’s the mix of posed and candid I’m slowly tryjng to achieve! Any tips??


  19. That totally sucks! I hate it when I do things like that (which is more often than I want to admit haha). I definitely thought your little ensemble was a dress at first, but I love that it’s not!

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Loosing your keys has a meaning. You are probably thinking about doing something but you are not sure about it. Could be a song that you have to re-think!… love your family! Best wishes.

  21. That is so terrible!! I hate when I lose things, especially that moment when you’re looking through your purse for your credit card or something and can’t find it. Terrifying. My bag for school is so messy, this happens all the time. At least you were able to get the kids home with an Uber! Technology today saving the day 🙂 That dress looks gorgeous on you too, I love a good striped dress.

    Moments of a Mermaid

  22. oh no! that really sucks about your keys! Can you post a list of must see, do, eat things in Honolulu? i’m going next month!!

  23. Hawaii looks sooooo gorgeous and so do you! This is totally random but I was wondering if you could do a post on organization for small spaces, especially with kids! Living in a one bedroom apartment is hard enough, but with kids I would love to know how you made it work in NYC! Xoxo-JS

  24. Sooo, I’ve totally done a version of that with my passport before. I lost it in my home, but it was lost (as in super lost, couldn’t find it anywhere) for like a year and a half! And then, one day, it just turned up *out of nowhere*. I’m so mystified by how things can just go missing like that! Definitely getting that hat, by the way! It makes me miss Venice so bad!!

    xo, Sofia

  25. Oh man, I hope you guys end up finding the key. When you stop looking for it it’ll probably show up where you least expect it.
    Also, that dress? You look amazing Amber! I need to find a way to just get all your outfits shipped my way because they’re all to die for!

  26. This is the cutest Summer outfit and I love that hat! OMG I hate when things disappear I swear it happens to me on the daily, especially with that one dang sock! I am convinced, when we die God will open this closet and everything we lost will come pouring out, mine will be full of mismatched socks and earrings LOL

  27. Ah I lost my keys the other day too! I couldn’t get into work, so I ended up sitting outside for an hour until someone else came (I’m an early bird at my office). Anywhoo, glad you got home safely! I love the red stripes! But I’m 5’0 (aka super short) so I’d probably drown in the skirt!
    Kim from

  28. Oh my gosh, that sounds horrible! One time I locked my keys in the car with the car still running/them in the ignition! How I did that I still don’t know. Had to call someone and it took forever!! Also, I just got that top yesterday and LOVE it, didn’t realize it had a matching skirt…so cute!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  29. This is such a fun laidback look! Seriously so pretty. That is terrible that you lost the key! I know they are so expensive, it’s ridiculous. Thank goodness that Uber driver could get you home finally!!


  30. Love this outfit! And it’s a shame about the key…it probably got lost in the tall grass and sand making it gone forever 🙁