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Today I wanted to share my recent beauty must-haves because I have found some new things I am absolutely IN LOVE with and I always feel the need to tell everyone I come in contact with about something when I just love it so that is what I am doing today 🙂 So here we go:

1. Lancome Liquid Eyeliner: I have used this for probably six months now and it is my absolute favorite! It doesn’t smudge, dries super quick (SUPER quick), and is not a pain to get off at the end of the day, its comes right off with my cleanser. All that and it makes the perfect cat eye 🙂

2. Kat Von D Blush in ‘Wish’ (unavailable, similar here): I love blush but especially love subtle peach shades and I picked this one up randomly and have used this blush every single day since October! I literally haven’t used anything else because I am so obsessed, it is theee perfect shade!

3. MAC ‘Sweet & Sour’: This lipstick is back for limited time and let me tell you, you have to go get it! It is such a pretty peachy nude color and I just love it. PS it looks amazing with a pink gloss over top!

4. MAC ‘Sweet Experience’ (unavailable, similar shade ‘Snob’ here) : I know I have mentioned this color before but it really is so great and it is also limited edition so I have been telling everyone to get it – I get asked about it all the time its so pretty!

5. Bobbi Brown Translucent Powder: If you aren’t using a translucent powder you need to convert, like now! They are so great because they don’t cake on your face and look so much more natural. I have tried some and felt like they didn’t matte enough and I would still have shine but this one gets rid of any shine and locks my make up in place without having a cakey powder look! I also have the MAC one (here) and I really love that one as well!

6. Pink Sugar Perfume: Okay this isn’t exactly a new favorite but I still needed to add it because its been my scent since high school and is also the reason I met my husband, sort of.. haha he always said I smelled so good at the gym and had a nickname for me before we actually met 🙂 but I seriously get asked what I am wearing all the dang time and its always this!

7. MAC Lip Liner in ‘Boldly Bare’: Anytime I wear a lipstick that is a light coral, nude, light pink, (both of the shades mentioned above), I wear this! Or I will just line my lips with this and fill them in and just have that on for the day for a more natural look when I don’t wear eye make up and what not. Its very versatile and definitely a must have.

8. Sephora Brush #62 (unavailable, similar here): When you apply your powder it is always better to press it in and NOT brush it on so a flat brush is a must for pressing powder on, if you wear powder! This one doesn’t have the best reviews but I am not sure why because I am so so obsessed and ALWAYS have it with me on the go along with my translucent powder, it doesn’t shed and really makes my powder go on well and stay on longer! But cheers for bad reviews because it is on sale and I definitely recommend it!

9. Make Up Forever Blush Brush: This brush has the softest bristles ever and is really light so it applies the perfect amount of blush and your blush won’t even need blending because it just goes on so smoothly with this!

10. Beauty Blender: I got one of these forever ago and never used it til a few months ago and now am completely converted! I mean, no foundation streaks – what more do you want?! Every girl needs one!

11. Benefit Erase Paste: Eek I have really bad sun spots under my eyes.. they weren’t noticeable until I got pregnant and since then they have been so so so so bad! Ugh it is the worst and my normal concealer was NOT cutting it anymore so I tried a few new ones and this is the only one that actually conceals and blends my under eyes! Praying they fade when this baby comes out, but if not, thank heavens for this stuff!

12. St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer: So apparently this stuff is Dr. Oz’s favorite for anti aging and guess what? It is freaking $5 for a huge tub!!! Its insane. And its also insane how much I love this stuff. My sis in law told me about it and now I am addicted and so happy about it because I mean how can you beat that price for how well it works?! My skin feels so soft and I even feel like it has been helping my sun damage under my eyes.

Anyways – that is all for now!! Have a great day everyone! xoxo

P.S. Kingdom and State launched their new swimwear line! Last season they sold out suuuper quick so check it out and snag your favorites while you can – seriously cute pieces!! I LOVE this one and this one!

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  1. Just ordered most of it! haha 🙂 soooo much thanks! Which perfume do you like most for your husband? My husband and I keep seeking for the right one, but can’t find some we really like..

  2. Good Morning Amber!
    I was wondering what your favorite pink lipstick is? I have been looking for something that is a great formula with a rose/light pink color

  3. hi amber! Love your blog, your IG… It’s all so inspiring. I was wondering if you could tell us your go to everyday eye shadows and liner? Thanks!!!!

  4. I have that sephora blush brush and I love it. It applies blush very evenly and doesn’t pick up too much product to prevent uneven application. The lancome liquid eyeliner works really well as well, but I’m still going back to my lash lengthening liquid eyeliner from , it works really well, stays on longer than the lancome one, and it has the lash growing serum in it.

  5. I like to use the st ives collagen moisturizer all over my neck and chest area. Great product!

  6. I love u sooo much! U r such an inspiration to me one of the youtubers suggested us to check u out and u r AWESOME! Her name is Alex Centomo!!! Go check her out she is really great! 🙂

  7. Do you do any makeup tutorials on your channel? I just recently came across your blog on pinterest and your makeup is absolutely beautiful! Is your makeup a everyday makeup or do you change it up? I ‘m mostly interested on the everyday face makeup you use! Can’t quite get my makeup to look natural and I’m not sure if its the brand of makeup I am using or the brushes or what! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  8. Have you ever tried milk of magnesia for dark spots? I soak a few round cotton ball pad-thingies, squeeze them out, and place them on my face where there are spots, lie down for 15 minutes or so, then rinse. You could do the same for under your eyes – just fold the pads in half so the liquid only touches your skin and doesn’t get in your eyes. Doesn’t burn or dry out my skin, and I’ve seen a difference in just a few applications!

  9. Hi!

    I too loved the St. Ives moisturizer, but then they started adding mineral oil to the product and I stopped using it since I have never liked mineral oil, and my face reacts to it. Dr. Oz loved this moisturizer, but that was before they started filling it with that. Not sure if this is something that would bother you, but it’s just a bummer when something is SO.GOOD. and then they change up the ingredients to ‘fillers’,


  10. I love that the St. Ives is $5 for a huge tub too. There is nothing that competes with it price-wise! I don’t know how I feel about the Dr. Oz claim about anti-aging, my face now has some fine lines that I didn’t have a year ago. I got it right about the same time as I had my baby and about a month later the little lines started appearing…it totally probably has more to do with the no sleep though ha ha.

    With the sephora brush, isn’t it weird when you love something and it has bad reviews. It almost makes me doubt my opinion when it happens, but you’re right cheers for other people not liking what you love so it can go on sale or clearance 🙂

  11. Just started following you! You are such a gorgeous preggo! I have a 6 month old boy…I got spots on my face too when I was preggo, but they went away within 8 weeks after I had the bebe 🙂 I am already back in my size 2s…everything goes back!!! Promise! PS; do u ever use coconut oil? I used it religiously as moisturizer when pregnant and now use it on my son, it cleared his eczema in 3 days.

  12. I LOVE that moisturizer! I have a separate little dollar container that I mixed a little coconut oil into with the lotion and I use it as an under eye cream or as just an all over moisturizer when my face is feeling really dry.

  13. Pink Sugar seriously does something to men. It was also my high school scent and even though I didn’t start dating my now husband until 10 years after graduation we used to sit next to each other in class and when we started dating (10 years later) he said he always remembered the way I smelled and it drove him nuts. He bought me a vial of it for me to wear on our wedding day. Yes – a 30 year old bride wore Pink Sugar on her wedding day! So happy that you love it too!

  14. loveeee your beauty posts! Wish you did them more often 🙂 I can’t wait to check out your recommendations!

  15. So you should totally get a photofacial after you have the babe if the sun spots don’t fade! it’ll lift the sun spots and then they’ll flake right off! a little pricey but so worth the investment. i just got one and it got rid of my sun spots and closed off the broken capillaries! xx

  16. Love this post, you look so stunning in all your posts so I love when you tell us your product loves. I thought I would let you and your readers know that you can get the Pink Sugar perfume up to 61% OFF! on I have shopped their many times for my perfume and always get a great deal! Thier shipping is great for the US, other places it can be pricey but very quick as they are now using Fed Ex. I just bought Pink Sugar 3.4oz for $20.95 with their coupon they give out on your first order! Hope this helps!

  17. I came to work one day and a lady asked me what happened to my cheeks…I was like huh? and she was like “looks like dirt or something on your cheek but nvm I think it’s just your freckles”

    1. my phone only posted half my comment…Anyhow, mine got really dark too after i got preg 🙁 but it does go away! If you want you can do a peel or use creams with hydroquinone to help it fade but I think the most important thing is to stay out of the sun! Good luck!