IMG_8898IMG_8933IMG_8880IMG_8887 TOP: J. Crew (sold out, similar here)

PANTS: J Brand c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

GLASSES: Elizabeth and James c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

**Photos by Jessica Janae

Cara and I both got glasses (sold out, similar) while in NYC and we both loved them so much! We both agreed they are so great because you don’t have to get as ready with them because they kinda hide your lack of make up haha so its great.

Now David and I are in Pula Croatia and we both just woke up from a pretty sleepless night.. here is what happens. About twice a week we wake up to a buzzing in our ears, because for some reason people don’t believe in mosquito nets in Europe? David cannot handle this (because they mostly just go after him) so usually I will wake up to him swatting aimlessly in the dark and muttering angry slurs under his breath. And once I am awake – I am awake.. and I usually cannot fall back asleep until every last mosquito is gone because I can’t handle the thought of knowing I am being bit! I think they call this paranoia? or craziness? – At odd hours of the night, I think I might suffer from both, haha. So last night I wake up to this obnoxiously loud buzzing in my ear only to see that, of course, David is already awake for the same reason. So we turn on all the lights and there we are wide eyed at 3am ready to pounce (and eating sour straws). I made the mistake of trying to hit one with the remote in this oddly large and uncoordinated motion…and missed (I have told you guys before, I am wildly lerpy) and we didn’t see the mosquito again for an hour or so ….. we finally got them all and were able to fall back asleep. I always feel like Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad when they are trying to kill the fly in the lab and they are at it for hours on end haha that is us.


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  1. You both look great in the glasses! I need to get my prescription changed because my vision has gotten worse!
    Mosquitoes are the worst.. they never go away!