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I don’t ever want to leave the beach! And having Chauncey at the beach with us makes it that much more fun even though I wish more beaches allowed dogs off leash.. !

I really think an Adidas tee is a must have for me and I can’t believe I am so late in getting one. I love a cute sporty tee to contrast a girly piece or just to be worn with a pair of blue jeans or shorts.

I also have a giveaway today that I think you guys might like!! I have always loved Ray Ban’s for so many reasons. They are made well, they have simple face flattering frames, and they are gender neutral (meaning, my husband wears mine and I wear his and no one would guess 🙂 ) Well, today Sunglasses Shop is hosting a giveaway for one of you readers to win a pair of Ray Ban’s of your choice!!

To enter to win a pair of Ray Ban’s of your choice:

+2 entries: Comment on this post with the pair of Ray Ban’s you would choose from Sunglasses Shop

+2 entries: Follow Barefoot Blonde (@amberfillerup) on Instagram: here

**Please separate comments letting me know you have finished each individual task or it will be counted as the same entry! Thank you!

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  1. I also follow your blog and Instagram! Love all of the photos and your style. 🙂

  2. I would love to win and get a pair of RAY-BAN
    8029K Gold 040KN3 Polarised for my husband as his birthday is nearing and this is perfect gift for him while driving his car.He wanted this since childhood.

  3. I already follow you on instagram! @heatherleigh2c

  4. I am obsessed with RAYBANS! I love these…so unique! 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/19

  5. Already following you on Instagram! Love your blog (I learned how to do beachy waves from you)!

  6. I have been wanting the gold aviators #3025 for a while now- or the classic wayfarer is a great choice!

  7. I’d love to win the Ray Ban 3016 clubmaster in black W0365 🙂

  8. Hi I followed you on instagram (kristinld92)! I would love to win these 🙂

  9. i love my wayfayer’s but would love some 3025 aviators 🙂

  10. I would absolutely LOVE the Ray-Ban 4171Tortoise 865/13 sunglasses! what a nice gift you are giving!

  11. Hey Amber! I’m now following you on instagram! Don’t know why I wasn’t before. Love the blog


  12. I follow you on instagram too! Love your style! (@alliezeek)

  13. I would totally go for the polarized wayfarers in tortoiseshell! You don’t get much more classic than a tortoiseshell wayfarer and polarized is just an added bonus for bright summer days!


  14. I would love the 3025 matte gold aviators!! Can’t go wrong with those.

  15. I’d pick the tortoise shell wayfarers. thanks for this giveaway!

  16. this is such a great giveaway! i just got my first pair of ray bans earlier this summer and am in love, they are so classic and so well made!

    i think i would be between the 4171s or one of the pairs of mirrored aviators because those look so fun for summer!

  17. i have been a long-time follower of your adventures on instagram! my username is @mk_minnis!

  18. I already follow you on Instagram: @baleserin

    Thank you so much 🙂
    God bless, xx

  19. Love love love your beach pictures 🙂 Did y’all try stand up paddle boarding? It’s one of my favorite things!

    Thank you SO much for hosting a give away. This is so funny & ironic! I was at the beach last week with my family… We decided to ocean kayak on the most rough day of the week & of course my boyfriend and I flipped our kayak in a wave and I lost my favorite Ray-Bans. It was such a bummer, but better the glasses than us!

    These were my babies. The small ones!

  20. I love the instagram photos from your account and your adorable puppy’s instagram too 🙂

  21. I’d love a pair of these:
    Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Silver 003/58 Polarised Medium 58mm

    thanks for the chance! 😉

  22. well i meant, instagram maybe i really need reading glasses instead @heyreachthesky

  23. I REALLY hope this giveaway isn’t over! I would like the exact same pair that you’re wearing in your post! I love how they are all black all over and give that “oh, these ole things? I’m just a spy” vibe! thanks, I really enjoy your posts!

  24. Whoops! Forgot to separate comments. I follow you on Instagram @lohop95

  25. I follow you on instagram: @pickndaisies
    I’d like the 3025 Aviators in matte gold 112/19 (:

  26. i’d love the aviator golden matte pair! & I’ve been following you on instagram. LOVE your style! i’m in the process of building my blog right now! 🙂

  27. I’ve been following you on instagram for a while now. Love your blog!

  28. My Dad wore the Aviator Golds growing up, as a pilot, it was totally standard!

  29. I also follow you on Instagram! My is @vogelx3 follow me : )

  30. RAY-BAN
    2140 Wayfarer Black 901/58 Polarised

    Ah never did this before! Love your blog!

  31. I would love a pair of Ray Ban aviators! I’ve been looking for a pair for a while!

  32. I follow you on Instagram! Thanks for the giveaway (:

  33. Hey Amber! I loveeee loveee loveee my Ray Bans, but they’re gold and I can always use some silver…so I’d go with the 3025 Aviator in Silver Mirror!

  34. I follow you on instagram and am a daily reader of your blog! @tianaaana
    You also inspired me to start my own blog. I would love to win RAY-BAN
    3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85 ! Thank you Amber 🙂

  35. I would love my first pair of Raybans! just too expensive for me to buy myself 🙁

    3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85

  36. I’ve been eyeing the ‘Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Gold L0205’ for a whole!! Also love the pair you are wearing!

  37. i am following you on instagram!! 🙂 @brittneyleester

  38. You have the cutest blog and style. Of course, I follow you on IG! @marenchristensen
    So glad your blog is doing so well!! Thanks for the giveaway, cutie pie!

  39. I’ve always wanted the Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
    Tortoiseshell 🙂 thanks for the giveaway amber!! I just love your style, you are so inspiring!

  40. 3447 Gold 001 would be so amazing! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 I also follow you on instagram!

  41. Would loveeee the aviators! But I also love the wayfarers! Decisions, decisions 😉

  42. I would LOVE to win the ray ban 3025 aviators in Matte Gold!

  43. I’ve also been following you on instagram! @caitmariedika

  44. Hi amber! I have yet to own my own pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, but if I did I would love to have the Ray Ban 3025 aviator black L2823 58mm 🙂

  45. What a great giveaway!! I just purchased a pair of Ray Ban readers and would LOVE to add sunnies to my collection! I love ray ban 3386! Thanks!

  46. I follow you on Instagram and have for a long time 🙂 love your posts!!

    Sarah Jourdan

  47. Hey Amber, I would love to have the RAY-BAN 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85 as part of my sun glass wardrobe because they are the perfect sophisticated and classic look for summertime at the beach! I would be ecstatic to win these!! 🙂 love your blog, pictures and outfits girly!! Thank you so much!

    Sarah Jourdan

  48. I’d love a pair of Ray-Bans! I think I’d love a pair of aviators… probably in black.

  49. I also follow you on insta – have for a long time! @k_macone

  50. I would looove to win the Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell 2140 Wayfarers! Classic and Versatile!

  51. I would love the Wayfarer Tortoise sunglasses! They look adorable!

  52. Not sure if comments need to be paired together, but I love the black aviators you are wearing in the picture!

  53. Following on Instagram as well! I hope I win!! 🙂 I never get lucky!

  54. Hey Amber!

    I would love the pair 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85 from that website!


  55. I would love a pair of the wayfarers…. I would give them to my boyfriend and then borrow them when I needed to! 🙂

    I also follow you on insta!

  56. Hi Amber, I love your blog and your sense of style. I follow you on insta and admire your photography. I’m loving RB2132-27 because they are the same as Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast’s at Tiffany’s. One of my top 10 favorites movie.

  57. I would choose the Tortoiseshell Wayfarers!!!

    The are so classic and timeless and go with anything. Plus they’re perfect for summer!!

  58. I would be SO excited if I won!!!!!!! While looking through their sunnies, I decided that I love the ones you have on the best! 🙂 Please oh please pick me!!!!

  59. I am already following you on insti!!!! (brookeemac) Ps. Loved your $9 Gap sweater today! Great find!

  60. I was request the RB3025 55 AVIATOR, they are so awesome! I currently have a Chanel cateye but would LOVE he Rayban Aviator! Hoping to win!!

  61. I have always wanted a pair of ray-bans!!!!! I would love the 3025 Aviator Gunmetal 004/77 Polarised glasses!!!

  62. Oh and I follow you on instagram. I die over the photos of your puppy, he’s so adorable!

  63. Ahhhh I love so many pairs of Ray Ban’s! I love the dark aviators you always where! I would probably chose the Ray-Ban CATS 5000 in light havana. I had a pair but wound up losing them and was sooooo sad.

  64. Your outfit is sporty and it rocks– –hope i’ve done the steps right, for entering the rayban giveaway.. I love the ones u wear r or any pair u choose for me ( as soon as i post a picture of me) since i LoVe YOUR style.. hope hope— thanks—:-)

  65. Well after my puppy chewed up my aviators… I am in the market for any style! That was a painful loss….. Sigh haha

  66. I love the Ray Ban 3321 style; it’s very similar to my favorite pair of sunglasses which I need to replace soon!

  67. i would love to win these sun glasses! i go to Egypt about a week, so i could use them very well 🙂 I like these the most: Rayban 4171 Tortoise 865/13. But omg i love them all <3

    and thankyou for the give away X

  68. I would love the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in Black L2823 58mm! 🙂

  69. I would love the CATS 1000 in tortoise shell…or the ones you have on in the post!

  70. I would love the original Wayfarer Black 901/58 Polarised sunglasses! I have never had a pair of Ray-ban’s and would love to win one!

  71. I actually have some aviator ray bans I bought last year and love them! I really like the mirrored look right now and found some beyond amazing one made by RayBan from Sunglass Hut! I would love to have them for Summer! 🙂
    RB3025 (58).

  72. I have done all the above, i would like to win 3025 aviator silver mirror!

  73. I just followed you on Instagram the other day 🙂 My instagram name is JALLIENORTH!

  74. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d pick the Rayban CATS 1000 in tortoise shell. Love that shape!

  75. I would love to win the 3025 aviator silver mirror W3277 or the black ones like you have!

    I also follow you on Instagram

    Such a fun summer giveaway! I hope I win!!

  76. I would die for some aviators like you or these ones. Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Matte Gold 112/85 58. What an awesome giveaway! Love your blog

  77. when do we find out who won? 🙂 Im at the edge of my seat!! hehe

  78. Already an instagram follower, love the bold, sunny colors in your posts – so warm and fresh!
    I’d still pick the CATS 1000 😉
    Thanks for the little giveaway!!!

  79. I would totally pick the CATS 1000 – too cute! Love the 1950’s glamour chic look you have going on with the head scarf in these photos, so glam gorgeous!

  80. Hey Amber! I love checking out your new adventures and learning how to try new trends that ar ususally too daring for me. You help me think outside the box! I have never owned a pair of Ray Bans but if I did i would love the : Clubmaster Top Grey on Black 986 they look like pearls and I can pretend theyre mermaid sunglasses for the summer 🙂

  81. And I absolutely love the Ray Ban’s Cats 5000 in either tortoise shell or black!

  82. And I already followed you on Instagram, my account is: its_saskiaa

  83. I would definately pick the 2140 Wayfarer Light Tortoise 954….they are just perfect!

  84. oh i can’t decide which tortoise i would like. AHHH. One of them for sure!

  85. Also it’s my 8 YEAR Anniversary today!!!! And 2 beautiful babies later!!! June 18th is a perfectly beautiful lucky day!!!!:) xo

  86. And of course I do follow you on Instagram!!! Your my fav!! 🙂 I would be so thrilled to win me some Ray Bans!!!;)

  87. Hey Amber, I actually ADORE the pair you are wearing in this post!!!! So I would choose that pair!!!! Or a pair of aviators like them!! I love your blog!!! You are gorgeous!! And hey I’m from UT too!!!! Xo beautiful

  88. And I am now following you on Instagram @mariana222 (thanks again!)

  89. I can’t decide! I think I love the black aviators you’re wearing the best!

  90. Omg Ray-Bans are such a classic! Gotta go with the Ray-Ban 4147
    Brown and Crystal Gradient 824/51–summer wardrobe staple for sure! 🙂

  91. I lobe the black aviators you are wearing in the post they are awesome and so versatile! I follow you on Instagram :). Hope y’all have a great vaca 🙂

  92. I have always wanted a pair of Ray Bans! I would totally get the gold aviator matte!!!! They would go perfectly with my black and gold swim suit!

  93. Following on instagram aaaaaand
    Would LOVE Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in gold 🙂

  94. It’s soooo hard to choose a favorite but if I won I think I would go with the 3025 Aviator Silver Mirror W3277!

  95. I already follow you on instagram – that’s actually how i found this blog! So happy I stumbled upon your account!!

  96. I love the retro 4147 in light havana – I used to have a pair just like them but they got lost 🙁 Awesome giveaway, love the blog!!

  97. I would love the aviator rb 3025 matte gold with blue mirrored lens!!

  98. 2140 Wayfarer in Tortoise!! (or if they still have them, the black one with the inside part, as the NYC subway map!)

  99. Ive been wanting a pair of Ray Bans for such a long time! I would choose Ray-Ban 8041 Aviator Titanium! thank you!

  100. Chauncey is getting so big!

    I would choose the Jackie Oooh II in black. Something a little different.

  101. I love the 2132 Wayfarer Matte Black 622 and the 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/17

  102. Love the classic shape! Looks great on you:)
    Forgot t mention style # 3044

  103. Defintily small aviators in gold…..but the Jackie ohh’s are gorg too!

  104. And the Rayban Jackie Ohh II sunglasses are my favorite!! So cute! xoxo

  105. Definitely would get my sister her own pair of Wayfarers. She just graduated from college and had to finally give my dad’s Wayfarers back. Plus her birthday is on Thursday (the big 22!).

  106. I would love the same pair that you are wearing, the black aviators!

  107. I follow you on instagram! My username is @momo_elissaaa

  108. I’ve been admiring the Ray Ban Original 3025 Aviators for years! Can’t decide been between the gold, matte gold, or arista!

  109. I follow you on insta as well and pretty much want to buy everything you post. My bday is tomorrow and I not only want your black aviators but gold as well so thinking I’m going to have to hit up the hubs. can you tell me the style number of the black Ray Bans you’re wearing?

  110. I am in love with your blog and your style. I think you are adorable. Your blog is the only one I visit on the regular. I have been dying for the exact Ray Ban you are wearing, black aviators. Now i know I need to go to Sunglass Shop to find them!

  111. And I’m already following you on Instagram 🙂 my username is @cathyybb

  112. This is such a great giveaway! I would love a pair of coloured Wayfarers, coral or another nice summery colour 🙂

  113. 3025 Aviator Gold look fabulous, and I love the lens coloring! I’ve always wanted to own a pair of Ray Ban’s. They look so flattering on everyone! Pick me Amber! 🙂

  114. I looooove the aviators. I’d definitely choose those. They are flattering on my face and I know I can count on a pair of A’s to wear with any outfit.
    I already follow you on Instagram. And stalk your twitter 🙂

  115. I would love to win the
    Cats 5000 Light Havana 710/51
    I LOVE them!

  116. I have always wanted some Ray-Ban sunglasses!! If I won I would probably get either the
    Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster or the 2140 Wayfarer Black 901! Love either of those :). Hope I win!

  117. and I would looove the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in gold. Love your blog and your amazing style!

  118. Ray Ban 3025 Aviators!!!!! I love them!!!!!! Pick me!!! Haha! Love your blog!

  119. Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Black L2823 58mm

    I’m loving this pair since both my boyfriend and I could wear them! Love that you two swap shades, we do it all the time too!!

  120. After much obsessing (I don’t look so hot in aviators, I don’t think, and I’ve been looking at the site off and on all day LOL!) I would choose 4057 – Black 601 as a gift for my husband…

  121. The Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Light Havana Crystal 710 Large 54mm would be the perfect summer accessory!

  122. So excited about this giveaway!!! I have wanted the 3025 Aviator gold Rayban’s for so long!!!

  123. I really like the 3025 aviators. They give a classic look. I also like the 2132 wayfarer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. i have been following you on instagram for awhile now (@ragilbee), love all the pics!

  125. amber – i am such sucker for classic black wayfarer glasses – i would love love love a pair!

  126. I adore the 2132 wayfarer havana tortoiseshells! Or you can’t go wrong with a pair of basic black, polarized wayfarers!

  127. I love love love the RAY-BAN
    2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902
    and your blog, of course!

  128. Love your blog! Followed you! @jennaraz and I would choose the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Black 002/58 Polarised Medium 58mm!

  129. I love the Ray-Ban 3025 AviatorMatte Gold 112/85 58 🙂 so cute!

  130. Your blog is always so fun!! fallowing you on instagram Lannie_lane. 3016 Clubmaster Tortoise, 3025 Aviator Matte Gold love ray-ban glasses.

  131. I also follow you on Instagram…my name is alexstrangie

    Thanks! xox

  132. I’d choose the 2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902 🙂 So cute! I’ve never had raybans before….crossing my fingers!

  133. I already follow you on instagram (: my username is kenziedrolshagen. Super long and super German I know.

  134. My obsession with the color blue continues with the 3025 aviators in silver..My God these are beautiful. Aviators are the only kinds of frames that fit my small and narrow face!

  135. and obviously I follow you on insta – @imcourtneywhite


  136. I’d take them alllllll since Ray Ban’s are my go-to. But, if I have to choose just one, why not get sassy with some CATS 5000 Light Havanas. Great… now I’m obsessed with them.

  137. I would love to win the black Aviators! Love Ray Ban, love your blog! xo

  138. If I was lucky enough to get chosen I would love a pair of gold aviators! I’ve always wanted a pair!!

  139. I just found your blog and I love it!! I have a feeling this will be a daily read for me!

  140. i would love the ray-ban 3025 aviator arista sunglasses! they are gorgeous! thanks for doing this giveaway!

    –barbi from bama

  141. I love Ray-Bans! They are sooo expensive in Canada though! Would love to own the “Ray-Ban 2132 Wayfarer Havana on Yellow 601485”

  142. I also follow you on instagram! I love all of the pics of your adorable dog!

  143. I absolutely adore Ray-Ban glasses! They are classic and never go out of style 🙂 These are really cute Aviators :Ray-Ban CATS 5000 Shiny Black 601/32! Would love to get lucky with this pair!
    Thanks, Cheers!

  144. I have been wanting a pair of Ray-Bans for so long! I would get the Aviator 3025 in Matte Gold. Thanks Amber!! Love your blog!

  145. Hey Amber I am following you an Instagram, could I get a follow back? @kunklee

  146. I would LOVE to win the RAY-BAN 2132 Wayfarer Matte Black 622 for my husband for his birthday. He would look soooo dang good in them! I also follow you on insta and I’m so happy I do. I love your style and think you are stunning! I’d love to photograph you sometime while I’m in Utah for the summer!

  147. Hey Amber!
    I am following you on Instagram! I love your style so much! Its chic, sweet, and very accessible! You are such a positive young lady, looking forward to keeping up with your blog and seeing where life takes you!

  148. Love this giveaway, couldn’t pass it up. Love the wayfarer 2140

  149. I love Ray Bans! They are such timeless sunglasses and look fabulous on everyone! Maybe that’s because I believe there is a pair perfect for you and your personal style! My favorite are : Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Metal Yellow Matte 091/3K 55mm. I think Aviators are the signature of the Ray Ban collection, but that’s just me! These are gold and perfect for summer!

  150. My favorite Ray Bans at Sunglasses Shop are the tortoise shell Clubmasters! LOVE THEM!

  151. This is awesome! I would love to win a pair of ray-bans! I looked at the site and think the small gold aviators would be my choice! Looking beautiful as always!

  152. If I could chose any pair of Ray Ban’s from the Sunglasses Shop, I would select the following:

    3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85
    CATS 1000 Black Noir Crystal 601/58 Polarised

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, you are fabulous! I love that you are both beautiful and positive.


  153. I have a pair of polarized Maui Jims and love them but have been dying to get a pair of Ray Bans to add to my collection! I would love the 3025 Aviator Arista 001/57 Polarised pair!! 🙂

  154. I also follow you on Instagram! Have been for awhile 🙂 my user name is laurjas16. Thanks for the great giveaway I LOVE your blog and your style!

  155. I would love the 2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902! They are my fav 🙂

  156. I would love the Ray Ban aviators in silver mirror style w3277!

  157. I would definitely pick the Aviator Titanium’s! Already follow you on Instagram! Have a good day 🙂

  158. I would love the 112/19 matte gold aviators 3025! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. How do you just pick one pair?!? I would love 4068 Tortoiseshell 642/57 Polarised, 4098 Jackie Ohh II Black 601/8G, 3025 Aviator Arista 001/51

  160. I have always wanted a pair of REAL wayfarers (I only have the fake ones!) I’m enjoying your summer fashion!

  161. I have been drooling over the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, I love the funky twist on a classic sunglass look! 🙂

    Love your blog!


  162. I would love the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in matte gold for summer! Thanks!! 🙂

  163. I would love to have the Ray-Ban 2140 in tortoise. . .such a timeless style! 🙂

  164. I have wanted RayBans for so long but alas, they are expensive. I would love the 3025 Aviator Arista 001/57 polarised. SO awesome.

  165. It’s official – You are the first person, and at this point the only person I follow on instagram!

  166. I would choose a pair of black aviators just like you are wearing in this post.

  167. I would love to win a pair of clubmasters or a pair of the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Matte Gold 112/17! I love the colored lenses, so fun for summer!

  168. I’ve been following you on instagram for a while and love all of your photos! x

  169. I would love a pair of these Ray Bans because the one and only pair I ever had fell into the ocean while spending my last day with my best friend. They were my favorite pair of sunnies i have ever owned. And with a new pair like these Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer
    Tortoise 902/58 Polarised 50mm (Medium) I can have something to remind me of my best friend that passed alwayed a week later after I had lost my Ray Bans! 🙂

  170. Love your blog, girl! I can’t pass up a chance to win some RayBans! 🙂 Right now, I’m loving the 3025 Aviator Matte Gold ones!

    P.S. Victoria’s Secret seriously has the best swimsuits. Love that blue and green one!

  171. I love the raybans you are wearing as well as the 4171 tortoise raybans!

  172. I’ve always wanted a pair of Ray Bans! I would definitely love to own the 3025 Aviator Black L2823. LOVE them & love your blog! 🙂


  173. I would get the 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/19 simply because I love the lenses!

  174. I would choose the Ray Ban Cats! Have been wanting a pair foreeeevveeerr!!

  175. just got my favorite kate spade sunglasses stolen so this is such a welcome opportunity! I’m loving the:
    Ray-Ban 4171
    Tortoise 865/13

    yay yay!

  176. I love the 2140 Wayfarer Light Tortoise 954. SO CUTE! Thanks for such a great giveaway!


  177. I would love the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Black L2823 58mm. My 25th birthday was yesterday and I’m spending my summer in nursing school! These would add a little bit of fun to my summer!

  178. This is such an awesome giveaway.. I follow you on Insta.. @ericahartmann



  179. I already follow you on Instagram as bridgetheiplereich

  180. This is by far my favorite pair
    Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Black L2823 58mm

  181. Followed you on instagram @B_Marie_LC

    By the way I am in love with your blog. You have the most amazing sense of fashion.

  182. Hi Amber! Love your blog, check it everyday 🙂 This giveaway is SO exciting. If I could choose, I would pick the Ray Ban Aviator in Matte Gold, so cute. P.S. I’m obsessed with Chauncey. I follow you on Insta (linztodd) and adore your pics/life. Thanks for the entry!


  183. I love my fiancee’s Ray Ban wayfarers and always steal them when I can! Although, if I had my own pair I would love the gold 3025 Aviator Arista’s! They are gorgeous and go with everything! I also follow you on instagram (merewoods), I saw recently you were in San Diego, which is where I live.. hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

  184. My raybans that lasted me these last two years by accident got left behind at the lincoln monument while in dc! The Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in gold are perfect! The can be worn with anything! Dressing up or wearing to a baseball game with friends! Miss them!

  185. Thank you for the giveaway! I’m crossing my fingers I win! I love the small gold aviators or the gold polarized aviators.

  186. Im already following you on instagram! I love seeing your fun pictures and your cute family!

  187. I would die for the Rayban Clubmaster’s in either Tortoise or Black!! I die! They are so adorable and have the perfect preppy/boho vibe to them 🙂

  188. I love Ray Bans ~ they are such classics! I’ve been dying to get the Ray Ban 3025 Aviators (Matte Gold 112/17) with blue lens…
    PS. Just ordered the Adidas top because it looks so cute on you 🙂

  189. I would love to have the simple black RAY-BAN
    2132 Wayfarer Black 901! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  190. And I’m already following you on Instagram – @jordanllynn

  191. I follow you instagram….that is how I originally found your blog 🙂

  192. Hello again! I also followed you on Instagram – @care_uhlynn.

  193. Hi Amber! I checked out the Sun Glass Shop and LOVE the Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster in Black. They are timeless – popular in the 60’s and still today. They’re perfect!

  194. Hi Amber!! I would LOVE to win a pair of the 2132 Wayfarers in Havana on Green! I just bought my boyfriend a pair for his birthday and am trying not to steal his new present back 😉 Love your blog (and Chauncey!)!!

  195. I follow you on twitter and love all your pics!

  196. If i had a chance to pick out any Rayban’s it woudl be the aviatora, their classic and sexy androgynous look for girls!

  197. Girlie, I would love to have the 3025 Aviators!!!! You look super adorable as always! I have so missed being able to comment on your blog! Husband came home from a year long deployment and we were catching up!! : ) He is away again : ( so you will hear more from me!!! I hope you have a Beautiful day!!!!!

  198. AH this give away would be amazing, I had a pair and the lens cracked 🙁 I would definitely go for something a bit more retro this time around, love the clubmaster in tortoise!

  199. I would choose the Ray Ban Aviators, they are so classic and add to every kind of look from beachy to classic to rocker-chic!

  200. I love the 2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902. I adore tortoiseshell patterns !

  201. I also follow you on Instagram @carligeorgia…love the 3025 Aviator Gold Mirror

  202. I’ve been following your blog for ages! Love that you offer a mix of both affordable and designer pieces. I also have been lusting after a pair of Ray Ban’s – RB 3025 aviators in gold with dark blue-ish lens.

  203. I love the classic look of rayban aviators. I would like ’em in matte either black or gold.

  204. I LOVE ray bans!! I would pick the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator’s. 🙂

  205. Love, Love, Love ’em. Gorgeous glasses. I’d love the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in silver. CLASSIC!

  206. Oh I love Ray-Bans but i could go for a classic aviator in gold!

  207. Love the classic style of the Ray Ban Wayfarer in Black with Polarised lens for the bright summer sun and fun on the water! The Ray Ban Small Aviator in Gold is another great look, perfect when the sun is going down on another hot day!

  208. Sunglasses are always tricky for me since I have a small face. I have never owned Ray Ban’s but love the way they look on everyone! It’s hard to choose just one so I have a couple top contenders:
    the classics: 2132 Wayfarer Matte Black 622 or with a twist: 2132 Wayfarer Havana on Green 6013
    4171 Tortoise 865/13
    2140 Wayfarer Dark Tortoiseshell 902/57 Polarised
    Just for fun: Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Matte Pink Crystal 885-N1
    PS where is the view all button?!

  209. I love the 2140 wayfarer in tortoise with green lenses. I rely on sunglasses to create a mood. These give off a kind of a glamorous vibe.

  210. This would literally make my year! I love your blog and this is a wonderful giveaway. Thank you!!

    Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer 50 mm

  211. I have an unhealthy obsession with Ray-Ban’s! I would choose the green Aviators. Been eyeing them for quite sometime!

    I follow you on insta: linzclyde

  212. I would get the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Gunmetal W0879. I have some thick ray bans that I love but this would switch it up!

  213. I would love to own the 3016 Clubmaster in Black W0365! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. I follow your website on blogloving and I follow you on instagram @carliphiljarvis

  215. Ray-Ban 4098 Jackie Ohh II
    Light Havana 710/71

    Love these!

  216. Also follow you on both Instagram (swansonashley) and Twitter (@ashleyswan24)!

  217. Love the 3025 Aviator Gold L0205 & the 2132 Wayfarer Matte Black 622. Can’t go wrong with ray bans! Love the blog!

  218. (Now following on instagram!) I think I’d like to finally give Aviators a chance! I’m digging the RAY-BAN3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85. Thanks for the entry! 🙂

  219. I follow you on instagram..( I don’t have a smart phone 🙁 but that doesn’t stop me!! I have to follow under my sister-in-law: future_maddiemorrow) I love looking at all your amazing photos!! You are very inspiring!

  220. I would love to win Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Silver!! I have always wanted a nice pair of sunglasses–not your standard $5 pair that breaks at the end of every summer hehe…Really hoping I win! 🙂

  221. I think I’d like to finally give Aviators a chance! I’m digging the RAY-BAN3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85. Thanks for the entry! 🙂

  222. I would absolutely LOVE to have a pair of all black aviators like the ones you’re wearing in your pictures! They have always been a favorite of mine!

  223. I love Ray Bans- What an awesome giveaway! I think that if I had to choose another pair of Ray Bans it would have to be their Tortoiseshell Polarized. Timeless and protective!

  224. I would love to win a pair of Ray Bans. I really like the Beige on Orange Clubmaster sunglasses.

  225. I would love the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85! So cute.

  226. That’s a tough choice between the 4194s and the classic 3025 aviators. Can’t go wrong with either!

  227. I also have been following you on insta for awhile now.. I want your life! @squidney66

    P.S. Chauncey is the cutest pup!

  228. I love these Ray-Bans! I would choose 3025 Avaitor Gold 001/3E.

  229. Such an awesome giveaway! I would love to win the Clubmaster Tortoise!
    Love your blog!

  230. Also following you on instagram: allyson_bagg. Thanks again!

  231. I’m excited for this giveaway because I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Ray-Bans for ages! I would love to win the Aviators in Gold (L0205). They are so timeless. Thanks!

  232. I would choose the wayfarer in black! Love these shades.

  233. I would LOVE to win the small aviators in gunmetal! I have been dying for a pair!

  234. LOVE Ray Ban sunglasses! I had a pair of aviators that broke last summer, so I would definitely pick a pair of Large Metal Aviators in either all black, or gold with brown or green lenses. Great post, Amber!

  235. I already follow you on Instagram and I LOVE all of your photos!! They are the best.

  236. I would love the 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/85… so cute!

  237. What a great giveaway Amber! Ray Ban are the only sunglasses I wear that don’t hurt my eyes and not to mention they have great style’s and selections. I have two aviators already and would really love to win the Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer Black 901/58 Polarised 54 mm (Large). I would definitely get a lot of wear out of them.

  238. I love the classic look of rayban aviators. I would have to choose a more gold or light brown color to play up my dark features.

  239. I already follow you on instagram. Love your cute posts! (makenzie_hamilton)

  240. I would love to have Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Black W3235! Im sure my husband would be thrilled too, so I would stop stealing his 🙂

  241. I follow and love your Instagram! How do your pictures come out so well? Seriously, my phone pictures are never that good!

  242. Ohh the wayfarers for sureee!!! just absolutely classic. and I already follow you on instagram 😉 and your puppy!

  243. Got to love the classic 2140 Wayfarer Tortoiseshell 902!! I could use a new pair since my current pair of sunnies are approaching the end of their life!!

  244. I love, love, love this giveaway! I’m dying for a pair of the 3025 Aviators in Matte Gold!

  245. I have always wanted a pair of ray-ban’s! I would pick the tortoise pair I think. They are so classy and stylish! Hope I win!!

  246. I love your instagram pics and have been following you on instagram, and your blog for a while now, my name on instagram is catie6394 🙂

  247. I would love to win a pair of gold rimmed aviators, i have been buying cheap pair after cheap pair of sunglasses forever and was considering investing in a pair that was nicer so i would definitely choose the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator in golf L0205.

  248. I think Ray-Ban aviators are the best summer staple item a girl can have. Especially when they’re fun ones like these: Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 112/19. I love the gold frame with the big lenses and the colorful reflection. Who doesn’t want that cool picture of themselves with their ray-bans on looking out at the beach with the waves’ reflection on their shades?

  249. Just discovered your blog on my new bloglovin’ app and am so happy I found it! You’ve got some amazing ideas on how to put a knockout outfit together. Always happy to have added another fave follow to my Instagram list! @fallonfollies

  250. I would LOVE the black pair 🙂 or one of the golden frame ones – I live in Africa so good sunglasses are quite a lot harder to come by than in the US!
    Love the blog xxx

  251. I am simply obsessed, like most of us, with the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator
    Matte Gold 112/19 with the green mirrored lens. I think they’re an epic addition to any summer outfit. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  252. I love your blog! And Chaunce is adorable! Personally, I’m dying for a pair of wayfarers in havana.

  253. Hi Amber! I would love to win one of the 3025 aviator in matte gold. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. Btw your dog is the cutest thing!

  254. Also, I didn’t even know you had an Instagram until this post – so I am now happily following you!

  255. My boyfriend’s birthday is in a few weeks and he’s been dying for a pair of the Clubmasters. If I won, I’d have to chose the 3016 Clubmaster Black W0365 as a birthday gift 🙂

  256. Love my gold aviators so I would have to get the black too 🙂

  257. I love this look! So summery. One of my favorite things about your blog is that you intertwine very of-the-moment fashion with classic pieces. And Ray-bans are what I would define as a classic piece. Worth the investment because they will stand the test of time. If I were to win a pair of sunnies, I have to say I would choose 4098 Jackie Ohh II in the blue colour! Such a classic shape, but I love that the blue is unexpected!!!

  258. Oh and I’m a follower of you on Instagram. My username is CheckerTea 🙂

  259. Oh Ray-Bans…..Will they ever look good on my comical joke of a tiny head? Turns out the 3044’s do! The 3044 Small Aviators in Gunmetal work for my tiny face. I thought I would have to abandon Ray-Bans but I tried them on about a month ago and fell in love. When I was in china town here in NYC over the spring I was trying on hats and the woman said she didn’t have anything for me because, and I quote, “I have nothing for you, your head…small….like tomato!” Ummm… Ouch?

    Sadly – they are out of my price range right now as we’re saving for a wedding but dang if they don’t look good. So generous of you to do a giveaway!

  260. And followed you on instagram – jessieboisvert is my name on it!

  261. I LOVE Ray-Bans. But I can never justify buying them because I tend to lose my sunglasses…but I would get the Clubmaster sunglasses in tortoise.

  262. Already an Insta follower because your outfits rock and the pup is way cute. @eportmess

  263. I love these!! The color is perfect and style goes with everything! Loving the adidas tee, so crazy how a simple item can be so cute!

    2132 Wayfarer Havana 710

  264. I recently had my raybans stolen so I would love a new pair!! RB3026 AVIATOR

  265. I also follow you on insta (@allisonredbaron)
    thanks for the giveaway 🙂 LOVE your blog!

  266. I’ve been a long time follower of you on Instagram 🙂 Keep on posting!!
    The watermelon raft picture last week was AMAZING!


  267. I would most definitely get the ray-ban gold: 3025 Aviator Gold L0205

    Those are my favorite and up until now, I just have a fake pair that I wear from Mexico.

    Love this site! Such great advice and at affordable prices.

  268. Started following you on instagram. Love how the recent pictures have been very beachy and bright.

  269. i would really like the gold aviators Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II
    Arista Crystal Azure Mirror 001/3K Small (55mm).they are amazing.

  270. Would love a pair of the tortise Clubmaster sunnies, they have a great retro look about them. My freshman year in college I had a pair of RayBan wayfarers, but they mysteriously disappeared from my dorm room one day and I’ve yet to replace them.

  271. I also have been following you on instagram! Love your pics!

  272. I would get Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator! Love that classic look 🙂

  273. I LOVE the Ray-Ban 3025 Matte Gold Aviators with the blue-ish lenses! Lusting after them 🙂

  274. I’ve dreamed about getting ray bans forever! I would get the Aviator gold matte.

  275. I loooove Ray Bans! I would get the classic wayfarer 2140 in black! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! So fun!


  276. I would love the Ray-Ban 4171 in tortoise! Thanks for the giveaway!!xo

  277. Oh my GOSH I would cry (out of joy) if I won this because I have no sunglasses. (I know, I’m kind of ridiculous.) Ah, so many choices! I think I’d go with the 2132 Wayfarer in Black 🙂

  278. I would choose the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator. Follow you on intagram. Name: 2vaurien.


  279. I’d like to win the metal fuchsia matte aviators. Perfect for Miss Pink 😉
    Adela x

  280. & I totally follow you on instagram, you have amazing pictures always! (@siothehapagirl)

  281. I used to have the exact pair of Ray Bans. But they died 🙁 I’d love a golden pair I think. Also I already follow younon instagram @adelamisspink and love it. Your blog is awesome.
    Adela x