finding donations for a charity auction is the most stressful thing EVER!!!!
i went to 21 businesses saturday seeing if they would be willing to donate anything that could be auctioned off and i left with how many things? 3. yes, 3.
that means in one day i got rejected 18 times.
its so discouraging.
i think, “wait.. why? was it my hair? was my voice too high? do you not take me seriously? WTF DID I DO TO YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”
its so annoying.
i seriously think no one takes me seriously because of my blonde hair.
okay and can i rave about two things that every girl needs in their life??
1.) LOREAL GO 360 CLEAN FACE WASH! its so great. its honestly rare that i feel like a face wash actually works but this one is amazing. i use the orange bottle (recommended by my one and only, lauren mae) and im just in love. it comes with a little scrubber.. and i have a clarisonic too and (oh man dont kill me for saying this…) but i feel like it works better than the clarisonic? is that so weird? i know what youre thinking.. not possible.. but i swear. (i still use and adore my clarisonic) anyways! so if youre looking for a good, cheap face wash then try it out!
2.) RINGER (recommended by marissa) IS THE GREATEST SHOW EVER. i watched 5 episodes yesterday on hulu.. i would have watched more but there are only 5 episodes out so far.. i have to wait til tomorrow to watch the next one! its so intense and you will all love it. the first episode is a tiny bit weird/confusing but if you keep watching you will just love. bible. you will love.

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  1. haley!! i know right?! its so annoying! everyone just expects us to be dumb! hate it. but thank you so much you are the sweetest!!! love your comments 🙂

  2. haha I love how i’m commenting on all your posts now 🙂 but i just had to say I totally know what you mean on the blonde thing, it feels like NOBODY takes me seriously sometimes. So annoying! hope you find more donations, I’ll see if I can find anything for ya to help out!