-i have a serious obsession for hats and jackets. (and im so annoyed because apparently everyone got the “leather jackets are real freaking great” memo because ive literally seen every single girl wearing one. 
– sometimes i like to put thoughts in parentheses because i feel like i can say what im actually thinking and somehow because its inside of those little smiles.. it wont count.
-i live for the smell of orange blossoms in az.
-sometimes my heart literally hurts when i think about how much i love my family.
-i take a while to be completely myself around boys i like..which is maybe the most annoying thing ever.
-i love wearing black..in fact i actually hate wearing colors. (am i emo? sue me.)
-some days i feel so blessed, today was one of those days.
-my heart still breaks out of jealousy when i see babies, i want my nephew really badly.
-sometimes (everytime) i get stressed out when people in my car roll down the window (i heard that wastes more gas…..) (yeah i know im the cheapest person ever)
-i love honks dollar store
-i want to be a spin instructor really badly
-i like saying the b word in a british accent. (i dont swear. swearing is ugly. i dont want to be ugly. but i think its funny in a british accent.)
-i think when i get to heaven, heavenly father will have a pet dolphin waiting for me. he knows me best right?
-i only wear vanilla lotion and perfume.

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