Messy braid in Lake LouiseAtticus stomping in puddlesBarefoot BlondeLake Louise in the rainWalking with my baby boyA sad little Atticus Burberry coat for babyStomping in puddles in BanffDavid and AtticusLookout point in Lake LouiseCanoes on Lake LouiseExploring with my baby AtticusBarefoot BlondeDad and baby in BanffBarefoot Blonde and family in Banff

RAINBOW KNIT SWEATER: Unif // LAYERING TEE: Shopbop // JEANS: Citizens of Humanity // BOOTIES: Toga Pulla // David – COAT: CLWR (Sold out similar here.) //  JEANS: AG // BOOTS: The North FACE // HAT: Slouch Headwear // Atticus – COAT: Burberry // SWEATER: Peek // BEANIE: Slouch Headwear

The day we took these pictures someone asked me if I knitted my sweater… and I wish I could say I had that kind of skill. But really this sweater is amazing. Anything bright and colorful for the winter time is a thumbs up for me because everything is so cold and boring .. the least my sweater can do is make me happy and make people think I have talents such as knitting. It was a bummer it rained during our stay at Lake Louise but seriously how pretty is it even in the rain?? Ugh it is so gorgeous! Atticus kept stomping around in every. single. puddle. we saw .. and at first I tried to stop him because I didn’t want him to be cold and wet but then I figured what the heck, we can always go change and take a warm bath, let the kid splash around in 900 puddles if he wants! So I splashed with him and it was much more fun. Does anyone even remember being cold as a kid? I am convinced kids dont get cold because they are too busy having fun. And I swear there is enough to worry about being a mom that I have learned to pick and choose my battles… if he wants to eat some dirt, or get all wet, or chew on a stick, or walk around barefoot, or eat (part of) a cookie in bed while cuddling me and get chocolate all over my brand new sweater and the clean sheets (that just happened, and I am still finding crumbs) or whatever it is then fine by me. Anything that didn’t kill me as a kid is on my list of things to not sweat about. (although many moms on instagram like to let you know that thats wrong haha) Last week someone pointed out that Atticus had dirt under his nails and I say that is the sign of a good day for a baby boy so I welcome those dirty lil fingernails in my home. Baths people, baths.

We are back in New York and I am currently making a to do list for tomorrow since I of course cannot sleep … and why are the first two things food related? Haha 🙂 Fashion Week starts this week and I am 100% taking it easy this season and probably the rest of fashion weeks from here on out. It is hard for me to justify going to a show over spending time with Atticus so I have picked my favorite shows to go to and the rest I will skip out on. We also get to see our baby girl in the morning and I am so excited, ultrasounds are my favorite and she is currently kicking like crazy inside my belly. Night, friends.


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  1. I cannot stop looking at your pictures. Your family is amazing!! Best wishes from Lithuania 🙂

  2. I love your approach to parenting. It reminds me to loosen up. I am SO uptight when it comes to following the rules and making sure kids don’t get too dirty or make a mess, and remembering that it won’t kill me and that those moments truly make a mark on a person’s memory of childhood is really important.

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that so much!! I am still learning as a new parent but I think each parent knows what is best for her/his child 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment! xo

  3. Great post! Love the picture of A with this bottom lip out…so darn cute!!!!

  4. Are you a fan of either the Giants or the Jets ? If you are which one are you a fan of ?

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL! I would love to travel there someday. I think you’re setting such a fabulous example of a hard working, successful Mommy who always puts her family first. How great is that?!! My 14 year old daughter & I just love following your feed. I love seeing Emily’s beenies on your handsome guys! I was Emily & Natalie’s YW leader years ago & still keep in touch with them. They are simply the best! Keep up the good work, Mama! ????

    1. Thank you so much!! It was so gorgeous there, we loved it!! And aww you are soo sweet!! Thanks for making my day 🙂 I am so glad you and your daughter follow along, that makes me so happy! And no way?! What a small world!! I love them both!

  6. I really admire what you said about letting lose in terms of Atticus exploring. I have a three month old and he is starting to put everything in his mouth so I really hope to let lose like you and allow him to be a baby without me freaking out about germs haha 🙂

  7. What size sweater are you wearing? I want to order it but don’t know what size to get. Thanks!!

    1. I got a medium!! They have sizing measurements on their website as well!! I like sweaters to be oversized 🙂

  8. Jumping in puddles and crumbs in bed are the moments that make being a mom so fun! Noticing the small things that your little guy does is so special, especailly during his little kid years; they will be gone before you can even take the time to blink. I want my life made of special moments with my husband and little boy, and recognizing the importance of the small things and great moments will create the kind of life I want to see when I look back through my old lady eyes. Great job just going for the puddles and letting the crumbs be!!

    1. You are so right!! I look back at moments like these, and it makes me so happy!! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely insight, I loved reading it. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! You are too kind 🙂 And I use a canon 5d mark iii with several lens: 24-70, 20mm, 200mm and 50mm.

  9. I never comment but literally couldn’t resist this time. I am several years ahead of you (4 kids from 15 down to 8) but parent with a similar philosophy. We homeschool because we love to travel and we love the way our kids are when other kids aren’t telling them how to be. You are SO RIGHT!!! And please don’t ever let the naysayers bother you!!! Dirt under the nails, staying up way past a respectable bedtime once in a while, going shopping with your daughter when she should be doing school work, these are the moments that they remember. Perspective makes ALL the difference in life and I applaud yours. I guard very closely what I let my daughters (12 and 8) look at online right now, but they both LOVE to check your instagram! My 8 year old can braid hair like a pro thanks to your videos. Thank you for being a source I can trust to be positive, clean, and even reinforce the idea that pretty things are great but they are not what you build a life around.

    1. Thank you thank you Laura!! I LOVED reading this!! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and perspective with me. You sound like a great mom, lucky kids you have 🙂 I love that your girls follow along!! That makes me so happy!! Wish I could meet you all one day! xo

  10. Such amazing photos and what a beautiful spot to take them.

    I love that you let him play in the puddles.

  11. Lake Louise is truly beautiful, and these photos are amazing. I’m happy you let him splash around in the puddles, because he looks so darn cute doing it! The sweater is fab, and I couldn’t agree more about wearing bright things when it’s cold and gloomy. I hope the ultrasound went well, and that I bump into you during fashion week!
    xo, jill

    1. It was so breathtaking!! We loved it 🙂 And thank you so much!! Everything went great, baby girl is healthy yay! I hope I run into you!! What shows do you have left?! xo

  12. Thank you for sharing your photos and updates with us all! Truly enjoying checking out what you have been up to and how much FUN you have with your family. ???????? so happy to hear your loving attitude towards Atticus. You’re so right, let the kiddo play, and PLAY how he wants! Cannot wait for baby girl updates if you decide to share with us.

  13. How does Atticus keep getting cuter?? I didn’t think there could be anything cuter than him as a little baby, but he is growing into the cutest little toddler I have ever seen. That winter coat and the hat and shoes are just the icing on the cake!! And I couldn’t agree more about the dirt under the fingernails. I love seeing your family outside together, getting dirty or sandy. And inside, getting covered in colored yogurt…. splendid childhood!
    LOVE your fun sweater. The colors look fabulous in that gorgeous wet setting. xoxo

    1. Okay you are too sweet!!! Thanks love!! He is so fun 🙂 Thank you for the kind words!!! xo

  14. Amber I’m with you. I spoile my boy sooo much and let him do whatever he wants. When it comes to dirt or water puddles. …I just let him to get the best of it.My husband is worried to much about getting sick. ..,but my thinking is pretty much same like yours”worm bath”…

    1. I am so glad you agree Andrea!! I can tell your a good mama 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  15. Ultrasounds really are the best! I miss them 🙂 I pick and choose my battles too, and you are the mom and know what is best. Everyone will have their opinions, but they are just that, opinions. Lake Louise is gorgeous and is definitely on my list of places to visit. My husband is a geologist and would absolutely love it I think! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. They are huh?! It is so amazing!! And thank you Rachel!! I love hearing your perspective. And no way?! I think your husband and David would be BFFS haha 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 And yes!! Add it to your travel list!

  16. haha you kill me, your kids are going to appreciate you so much more when they are older because they arent going to remember their childhood to be full of NO’S so when they are older and you do tell them no I am sure they will respect that decision a lot easier then someone who is always told no. Love ya girly!

    1. I totally agree with you. When I have kids I’m gonna be a ‘yes’ mum. My childhood was terrible because my parents constantly said no to things, and now as a teenager things are SO bad, I’m literally confined to my house. I am constantly told no to everything and I hardly have a life at all. Much respect to you xxx

      1. Thank you Lucy!! You are too kind!! It is hard for parents to have a good balance but I try my best 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for your comment Jenessa!! Seriously! It was so refreshing to read, I loved it! I appreciate the support! Love ya!!

  17. Good for you! There’s way too much “Mom shaming” going around these days with just about every decision you can make as a parent. If Mom’s tried to do what everyone else thought they should do then they would drive themselves nuts. Besides what’s the point of you having a child if everyone else is going to be doing the parenting? Anyways, glad you don’t care because that’s very refreshing to hear!

    1. Thank you so much Abby!! I agree, it really is out of control. There’s no ONE way to parent ya know?? Thanks for sharing your insight, I loved reading it!! xoxo

  18. HI Amber! Beautiful pics favorite part was never being cold as a kid, great observation love the way you think! Btw I am a mom of 2 girl and boy and never mind those few pesky moms :p


    1. Hi Grether!! Thank you so much!! So nice of you!! I love hearing from fellows mamas 🙂 xo

  19. I’m a first time mom of a boy too and I also dont fuss over him, I like clean so the kid baths twice a day haha but I play rough and I don’t fuss when his cousin puts a hand full of beach sand on his head a little roughly and let him nap naked on the beach (in the shade) and he plays cause its fun and not every freaking toy has to be educational haha I feel like there is this rush to fill your kids head with knowledge but what ever happened to letting little boys play with cars. I love your little family always showing my husband your awesome travel pics:)

    1. That is so good!! You sound like such a good mama!! Your little man is lucky 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I loved reading your comment!! I appreciate the support! xoxo

  20. Amber, I love this post!! I feel the exact same way about raising my little man, who is actually only few weeks older than Atticus!! Your pictures are so beautiful and you and your family are so very lovely!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie!! And I am so glad you agree! It’s fun to hear from other mamas 🙂

  21. Oh my goodness, you family is just about the cutest thing ever and I can not believe how big Atticus is getting! And of course, splashing in puddles is the best!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. You are the nicest!! Thank you so much Kelly!! 🙂 He really is a little boy now, it is crazy!

  22. Yep. Even in the rain Lake Louise is still a sight to behold. So beautiful! Little Atticus looks like he had a blast jumping around in the puddles! What kid doesn’t love splashing around!? I actually lol’d at the “moms on instagram” comment. I try my best to withhold comments either on social media or in person because really? It’s not my place to judge since everyone parents differently. If your baby is loved, properly cared for, and happy then hey what’s wrong with a little dirt under the nails or some muddy jeans and shoes? Kids deserve to be kids and I hope to raise my son the way I was raised which was a childhood spent being adventurous and having fun. Much love lady! xo Carly

    1. It really was magical!! So pretty! And I am happy you found the humor in that haha! I am so glad you agree too!! It is so frustrating! I can’t imagine that any one is a “perfect” parent ya know?! Thanks for the kind words Carly!! xoxo

  23. That lake, the views, soo pretty and whimsical! I love that you have so much fun with Atticus, I NEVER remember being cold, or at least if I was I didn’t care as a kid! haha. I agree with you 100%, let him love being a kid! I’m so excited for you to see baby girl, she is going to be so dang precious!!

    xo Angela

    1. Thanks so much!! I agree, it was magical!! And you are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words!!! Love ya!

  24. I love your carefree attitude with raising Atticus! I was a preschool teacher this past year and so many parents made big deals out of everything! Being laid back is A-okay sometimes 🙂


  25. Your photos just take my breath away somedays! Kudos to your hubby for capturing such beauty in so many ways. Burberry for kiddies is so awesome! Thank You for sharing with us!

    1. Wow thank you!! That is such a great compliment!! David will love to hear that 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  26. I totally agree with you on “picking and choosing your battles.” I mean honestly, just look at how happy Atticus is all the time – Clearly you are doing things right 🙂

  27. Major props to you for talking about letting baby Atticus be a little boy. I’ve got a little guy a few months younger than him and he’s such a curious, disastrous adventurer (you know, the epitome of perfection)! Its tough because every mom has her opinion, but its clear by the twinkle in his eyes that you do an amazing job with him and he is happy and safe and loved!

    1. Thank you so much Stacey!! Your comment made me smile 🙂 I bet your little guy is such a cutie! I am glad you agree to just let kids be kids haha! xo

  28. I think the rain makes these pictures even more beautiful. I love your laid back approach to parenting. Kids should play and get dirty! I can’t believe someone said, (much less noticed!) that Atticus had dirt under his nails! SHEESH! Don’t listen to the haters. You and David are clearly such loving, caring parents and Atticus is lucky to have you as parents. XoXo

    1. I have to agree!! That rain was a bit cold but it was worth it because it looked so gorgeous 🙂 And thank you so much!! That means a lott o me 🙂 xo

  29. Someone mentioned that your son had dirt underneath his nails? They seriously need to get a life! I am proud when my son has dirt under his nails! That means he went on an adventure outside. 🙂

  30. love the pictures from your trip! That’s great that someone thought you knitted your own sweater #skills. I hate when mom’s or other people troll on Instagram. They can’t expect everyone to be perfect! I’m happy you don’t let that stuff get to you.

    Enjoy Fashion Week and your ultrasound!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

    1. Thank you so much!! And I totally agree! There’s no perfect parent out there. Thanks for being so sweet!! xo

  31. I absolutely love all your posts! You have been inspiring! I have one question, whenever I do my braids it usually looks good for the first half of the day then the last half it is frizzy and less defined. Do you have a trick or a product you use to keep your braids looking the same throughout the day?

      1. BRAID PASTE! Heavens above- never knew such a creature existed. I sooooo need this- like yesterday! Thanks ????

  32. Oh goodness, I am not a mom but I just cringe at the comments people make. It’s crazy and I can’t imagine being on the other side of some serious scrutizing. Props to you and David. I’m sure the two of you don’t always just laugh it off because some comments are just cruel but just keep doing on what you’re doing! Only you and David know what is best for your little family. Also, these pictures of Lake Louise and Banff are gorgeous. I feel like David needs to post his photography tips!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one that thinks that!! It is so ridiculous 🙁 Thanks for the kind words!! You are too nice!! And thank you! I am so glad you liked the post as well!! I will pass along the comment to David!! xo

  33. This post was wonderful, Amber. Thank you for sharing your views on raising your wonderful child. I can’t stand all the mom shaming going on. Not cool. You are an amazing mom to that little boy and your success is a clear sign of it. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much love!! That means the world to me! I am so glad you could resonate with it. xoxo

  34. I have lived in Banff for over a year and whenever I go hiking I STILL take 900 pictures lol! I can never get enough of the beauty here, lake Louise is also stunning and if you guys ever come back I would suggest Jasper, AB as well! LOVE the knitted sweater, and of course Atticus’ beanie hats and peacoat are just the cutest things I have ever seen!

    suggestion: If you plan a trip back to Alberta I would do so in the winter – the mountains covered in snow and Lake Louise completely frozen over (you can walk across the entire lake) are some stunning sights! I am often torn between loving Alberta more in the winter or the summer lol! xx

    1. oops, sorry for the double post! Am commenting off my phone and didn’t think it sent the first time lol!

    2. OMG I can’t believe you live there!! So so jealous!! It was so amazing, we loved it!! We are already talking about coming back haha! And next time, I need to meet you 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions, I will remember them for next time because there definitely will be one! We would love to come in the winter next time too! Good idea! Thanks love!!! xo

    1. haha I have to agree!! It is so adorable, I love it 🙂 And thanks so much!! Stay tuned for lots of Fashion Week pics! xo

  35. Amber, first of all, your photos from Canada have all been SO BEAUTIFUl! It makes me want to go there so badly. Also I have loved seeing all your adorable outfits you wore while there and Atticus’s too 🙂 Lastly, I want to tell you not to worry about what any of those people think you seem like the best mom ever!! Atticus definitely seems so happy and loved and that’s all that matters 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Caroline!! I appreciate that so much!! I hope you can go someday!! It is so magical! And thanks for the kind words!! You are so so sweet!! xo

    1. Isn’t it so gorgeous?! I miss that view already!! Haha he was being a little stinker in that pic 😉 xo

  36. I couldn’t agree with you any more, Amber. I only have a baby girl (12, but she’s still my baby) and I thought the same things…I picked battles and realized hey! While they’re little, let them be little. When he is happy, enjoy every moment…even if it means splashing in good clothes (they can be washed) making mud pies (you can wash his hands later) because at the end of the day…it’s the moments you all had making the memories together that matter – not the small stuff. 🙂 Thank you for always answering all these comments on your blog. You’re amazing and each one of us greatly appreciate the time you take for that!! xoxo!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so so glad you agree 🙂 Thanks for sharing your perspective, I love hearing from other moms! It means so much to me. I am all about making memories, I love your insight! Thanks for reading love!! xo

  37. Amber, these photos are beautiful. This place looks amazing. I love the photo of Atticus where he looks like he his pouting a little. His cheeks are so cute!! Oh. and love the rainbow sweater. 🙂 Have fun!

  38. So many loves in this post! First of all your pictures are amazing. I how crisp the water looks. Atticus’ little pouty face cracks me up and your sweater is darling. But i think my favorite part of this post is your “pick your battles” rant. I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing I appreciate more than someone who lets kids be kids! You go girl! Can’t wait to follow along for fashion week!

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. Thank you so so much!! I am so glad you liked the pictures 🙂 And that is so nice of you! I appreciate the compliment! I try my best but no parent is perfect which is so nice in a way!

  39. Ok, first of all I’m loving your fall style already… I love the way you styled the chunky sweater, skinnies, and booties in this and yesterday’s post! That is exactly what I want to wear all fall!

    And I agree on choosing your battles, it seems like my baby always has dirt under his nails, and food on his face, but that is the nature of boys! Who knew we could love those sticky little creatures so much???

    You are a great mom, and I love reading your posts so much!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much!! That is so nice of you 🙂 And thank you for the kind words!!! I am so glad you agree! xo

  40. I’m all about FW, but if you’re making a list, I highly recommend checking out the San Genarro festival down in Little Italy. So much DELISH NY Italian food… Your little man will love all the lights and excitement. I’m bringing my 15 month old Thursday when it starts!! 🙂

  41. Yes…let him be all boy! I feel I was too uptight when my two kids were little. My husband was better about it and I’m thankful he was. Let your kids have adventures…get dirty…explore…it gets their imaginations working and they discover all the possibilities this great life holds. Take it from this momma who has two wonderful adult children now, those little things are no big deal. You, go, girl!

    1. Thank you so much Chris!! It is hard to have a good balance so I totally understand both sides. Thanks for your kind words!! You sound like a fabulous mom!! 🙂

  42. My mom always said that the dirt and scrapes are all just part of summer :))
    Hope you loved your trip to Canada as much as I love living here!
    xox Ally

    1. Your mom is a smart lady!! I totally agree 🙂 And thank you! We love it so much! What a pretty place to live!

  43. Atticus’ little slouchy beanies are the cutest!! And I also love the rainbow sweater, it’s so fun and colorful!

  44. I’m not a mom but I think it’s so rude when other moms are so judgmental of someone else’s parenting style – if you don’t like it then just don’t do it! Anyway, beautiful pictures as always! Don’t let the grumpy, know-it-all internet moms get you down!

    Xx Casey

    1. I am so glad you agree!! It really is rude! I don’t understand it.. Thanks for the kind words!! xoxo

  45. is this place real? so beautiful. love the sweater. and i agree, i have a neon pink sweater i love wearing when it’s freezing outside! it makes me feel better. and yes, we should let kids be kids. my almost 9 month old has eaten sand, dirt, and play dough as of last week. lol what can you do?! 🙂

    1. It really was so amazing!! Such a great view. And thank you so much!! Thanks for the nice comment and support Nanette!! 🙂

  46. So I actually thought about what you were saying. I think I have some major control issues sometimes and I would go crazy with a baby who goes rogue. Good idea to pick and choose your battles and I don’t think you need a mamma to seek that advice! x

    1. Haha I know what you mean, it is hard not to 🙂 And thanks so much!! So so nice of you!

  47. Great post! Great pictures! I have been enjoying your blog for some time now and I felt compelled to comment because of your story about someone criticizing dirt under nails. Clearly you are doing a great job with Atticus. He is a happy healthy and adventurous boy!

    1. Thank you so much Ellie!! That really does mean a lot to me 🙂 I appreciate your kind words!! xo