i hope i wake up to rain again in the morning.
to me, the rain says,
“you know amber.. i really think you should just go put that black sheet over your window, light a candle and go back to bed. and when you wake up from dreaming, just lay in bed and day dream. and then maybe pin a little… eat some cereal in bed…. and blog. if youre feeling real bold call a boy over and snuggle in bed all day long with him watching movies.”
ummmm okay fine you talked me into it. ill do it.
please rain?

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  1. Sometimes I think you & I are the same person!! hahaha I think the exaaaact same way you do! and Im freaking pintobsessed!!! you’re the cutest love you to piecessss

  2. haha seriously isnt that the perfect day?!?! all that and a bubble bath would top it off!! and yay ill add a link of yours to mine too!! lovvve you!! xoxo

  3. Oh Amb you & I are soul sisters haha you described like my dream day!! It’s awful that I literally crave rainy lazy days on like a daily basis. You are the cutest girl…I added a link to your blog on mine, can’t wait to frequent it often now yay!