COAT: Willow and Clay | JEANS: L’agence | BOOTIES: Stuart Weitzman

We have been doing Christmas activities every single day and it has been sooo fun!!! The night we took these we went to the railroad park in Scottsdale. Every year they do this really amazing lit up wonderland that you take a train ride through – which is in my opinion, better than some Disneyland rides! The kids were absolutely lovvvving it. Afterwards we went on the merry go round and then went home with some happy and sleepy babes in carseats.

Today is a really busy day – we woke up and ate French toast as a family and read Christmas books before Atticus went off to school (he has to leave for school at 7:10am which is means we have to wake up around 6:30/6:45am before the sun is up.) Then we shot two campaigns this morning and now I am in the office doing lots of work for Barefoot Blonde Hair – then we have some calls to take – then we are shooting another really fun campaign for…… AMAZON!!! Ah dream come true lol. When people  ask me who is my dream company to work with is – Amazon is for sure on that list haha. And then we are headed to the temple lights at the Mesa LDS Temple. Then hopefully I can run to the gym after the kids go down to bed since I didn’t have time this morning.

I wore this Willow and Clay coat which is from my curated collection with them – you can see the whole collection here if you want!

Hope you have a good day!!!

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  1. That one pic of A standing between the gates in front of the lit up ornament – picture perfect! Looks like a fun place – I look forward to taking my kids there once we move to the area! Cannot wait to move back to the States and be closer to family 🙂 I feel it especially around the Holidays. Also – props for heading to the gym at the end of a jam-packed day!!

  2. This looks amazing! Love how happy you all look together <3


  3. Oh my gosh! That looks like so much fun. I actually just found a similar event by us tomorrow, so we are for sure going. My boys will love it 🙂 Also, Rosie’s two top knots are the cutest thing ever!

  4. Your pictures guys, they get better and better every year – love this post! Amber, the kids are growing up so fast…my Ella started school this year and I am a wreck!! lol
    Love Roxanne West xo

  5. These photos are gorgeous – the lights do look more impressive than a Disney ride! A busy day is a good day. Love that your family finds time to do Christmas activities together! And Amazon?! You go, girl!