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Since being in Arizona, David and I found ourselves saying “the heat isn’t that bad!” We would look and see that it was 102 or so and think, this doesn’t feel as bad as I thought. I grew up in Arizona so I am used to it but haven’t lived here in 9 years. Anyways, today we were totally eating our words haha! I think the temps were around 116 and it definitely felt 116. It was rough even walking from the car to the ice cream shop! Am I dramatic? It really was! Ice cream was for sure necessary today. The kids were pretty cute eating their ice cream and I love that it takes them like 30 minutes to barely make a dent in it haha. *also side note: did anyone notice that the otter pops at Costco are now made with no artificial flavors OR colors/dyes? I thought that was pretty cool and I think they are so much tastier now!

So you know how people say, “it was one of those days where I didn’t get ready” … well for me the last few months have been quite the opposite and it was “it was one of those days where I actually got ready”. Partly because we were in Hawaii and that is just the routine you fall into – why get ready? No need. (anytime I did betta believe I documented it. And then went home and got in sweat pants haha). And trust me, I LOVE that lifestyle — it totally works when you are by the beach (especially when no one else gets ready, everyone just agrees that its acceptable to be barefoot with no make up and hair in mattes from swimming, anywhere you go). But when I am not by the beach I end up feeling a little lazy when I don’t get ready! I really feel so much better in an outfit with my hair combed etc. and I get so much more accomplished and I also feel like I do more with the kiddos. So I have kind of made a goal for myself to get up and put on an outfit that makes me happy. And if I am feeling up to it, a hairstyle that makes me happy too. Because I love doing my hair and I sometimes forget to take the time — when I do I am always so happy I did. Its the little things ya know?!

Oh and this jumper – I am in love with shirts under jumpsuits this summer! Jumpsuits are so practical as a mom – it has the comfort of a dress but you get a bit extra coverage when movin around 😉 but even not as a mom I just love cute jumpsuits. I linked to some more I love in the widget above. So many fun colors for summer! And these sandals – I lovvve them! Love that they have the height but still comfy.


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  1. Why did y’all leave Hawaii? I’m just asking out of pure curiosity. I remember when you left NYC for HI and I didn’t realize y’all had moved and just thought you were on a really long vacation lol

  2. HA! So my husband and I just moved back to AZ from Northern California. Like you, I grew up in AZ and LOVE the heat. We are renting till our house is built sometime in February.
    I can’t help but laugh at this post . . . we keep telling ourselves the same thing, “the heat isn’t that bad, the heat isn’t that bad” . . . BUT – the past 2 wks with the 118’s and 116’s we are a little (A LOT) uncomfortable. My 5 yr old keeps saying, “Mom, I’m melting . . . Mom, I’m burning!!!” I know June is a hard time to move to AZ – but SO worth it for the rest of the year!! We are patiently waiting for the rain and monsoons!
    I know we will get use to it . . . next summer will be a breeze!

  3. You three are adorable! Love your outfit and totally understand the freedom of feeling like you don’t HAVE TO get ready and can just walk around as you like. Have a lovely weekend babe <3

  4. The ice cream photos are adorable!!!! You guys really have the best photography ever. It’s so great to see you let your kids be kids and get messy. That seems like the best childhood ever! I get yah on the getting ready thing. Everyday I have to get up and get ready for work, so on the days I don’t I want to be so lazy and just wear shorts. As someone who lives by the beach I totally understand that lifestyle and how it’s just so easy to wear a swimsuit and shorts and even that you feel dressed up haha.

    Katie |

  5. You can literally pull off anything!! It amazes me haha, I am so envious!! Love your blog as always and your family is so precious 🙂

  6. I’m in AZ as well and I went to Frost Gelato in San Tan Village to beat the heat yesterday… so yummy! Love the outfit too!

  7. Such a cute post, love the photos of the kiddos with their ice cream! Good luck surviving the heat, it definitely sounds like you all need some ice cream on the daily 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark |

  8. Love this! You look adorable! My husband and I grew up in AZ and also just moved back after being away for several years this past weekend (of course, when it’s 120 out!). I would take the dry heat over humidity though any day! Xoxo

  9. Ugh! It’s even hot in Flag. And it’s never hot here. love, love your look in this post!

  10. Yay for more fashion posts! Although I did love all the beachy looks from Hawaii, I’m excited to see more “fashion” styles from you this summer! And I agree, layering t-shirts under dresses and jumpsuits is the way to go!


  11. Yes! I did my hair AND makeup the other day, and felt like a million bucks haha it’s just so hard sometimes with kids. You look darling! Atticus and Rosie are the best accesories too 😍

  12. YES- Hawaii is def like that, haha…if you wear makeup you feel like you are really overdoing it- and FORGET about things like high heels and putting “outfits” together lol! Beautiful there tho!
    ❤️ The pics- enjoy the lovely dry heat now (my favorite kind)👍🏻

  13. Agree 100% about getting ready by the beach. On my honeymoon, I never felt the need to do my hair or my makeup. Something about being at the beach constantly makes you want to be natural and makes you feel beautiful natural. On the other hand, I feel like a slob if I don’t put some effort into my appearance anywhere else. Funny how that works.


  14. I think it helps that it’s dry heat rather than humidity? It’s about 82F in London, but SO humid that it makes everything impossible (plus we don’t have central air conditioning haha) I am absolutely adoring this outfit! x

  15. Thank you for sharing this post 🙂 Your kids are absolutely adorable, they look like they’re having the time of their lives eating those ice creams haha! You look gorgeous in the photos of you, the contrast between your blonde hair and purple jumpsuit really flows so well! Arizona sounds amazing, it reminds me of the days where I absolutely loved twilight cause Bella’s from there hahaha! I definitely need to visit.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Chloe @

  16. Yes I totally understand the getting ready!! It seems every time we vacation by the beach for the whole week or two I’m so low maintenance – breezy beach clothes over a swimsuit, sun kissed skin, salty ocean hair!! But then when I’m home I have to get ready to feel like I can accomplish things in the day! I also live in AZ – maybe that’s an AZ thing!? Lol oh how I wish I could move my whole family by the beach and live that slow, laid back lifestyle year round!