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So this weekend we finally went to a “pumpkin patch” – I was so excited to go and of course had to dress our little man as a pumpkin because he is just the chunkiest butterball. Then we show up and there are no pumpkins… only haystacks. I was so confused… we asked the lady if they even had pumpkins and she said of course they do! You just take a hayride on over to a field of pumpkins. Sooo we take our little hayride and pull up 20  yards away to a field of mmmm maybe 20 pumpkins spread out with like 5 feet in between each one haha I was dying. Like no, that is not a pumpkin patch! It was a very sad sight ha! Most of them had little chunks taken out of them and missing stems.. apparently it gets too hot here in Alabama so most of them die? At least that is what the lady said. But I have only ever been to really awesome pumpkin patches so to me the fact they called it a pumpkin patch was borderline offensive (jokes, but seriously it was bad!) so anyways I gathered up the only pumpkins that still had stems and made my only little patch for Atticus to sit in 🙂 He didn’t know the difference so it was all good.

I think Target is a world wide obsession among girls.. WHY IS IT SO ADDICTING AND AMAZING? Honestly, Target is the bomb. I love all the collaborations they do with designers.. ahem, Nate Burkus?? ANYTHING he makes I love. They also have the cutest clothes and accessories. I love all of their beanies and winter accessories and they are so stinking cheap its actually really awesome. Below are some of my favorites at Target right now!

*Thank you to Target for sponsoring this post!!

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  1. OMG, Amber I know exactly what you are talking about! I took my mini and staged a fall harvest “faux apple orchard” photo shoot (3 bags of apples from Publix later) after realizing Alabama pumpkin patches are sad and apples don’t grow here ; (

  2. adorable photos! can you share some of your steps for editing your photos?

  3. Totally know what you mean. I’m from a small country town in Michigan, now living in LA. A pumpkin patch here is some pumpkins piled up on the side of the road on hay bales! It’s sad, really.

  4. What an adorable little pumpkin you have! I live in Alabama, and I’ve never heard that pumpkins die because because it gets too hot here. I guess it makes sense, but there are some really good pumpkin patches around Birmingham!

  5. You have the most perfect life!!! Love all of your pics & your style is to die for! XXO

  6. Target is seriously my favorite! I could drop so much money there!
    What a sad pumpkin patch! I love going every year, and for them not to have pumpkins is very pathetic. Your little pumpkin is adorable though!!

  7. Sorry to hear the pumpkin patch wasn’t as expected. We recently went to a pumpkin patch and my son loved it! It’s so cute to see the little ones drumming on the pumpkins!
    The Doctor Diva

  8. Atticus’s little punkin onsie is just so darling! and I’m fawning over your slouchy knit beanie! But I totally feel you on the whole target obsession! It’s impossible for me to walk in without purchasing anything, it’s a curse…..and a blessing 🙂

    xoxo hails.

  9. I live in southeastern Arkansas after moving from northwest Arkansas and had a similar pumpkin patch experience this weekend! We got there and it was 10 pumpkins, lots of hay and face painting ha. Definitely disappointed! Just know not all of the south is like that but I have to say Utah looks like a dream of a place to live! And you are your family are gorgeous!

  10. Amber! Please can you update your hair FAQ section? What extensions are you wearing these days? What is your color combo for dying your hair? Pleeeeease fill us in!!!!!!

  11. Cute pictures! I love Target, but sadly I just moved to Canada and the Targets are no where near as good as they are in the states!

  12. You little pumpkin is adorable! Love the pictures!!

    Have a wonderful day.