IMG_4106tIMG_4138tIMG_4183tIMG_4149tIMG_4141tIMG_4200tIMG_4233t PANTS: Chicnova c/o
TOP: Nordstrom
FLATS: Windsor c/o

These leopard pants are the comfiest things ever – anytime I wear them I end up sleeping in them too.

Oh and don’t worry these photos were taken after our car had gotten towed… I was so upset! We parked our car in the middle of a line of cars parked on the street and just ran into town to grab a dang crepe which took literally 20 minutes tops. There were no signs within 200 yards of where we parked and we figured we were fine. We came back and our car was gone and I instantly started panicking… being in a foreign country and not knowing where our rental car is, is pretty dang scary. Luckily my husband is fluent in Croatian and asked some guy where our car might be.. he made some calls and got an address for us (so nice of him) and then got us a taxi. The taxi driver told us we were just unlucky and that Croatian tow companies just pick random cars to tow and they happened to pick us. He ended up giving a discounted far which was another (of so so so many) good deeds other people did for us while in Europe. The tow fee ended up only being 450 kuna which is about 80 USD but I was still so mad! And bawling.. of course. 🙂

Tomorrow is our last day here in Africa then we are headed back to France for two days and then home, finally. As much as I have loved this experience, I am 200000% ready to snuggle my dog and eat some cereal on my couch.

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  1. Omg I live in Croatia! I love you so much, maybe you can chrck out my blog

  2. OMG, you were in my home country!! Beautiful country with such a warm people. The blog is gorgeous. How come your hubby knows Croatian?


  3. Outfit perfection! Love it! Did you have to get a size small or medium in the pants to fit you in length? I’m 5’10 also and have the hardest time with harem pants being long enough!

    1. I got a size small!! I feel like they are long enough! We are the same height so I bet they would work for you too!! xoxo 🙂

  4. I hope that I got this wrong and that you dont think that Croatia is in Africa????

    1. No, I do not think Croatia is in Africa. The photos were taken a couple weeks back while we were in Croatia so the first paragraph is referring to when we were in Croatia and the last paragraph I was talking real time.

  5. I am loving all of your Europe photos. Look like you two are having an amazing time. Makes me miss Europe desperately. Hope you have a safe trip home.

  6. Wow. that is super scary. I can’t even imagine the panic!!!! I’m glad at least your hubby was able to communicate. I would be a write off if that happened to me and my boyfriend. Loving that hair style and hoping you do a tutorial on it!

    xo Mel

    1. Thanks Mel! Yeah it was scary!! I am hoping to get a tutorial up on this but if not, it is just a fishtail braid and then I pulled the sides out a LOT to make it look big and messy!!

  7. LOVE your outfit! And hair!!! Do you wear your extensions when your hair is in a pony tail? If so, how?


    1. Thanks Meghan!! Yes I wear extensions in my ponies as well!! I just clip them on the crown of my head and not on the sides!! Hope that makes sense! xx

  8. These photos again, damn, way too beautiful!
    You make me wanna travel but I can’t ’cause I have to go to university grrrr, maybe a few days in February, Lets hope!
    And pff really bad luck with the car 🙁 luckily your hubbie could talk to a Croation!
    Enjoy the last days of your trip! XX

    1. Thanks so much girl!! And yeah hopefully in February you can squeeze in a vacay 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment!! xo

  9. I have been loving all of your pictures on insta, everything looks amazing! That is such a bummer that your car got towed ha ha I would have panicked and started bawling too. Keep the pictures coming!

    1. Aw thank you so much Jessica!! And yeah getting towed is annoying in the states so throw a foreign country in the mix and I am a hot mess!! Haha 🙂 thanks for reading! xx

  10. Oh no! Getting towed is ALWAYS disconcerting. I can’t imagine it would be any easier in a foreign country!

    I bet you are excited to be home. Travel is fun, but it can be really tiring if you’re doing it for a prolonged period of time.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!


    1. Yes I totally agree! Traveling really can be exhausting, I just feel beat! I am excited for my normal life 🙂 Thanks for reading! xx

  11. So sorry to hear about the car fiasco! That is no fun anytime, let alone in a foreign city!!
    LOVE your hair in this pics!!

    1. Ugh car fiascos are the worst!! But thanks so much girl that is so sweet of you!! xx

  12. Uhmmm, your hair… is awesome! HOW do you do that?! I love it.
    I have a very similar pair of pants from H&M like the ones you’re wearing. I have owned them for a year and have yet to make an outfit out of them ;( haha! I love them so much but they never feel “right” on me.. but I love them on everyone else! I shall keep trying to figure these guys out..

    Because I’m Obsessed

    1. Aw thanks Deanna!! It is honestly just a fishtail braid and then I pulled the sides to make it huge and crazy!! And ugh don’t you hate that?! I have done that with a few pieces I have bought where they just never feel right and I end up waiting like a year to wear them haha. Sometimes all you need is good inspiration 🙂 I always confide in pinterest haha

  13. Thank God for your husband being fluent in Croatia! I can only imagine how frightening it would be to have your car towed in a foreign country.
    Those pants do look so, so comfortable!


    1. I know!! I really don’t know what we would have done besides sit and wait til we found someone who spoke good enough English?! I was a hot mess haha.

  14. oooooo love lovey your pants Amber! And love your story about the kindness you experienced in Europe… kindness is so rare these days! Glad you got your car back though! Your reunion with Chauncey will be THE BEST! X

    1. Yes so much kindness amongst fellow travelers and locals here in Europe it has been so amazing! And ahhh I cannot wait to see Chauncey holy crap!!!! xo