With schools out we now have lots of entertaining to do with the kiddos! I shared these Pokemon cards that Atticus colored and thought I would share them on here for anyone else who wants to do this with their Pokemon obsessed kiddos! We sent this to our cousins too and they all colored them and then we all compared Pokemon so you could always do Zoom pokemon battle play dates along with it 😉

To make these David got a blank template and then googled each character and dragged them over in Adobe Illustrator! Lucky to have a hubby who enjoys doing and making fun things with the kiddos. Enjoy xo

*a note from David, these blank cards are made to scale of the actual Pokemon cards, but if your printer has any margin settings on it by default, it might shrink them to fit those margins, so just remove all margins when printing;)

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  1. You guys are the best! My 6 year old (1st grader) LOVES Pokemon. He loves to make up his own cards too, so these will be so fun! During the past 2 weeks we have been out of school I have printed so many Pokemon coloring pages for him. Thank you so much for making these and sharing these with everyone. You are AWESOME. xoxo

  2. Thank you David and Amber! My kids are Obsessed with Pokémon so this will make their dae 🌞🌸

  3. This is the best idea for my son! Keep more quarantine ideas coming! 🧡

  4. I’ve enjoyed following you Amber for a long time! May seem silly but as a mother of four kiddos who love Pokemon. I loved this post! Thank you to you and your husband! My kiddos are going to love it!