Barefoot Blonde pregnancy update

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I have done only one other pregnancy update but I felt like doing another!

HOW FAR ALONG: 30 weeks. I went in last week at 29 weeks and the baby was measuring as if I was 33 weeks across the board – which means she is measuring FOUR weeks ahead!!! She is huge! My doctor is thinking we will induce me at 39 weeks because she is so large.. With Atticus he was so big that they were so close to doing an emergency c section and they dont want to have to do that, especially since she is bigger than he was at this point. But we wont know until I am 37 weeks if I will get induced or not!

HER SIZE: A large cabbage (according to my app)

WEIGHT GAIN: 22 pounds ……. this is the hardest part of pregnancy for me only because I am “putting myself out there” I have been told I look fat, I need to start watching what I eat, I should cut out carbs, I mean you name it! I was just at the LC Lauren Conrad runway show and I was sitting next to gorgeous (I mean really gorgeous girls) Olivia Culpo, Aimee Song, Ashley Tisdale, Chrissy Tiegen.. and girls were commenting saying I look “plus size” next to them or that I look like their mom. (all of those the girls I was next to were SO nice for the record, amazing women) I get more nice comments that sink in much more, so that is why it makes it easy to brush it off but still, people just weren’t taught manners. As a pregnant woman, a mom, and working with my husband to provide for our family I have enough to worry about and I think its sad that even while pregnant in this society we are expected to look a certain way. Sometimes I get confused when I read comments because I know I am puffy and whatever but I dont know I feel fine? I think that is all that matters. End rant. (please no sympathy (I promise I am not broken up about this!), however, if you are a person out there who is tempted to tell a woman how she should look… just punch yourself in the face for me, thanks)

SLEEP: I sleep fine minus having to wake up to pee at least 3 times each night!

SYMPTOMS: I dont get sick but I do get VERY tired and exhausted quickly. I also get really bad restless leg which probably sounds made up unless you are in the same boat and get it too… then you know how annoying it is!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Watermelon! Lately I eat about a half a watermelon a day haha!

STRETCH MARKS: I didn’t get any with Atticus and thought I was in the clear but I am starting to get tiny ones around my belly button! They aren’t red or terribly noticeable but I think once the baby comes out you will be able to see them more. I also haven’t gotten the dark line this time around, I thought I would since I did last year with A but nothin so far.

MOVEMENT: She moves what feels like, all day every day. She is just partyin in there.

NAMES: Obviously I would love to share but I am going to keep it a secret 🙂

That is about all! She is healthy and good in there. We have one more trip planned, we leave this Friday and then after that I think we will be home til baby comes. Unless I get stir crazy then we might do a road trip to Cape Cod or something. Who knows! My doctor said I can travel through end of October if I want, but I think we will hang around. I am getting so excited but it still hasn’t hit me that we will have two babies. Not kids, two BABIES! Sometimes when we are on the subway or doing something where Atticus is all over the place and I am like thinking in my head how I am raising a monkey, I imagine holding another one while doing what I am doing, and then wonder how the heck its all gonna go down! Ha, but it will be an adventure.


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  1. You by far are my favorite blogger, and I love getting to follow along with your adorable family! You are just the sweetest person! Of course, you look radiant pregnant – I can’t believe anyone would say otherwise! When I was pregnant with my little boy (now one month old and napping on the couch), people would always ask me how I was so confident. Obviously I had gained weight but I still wore tight dresses and wedges and showed off my bump. And I am not skinny either. I just had this inner confidence and loved my pregnant belly so much that I wanted to wear anything tight enough to show it off. It seems that you love your pregnant body just the same and the way you carry around Atticus too just shows what a selfless mother you are. You’d rather your babies be happy! Thank you for sharing your life with us and posting your vlogs – you and your husband are wonderful role models! 🙂

  2. Amber- you look incredible! People would be lucky to look as good as you pregnant. Don’t listen to any negative comments. I am 25 weeks pregnant and love seeing your posts and pictures!

  3. You look fantastic. I sure would hate to hear what they would say about me! Those women don’t know what they are talkin about!!

  4. I don’t understand how people can say that. You don’t look fat nor plus size. They’re probably just jealous and are trying to bring you down to make themselves feel better. Honestly, you’re the most gorgeous mama out there I’ve ever seen and that belly of yours is making you even more gorgeous!

  5. I really can’t believe the things people say to you or ask you when your are pregnant! I am just now 10 weeks along, and some of the things my co-workers have said to me …. UGH, i had no idea! Like “Oh yeah, I can see the puffiness in your face now”, or “wow those pants are looking tight!” I have even had my male co-workers mention things like “My wife wouldn’t have eaten/drank that when pregnant” its just appalling! Not that you need the sympathy but you look freaking amazing pregnant!!! Love reading your posts and can’t wait to meet your new addition soon 😉

  6. Amber,
    I have been following you forever and I know you aren’t looking for sympathy but I cannot believe anyone would make you feel bad about being pregnant! That is honestly appallingggg. I have never been myself, but when I see your posts I can only hope that I look as beautiful and chic when I am pregnant!

  7. I usually don’t do this, but I just wanted to say that I feel encouraged. I am first time pregnant and I have now 32 weeks. I went in last week at 31 weeks and the baby was measuring as if I was 34 weeks across the board (three weeks ahead). It’s also a baby girl and the due time is November. I love her! I was really skinny before and I’ve put some weight on. People noticed and started talking. It made me feel uncomfortable with my body. So, this was really encouraging for me.

    Greetings from Romania!

  8. No sympathy because you are STUNNINGLY Beautiful and I’m suprised you don’t hear that from Everyone. In fact every time I see a pre go picture of you, it’s amazing because you are ALL baby. I always hear that women get a little bigger in the belly with their second pregnancy. So if that’s what they are referring to? But other than your baby bump, you are so tiny! I would love to look like you any day! Stay positive, and keep on doing what you do. Your smile and beautiful family instantly light up any picture 🙂

  9. I’m sure everyone below me has the same exact sentiments that I’m about to make, but WHAT?! The internet is so full of trolls that think they can say whatever they want because they’re anonymous. You are the picture perfect pregnant woman! I’m certain that the awful comments are from 15 year olds that don’t grasp what a beautiful thing it is to be a pregnant woman. They’ll be eating their words should they ever procreate and end up gaining 80 lbs. We all love you and your adorable family and I can’t wait to see Atticus become an adorable older brother!

    Love from California,

  10. Oh my hell, Amber. I mean, you’ve been around long enough to know that there are so many different people out there, and I know that you’ve gotten somewhat a little desensitized by their lack of common sense, but it still boggles my mind how people can say such terrible things. I mean, I guess they really love hearing things like that, so that must be why they are telling you those comments, right? Treat other people you want to be treated — I thought this was a universal thing….. Also, I gained 55 lbs when I was pregnant, sooooooo yeah. You look damn fine and people are just jealous. /rant

  11. Ok anyone that thinks you are less than gorgeous pregnant is insane! You make pregnancy look so good. I pray I am as cute as you when I am pregnant. Also, I am dying to find out what you name your sweet little girl!

  12. Love your post! I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second and my first isn’t two yet! You look amazing, so forget about what everyone is thinking! Enjoy your last few weeks of a family of three! Your blog is my favorite! xo

  13. i would punch everyone in his face for saying that..ok, i wouldn’t but seriously: you´re far from being fat. just leave those girls stuck in their own fights- has nothing to do with you!

  14. Amber you look great! You look happy and healthy and that is all that matters! I’m so excited to finally know the name of your little princess, even though I still have to wait a bit!

    Bisous, Marye

  15. I can’t believe you’ve been told you look like you need to watch your weight?! This must have happened only once at the most by a person that is so terribly broken up inside about their own insecurities that they needed to be hateful – a bully! 🙁 I see your pictures every day and admire how beautiful you look pregnant or not! I’ve told my fiancé I hope I look half as gorgeous as you do when we have ours, and needless to say I have a girl crush! I’m sorry for giving you the sympathy you asked us not to give…but I just can’t help but share my shock with hearing you’ve been put down by anyone…I love how you embrace your pregnancy, and I only see “weight gain” in your belly where it counts! Thanks for sharing your life through pictures, and I sure wish my fiancé and I could make a living traveling the world like you and David have – you’re living the dream and there will be people that are jealous of that who choose to put you down to make themselves feel better.

  16. I’m not normally someone who leaves comments, I just happened to stumble upon your blog since I’m currently waiting baby #2 and was looking for some wardrobe inspo 🙂 The reason I felt urged to comment was that while browsing through some earlier posts I kept thinking “wow, she looks really great”. So this is not really about me showing sympathy (which I realise you weren’t asking for 🙂 ), rather I was just honestly surprised that anyone would think anything else 😀

  17. gorgeous and beautiful. Those girls’ comments were trash. They only wish they could be you. Love your posts and photos and adventures!!! Discovered your blog a few months ago and subscribed.

  18. I am in shock that people could say such horrible things about you! You are just stunning! I have never once thought anything different when you post pictures! Don’t listen to mean people! I love looking at all the pictures you post!

  19. You just look amazing. I have recently discover your blog and instagram account – thanks to emoi emoi website – and I was thinking how great is it that you look gorgeous and seems to live your pregnancy by eating more et getting some weight. I want to be like you if I’m pregnant one day.

    Sorry for my english, I’m a french people who really hope see you in Paris this week !

  20. Amber, you look perfect, never listen to someone saying you look fat – you definitely don’t! Your pictures are so inspiring! Thank you and good luck with raising two babies!

  21. I am literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I just discovered your Instagram account and wandered over to your blog, and the whole time I was looking at your photos I kept thinking “how does this chick look so fantastic pregnant? Is she a model? What is this witchcraft?!” To think that someone could even think, much less verbalize that you look anything less than incredible is totally beyond me. Peeps be rude. Keep on keepin’ on.

  22. I just wanted to say that you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. You are such an inspiration! If somebody is saying something bad about you it is just out of envy. Don’t care. Hope I wrote it correctly. My English is not very good – I’m still learning 🙂
    Love your blog!

  23. seriously love you and your blog! I skim through your comments and see that you reply to nearly ALL of them. that is amazing to me! Not alot of people stay engaged in their readers and I admire that so much! Beautiful person inside and out! 🙂

  24. You look so beautiful, pregnant/not pregnant. I love you & all your posts. God bless you & your gorgeous growing family.

  25. I have become a huge fan of yours since finding you via a hair tutorial on Youtube, and you are one of very few people who respond to comments and are always so sweet and that makes me love you even more! I love watching you as a mom, I have a little boy just 2 months older than Atticus and I absolutely love it. It’s so fun to watch other moms and think to yourself, “I totally relate to that!” Pregnancy and motherhood are the most amazing experiences and even though a woman sacrifices so much, the reward is more than worth it. I can’t believe that anyone could leave any negative comments about your appearance and I know you are tough and can shrug it off, but seriously, so rude! Plus size??? Puffy??? Not even! You are glowing, gorgeous, perfectly proportioned, and carrying that baby beautifully. It’s so obvious in your photos that you LOVE being a mom and wife and it is refreshing to see you living your dreams and including your family in your work and adventures. this isn’t a sympathy comment, I promise, it’s like wanting to stand up for your friend at school who is getting bullied! back off jerks!

  26. Some help for those restless legs! Bend over to a 90 degree angle and have your husband put counter pressure on your sacrum for a good couple of minutes. Even if you have to wake him up in the middle of the night to do it, haha!

    Hoping I look that good at 30 weeks!

  27. I am shock that anyone would say such a thing!! Pregnancy can be hard enough already with morning sickness, etc. The miracle of making a healthy baby is one that should be celebrated!!! You are a gorgeous human being and even though we have never met, you are always so sweet and thoughtful when you write or on video. I admire your grace, Amber! Ignore those people you are wonderful as it! Sending lots of love xoxo

  28. my jaw literally dropped when i read the comments people said to you! It makes me sad bc i think you look amazing pregnant, some people gain weight all over. people, man… Also at least you have your husbands help with the babies! Must be so nice to have him with you most of the time 🙂

  29. I don’t just hope to look like you when I am pregnant (I mean I do) but every day I see your new pictures I get really excited and think “one day that could be me”. You make me excited to be a mother and I think that your bump is the CUTEST bump I have ever seen!!

  30. You are the most adorable and gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen. I can only hope to look like you when I get pregnant.

  31. super delayed on reading up on your blog (was on vacay and now spending my first day back at work…NOT working ha!) but I just had to comment because everyone that I know that’s gotten hooked on your blog FIRST comments how amazing you look pregnant! people will say the meanest things no matter what – and while it does get hard to just brush it off your 10000 fans compared to the few haters will be the first to say you look stunning! so happy to hear everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy! I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say we are all excited to meet her!

    all the best xx

  32. I’m writing this a bit delayed, but I just read it. You are seriously such a beautiful person, pregnant, not pregnant, doesn’t matter. Also you are a great mom! I think it is unfair that people feel they can comment on a pregnant woman’s body, but unfortunately it happens. Anyways, you are gorgeous and I love your vlogs that you started doing!

  33. why are people so mean! I think they must be jealous or something because your the cutest pregnant women there is! My sister an I read your blog and are always commenting on how we love your style pregnant and not pregnant. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy with us! 🙂

  34. Amber, you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I’ve ever seen! Plus-size??? never! You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with us.

  35. Hi Amber!
    Can I just say you look amazing pregnant! You look like Blake Lively, and can I say I think everyone wants to look like her when they’re pregnant (and everyday too but I’ll take what I
    can get). I’m 18 years old and its my freshman year of college. I’m sure you get this stuff all the time but you’re blog has helped me get through a rough first few weeks. I haven’t made any friends yet and spend most of my time alone but your blog provides me with a distraction. Furthermore it’s also inspired me to write my own blog. Thank you Amber and don’t listen to any of the negative comments people say. None of them are true!

  36. OMG. You are like the picture of perfection when you are pregnant. I am always showing my husband your pics telling him I hope to look as good as you when we have a baby one day! The fashion industry is ridiculous that way. You are so tiny and fit! Anywho, can’t wait to see her when she comes! 🙂

  37. Oh my goodness! You are absolutely beautiful and pretty much the cutest pregnant mama I’ve ever seen!! 22 lbs is not even that much to gain while being pregnant! I can’t believe the nerve of people and the things they think are okay to say, and I mean seriously, add the emotional pregnancy hormones…I’m shocked you didn’t punch them in the face right there! I love your blog, you are stunning, period.

  38. I just wanted to say that I think you look so amazing pregnant. You are all belly! I hope one day when I have a baby I look half as good as you do. I think it’s crazy that people are making comments. First off you are very slim, secondly you are growing a human inside of you so no one should have any comments on your appearance. I hate how society puts this unrealistic pressure on women. I am not a thin girl and being pregnant is a bit daunting to me because if a thin woman gets those kinds of comment – what will I get.

    Keep being amazing. You have the cutest family! Love reading your blog.

  39. I know you definitely aren’t looking for sympathy and aren’t broken up about “comments” people make. I just have to put it out there anyways that people who make those comments are terrible. It’s a reflection of them not you at all. You are a beautiful pregnant woman and nothing is more beautiful than motherhood. It floors me really that people think that way especially about you. But I suppose it’s hard for some people to love others when they can’t love themselves. Being healthy and happy is all that matters and if anyone is worried about anything else, you’re wasting the precious time you have.

  40. I got RLS with both my pregnancies. Someone told me to put a bar of ivory soap in the bed down by my feet. Instantly the restless legs stopped for good. Crazy but Google it, or better yet try it!

  41. You really are beautiful Amber. I absolutely love your blog. You are honest, helpful, and fun! Plus, your family is simply adorable. Congratulations on your little one coming soon! Glad to hear that the pregnancy is going great so far! Praying for continued health and happiness.

  42. You really are beautiful Amber. I absolutely love your blog. You are honest, helpful, and fun! Plus, your family is simply adorable. Congratulations on your little one coming soon! Glad to hear that the pregnancy is going great so far!

  43. You look amazing! You are a beautiful, pregnant or not. We should all be this lucky to look as good as you when we are pregnant. I know I didn’t!

  44. You look terrific! Negative comments may be coming from those who know they don’t look 1/2 as beautiful as you do.

  45. My God Amber, I am in disbelief some people would bag you out like that. Like seriously wtf. Some people juat love projecting their negativity so that they can feel better about their miserable selves, but really, they end up looking like idiots. You are beautiful in more ways than one, if I could carry a bub as beautifully as you do I would be absolutely chuffed. I’m not pregnant nor have kids yet, but love your updates and all the honesty you pour in your posts. Stay being you. Forget the haters babe x

  46. Dear Amber,

    I usually don’t comment… But I couldn’t resist. Because I recognise your feelings – they’re still so fresh to me being a mother of a 7-weeks-old healthy happy daughter!
    I think you’re handling this perfectly. Really: focus on the good and how you’re feeling!

    People commented me too, ALL THE TIME during my pregnancy. They said I gained too little or too much weight, or I was too active, or I should do this or read that or raise my kid like blahblah… And then the questions ‘was it planned?’ And ‘how long did you take to get pregnant?’. Like, in their opinion, I wasn’t ready for motherhood yet or I was too young to become a mother (I’m 28) or I wasn’t taking care of myself and my baby enough, while thát was all that mattered to me during the pregnancy! And I knew my baby and I were perfectly healthy and ready for eachother.
    Like you I heard the comments, they did touch me a little bit, but then I decided to let them go quickly. It really says more about them than about me.
    And people will keep judging and commenting in all country’s and at all ages I guess… Best is to hold on to your own truth- you are the only one who knows what’s right.

    I’m so happy your baby and you are healthy & happy, and I really wish you a good pregnancy and labor. Hope your ‘little big girl’ will do as great on her birthday as she’s doing now!
    Enjoy it all and keep doing what you’re doing: you are a beautiful person, inside & out.

    Lots of love!

  47. I was always told to imagine people’s comments are like rain-put an umbrella up to deflect the negative but let the positive ones in. You look great and most importantly you are going to have a happy, healthy baby!

  48. I just love your style and your blog btw! And I normally don’t comment on these but whoever made those horrendous comments about you clearly need to get THEIR eyes checked and how much do they weigh 80lb, not skinny shamming them but if they think you’re “fat” or plus size , I must be a darn whale! Lol people crack me up though, I would take in a stride however and say nothing wrong if you consider this body plus size for carrying a child one of the most precious gifts this life can offer than so be it I’ll be “plus size”! I have to agree with the other commenters you are one of the most beautiful women pregnant or not I have ever seen your style and all is flawless ! And FYI to the BIOTCHES lol 15b to like 35 is within normal range !! Usually about 20 . My best friend gained 15, my cousin gained about that and then my other cousin gained 75! However she’s already very tall even though that is much ! But everyone’s body is different and as long as you and the baby are healthy that’s all that matters ! I hate how people body sham! Shame on those girls ! They just seem like a bunch of negative imbeciles !

  49. Oh my goodness those comments are horrible and completely unjustified!!

    I’m currently 38wks pregnant and can say that having strangers make comments about my unborn child and me can be quite upsetting at times. It saddens me that women are always criticised and pressured about their figures. However I’ve been incredibly shocked to find that this continues during pregnancy. The worst part being that strangers feel that because you’re pregnant they can just come up to you and say, “Wow you look huge!”

    Don’t take the negative comments to heart. You look lovely. Good-luck with the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

  50. I am usually not a big commenter, but I couldn’t shut up about this one. You are seriously the most beautiful pregnant girl I have ever seen. Of course this is based on your fotos as I don’t know you in real life :-). How dare people comment negatively? It’s a trend in the online world and I think it’s just jealousy speaking. 22 pounds by the way is totally ok and average (maybe even below average for your length..) so keep on carrying that belly proudly :-).

  51. You look beautiful! Honestly, I hope I can look this good pregnant one day! I can’t wait to hear what you are going to name your little girl! Praying for a healthy baby and mama the rest of the way through.

  52. Being pregnant is like open season for anything. Questions about the baby, what are you having, is it your first, are you married, unwanted advice and of course nasty comments. I had a man at a gas station walk by me and say “she’s gonna blow”! Mind you I was 8 1/2 months along, but it still was shitty. Then the whole ” Are you having twins”! Oh please. I gained 19 pounds and had an 8 pd 5 ounce baby. I definitely didn’t look as amazing as you do! Super model prego! Can’t wait to see your sweet baby girl. Give us some tips on braiding baby girl hair ????

  53. Oh goodness you don’t even look 30 weeks pregnant! I’m 29 weeks and much bigger. I gained 50 pounds with my last pregnancy and will likely with this pregnancy also ???? If you and the baby are healthy that’s all that matters! Seriously, you and Kristin Cavallari are the just the cutest pregnant ladies ????

  54. You look freakin’ amazing! You don’t even look 30 weeks pregnant! Keep going girl

  55. My husband has restless leg syndrome and I feel so bad for him when he gets it. I try to stay up and pace with him. You have my sympathies…and so does David! :p

  56. I lost a baby at 20 weeks and I’m
    Pregnant again and due in a few weeks. My outlook on pregnancy had completely changed after experiencing a loss like that. NOTHING matters except the health of that baby. Pregnant women should get a pass to punch people in the face.

  57. plus size?!?!? Oh my god people need some tact! You’re growing human life and you look gorgeous!!!!! Plus you’re keeping that baby healthy, that’s all rear matters!

  58. Go to Cape Cod if you feel up to it! If you’ve never been you should go to the Brewster Flats! You can walk out on the flats in low tide for miles all while the water isn’t even ankle deep if you time it right – and in the mornings you can bring Chauncey with you!

  59. I am 31 weeks along and i feel like i look like jabba the hut seriously! Laying in bed i feel like a beached whale and don’t even get me started on trying to get up ’cause then i look like a beached whale trying to get back to the ocean! lol Obviously people who leave comments like that have never been pregnant and have no idea how just draining it is emotionally and physically! You look stunning and i only wish i looked like you!! Good luck and just brush that negativity away we got your back girl. Pregnant girls unite! lol

  60. Hey Amber! Sooo just for the record, I may not comment that often, but I check your site almost daily but it was important for me to say this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! No matter what any one has to say- you totally rock every look- pregnant or not, and you blow all those girls at NYFW away. Just sayin’…so yeah, wanted to let you know. You are an amazing blogger and I enjoy every post…you have also been a major inspiration for me. Well, I hope you have great rest of the week. Keeping shining 🙂


  61. I just love this. You’re amazing! And literally the most gorgeous pregnant woman I’ve EVER seen. I agree those people should just go punch themselves in the face 😉

  62. Amber! I genuinely want you to know how fantastic you look! I was looking at your blog with my friend and all we could say was how hot you look pregnant! I mean better than I look not pregnant, on a regular day. So I am apologizing for immature people who feel the need to say things where its not asked for or necessary at all. I would love for you to do a blog post someday on how you kept in such great shape while being pregnant for some of us who are 5+ years behind you! I adore you and your cute family and I wish you the best in these upcoming stages of your pregnancy! xoxo

  63. OMG. People are so rude! You look beyond beautiful and even skinnier than me, that I’m not pregnant and I don’t have kids hahaha. Everytime I see a picture of you, all I can think is “pregnancy goals” and “how does she look like that?” <3 Lots of love for you, baby girl, A and David, you are family goals af!

  64. My first thought when I saw this photo was, “she looks so tiny!” You look incredible, anyone who says otherwise must be delusional. Seriously. I am expecting too, a few weeks after you! Thank you for the fantastic outfit inspiration!

  65. Hopefully this makes you laugh:) I had my son 5 years ago and let me tell you how many times strangers grabbed my boobs and asked me if I was going to breastfeed & if my plans were to have a vaginal natural birth. I would be like, WOW, who are you again? I am so sorry that these women made you feel anything less than perfect right now. You are so beautiful and I love reading your blog! I don’t think any of the girls you mentioned even having kids yet so they maybe they are insecure about themselves. What we fear, we draw near, hahahaha. Hopefully they look as perfect as they think they will when they are pregnant! I’m so glad you shared and are loving the pregnancy. Life is a gift and you are doing a great job!

  66. Hi Amber!
    This post made me laugh OUT LOUD only because I too experienced the ‘public’ scrutiny as you mentioned above. My husband and I were at a wedding and I was totally dolled up and feeling super confident at around 37 weeks and this (drunk) guest came up to me and said ‘Are you pregnant or just fat?!’ in front of a huge group of people standing around visiting. Then he started laughing like it was the most hilarious thing!!! I was broken up about it for a while but then karma hit him in the butt when his wife asked for a divorce. (sorry…this is awful to be giggling about it, but man, I felt like what goes around comes around). You are SOOOOOO seriously gorgeous and you look smoking hot and might I say just perfectly sized even though the little miss is measuring ‘big’. Praying and wishing for the best for you!!! YAY, so happy for the future baby girl to arrive! LUVS from Canada Kate Weiland

  67. Don’t pay heed to what any of these people say. As long as you’re satisfied and comfortable just the way you are, you should be happy. And if you ask me, you seem to be in great shape, honestly. Every time I see you, I can’t tell by the rest of your body that you’re even pregnant. And if you still do feel out of shape, just think about whom it’s for! Stay blessed. 🙂

  68. Such a cute picture!! Ok you are literally the best looking pregnant woman I have ever seen. Anyone who can think that you have gained too much needs their eyes examined. I am totally shocked that people would say this. Some of my girlfriends have been so swollen at the end their face didn’t even look the same but that (from what I know) is completely normal! You are making a life! Sounds like these gals just have a case of the jealous! Too bad…..who really has time for that? Keep on doing what you are doing beautiful!!! XO


  69. Girl you are soooo gorgeous don’t think less of your self next to those girls. <3

  70. I am in the same pregnancy boat. It is amazing how some people are inconsiderate with their choice of words. I either breath through it and shrug it off or I get very defensive and snap. Too bad people feel the need to give their honest opinion when a lady is at her must vulnerable emotional state. I think you are beautiful and appear healthy and happy… that is all that matters. End of story.

  71. I cant imagine anyone looking at you and seeing anything but a beautiful, inspiring, and adorable woman. I have enjoyed your reading posts and following you on instagram the last year or so! Your gorgeous and seem so down to earth. ugghhhh that is so lame that anyone would be rude about the way you look. You really inspire me. I have a 10 month old and its not easy to pull it together day in and day out. I dont have time for that kind of negativity however it is easy to still get a little thrown off by harsh words. you seem perfect to me!!!!

  72. you look so beautiful! It doesn’t matter what people say, any idiot can clearly see how happy you are, and that’s all that matters!

  73. 1. I am very sporty, watch what I eat, not pregnant and I wish I had your figure! just wondering what these girls that said those things will look like when they are carrying a bundle of joy – I bet they will be looking to you for inspiration.
    2. Watermelon – food for life 🙂

  74. Loved reading the update. I was grinning the entire time! She is going to be so precious! You are seriously the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen! Hope I can be half as cute when I’m pregnant 🙂 ps. I cannot wait for you to reveal her name i bet it is so perfect!

  75. Amber, you are gorgeous and look perfect being pregnant! If you get comments like that, then there is no hope for the rest of us because you always look amazing! I wouldn’t take some of the stuff personally, I think people talk without thinking sometimes and don’t even realize what they are saying…I’m now trying to think back to if I have ever made a flippant remark…its a good reminder for us all to be extra careful what comes out of our mouths; things that seem innocent or funny can be taken the wrong way and end up hurtful; even if we don’t intend that… and for those who say things meanly to be mean..well, there are always nasties out there!! stay beautiful friend!!

  76. I think you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. And a 22lb weight gain is perfect, wonderful! I think I gained 60 or 70 lbs during my first pregnancy. A lot of it was just water weight as I had toxemia, but it was still a huge weight gain.

  77. Amber are you kidding me??? you are absolutly beautiful!! I agree those women are tiny but so are you! anyone who makes any comments like that are ether being sarcastic or jellies cause you my dear are a perfect mama!! so excited to see what you name her being we share the love for the name Atticus!

  78. Hi Amber,
    It makes me so sad when women are so cruel to each other. I’m glad you are not taking it personally. You are beautiful and open to creating life despite the sacrifices it mag bring. Also, I get restless leg when I am pregnant so I take liquid magnesium. It really works!

  79. I love the “just punch yourself in the face for me” because that’s exactly how I feel. I’m the same amount along as you are and I feel like a whale. My husband keeps telling me I’m growing a human and there’s no way to “look thinner” but it’s so hard when all you see is teeny tiny women with a basketball shoved up her shirt…I seem to have shoved a basketball up my shirt, watermelons in my bra and an entire cow around my ass. Sigh. I’ll be having great days where I feel like I look amazing, and then I have those days where my neighbor is telling me I’m “pooching out” and I catch my puffy reflection in the mirror, not even recognizing myself. So yes, go punch yourself in the face for me please, indeed.

  80. I am sure that you were the most beautiful and authentic women over there!!! Ι am pregnant and I know very well how you feel like ( but people who want to say bad things always find something… We love you EXACTLY as you are and this moment you are AMAZING!!!!

  81. It absolutely BAFFLES me that anyone would ever tell you that you look “plus size” or even remotely comment on your weight gain during your pregnancy. Firstly, you are tiny all over, except for your bump — it’s adorable and EVERY woman’s dream pregnancy bod (I know that sounds weird, but seriously. Major pregnancy-bod goals.). You are absolutely lovely inside and out, and snooty model bitches can stick it — you are a mother, and a pretty dang hot one at that! #werk


  82. Hands down….the most gorgeous pregnant young lady I’ve ever seen!!!! If only we could all look as amazing as you 😉 I literally cannot wait to see this little beauty!!! xoxos!!!

  83. I had my baby 5 weeks ago and was so excited to not be pregnant anymore. I was completely shocked at the things people would tell me. I agree, people were not raised with manners and should just keep their mouths shut. I got to the point where I didn’t want anyone to comment on my body good or bad. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop when you have the baby. Luckily people have made favorable comments about my post baby body, but I still don’t understand why they feel the need to comment. I think you look absolutely amazing and many women would love to look like you! I gained 40 lbs with my baby (140 to 180) had a 9 lb 7 oz healthy baby and was down to 155 one week after I gave birth. I think you look beautiful and healthy! I also had restless leg and got stretch marks around my belly button. I’ve been using Mederma for stretch marks since delivering, but am not super concerned about them going away. I’m a mom now and it’s just one of my souvenirs.

  84. You look beautiful and you’re so small! People are rude when they are jealous! Love your posts and adorable family!

  85. whoever told you that you look fat or even dare to think to comment about your weight is at least blind or even worst stupid. you are my queen and you are the more gorgeous when you are pregnant. I love you

  86. Don’t listen to any of the negative comments. You look BEAUTIFUL. You were actually one of the only people I focused in on at the LC Lauren Conrad show because you were glowing and so gorgeous!

  87. Let me just say that you look STUNNING !!!! Those girls have nothin on you I mean you look better than a lot of females who are not pregnant and or have never been pregnant lol. Anyways, love following your blog and your IG feed, you have a beatiful family and are beatiful yourself !!! F the haters. Xo 😉

  88. oh and by the way: I was actually always thinking to myself what a nice body you have being pregnant.

  89. Thank you so much for sharing this so openly. And how terrible of those women to tell you you look fat! Your should never say that :(. Hope you don’t let it get to you. Either way please, please, please do not cut out carbohydrates. Humans thrive on carbohydrates. Just try and eat the right ones: Fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes. I send you lot of strength and love!

  90. Amber,
    I’m seeing that there are already 181 comments so I am doubting that you will be able to read this post, but nevertheless I want to write it. When I read that other women at shows were being rude and judgmental about your body I was so horrified. You are obviously so tiny, and you look skinny as ever right now. I have been following your blog for over a year now. Reading your blog daily has become part of my routine; I wake up, have a cup of coffee, and check your blog everyday without fail. I have been reading blogs for years, and I have gone through so many different ones, but I have never found one quite like yours. Your style is so independent and you continue to come up with new fashions and hairstyles everyday. I have been blogging since February now, and it has been hard work. I am very irregular about my blog, and I often forget to take pictures for it throughout the day. I know how difficult it is to maintain a blog, and the amount of effort it requires. You are so inspirational in respect to how much work you put into your blog. The organization of the site alone is flawless. I have no idea how you find the energy, especially while pregnant, to create new hairstyles and fashion trends everyday. I often forget to comment on your blog posts, being wrapped up in the business of my mornings, but just know that you will always have me as a follower. I’m sure the rest of fashion week will be hard based off of how you’ve been treated thus far, but remember to stay positive! You are so beautiful and I’m sure you looked ten times better then the women sitting around you at the LC show, and their rude comments were primarily out of jealousy. Please never stop blogging!

    p.s sorry for like the longest comment ever

  91. OMG haters gonna hate! 😉 You are like the most gorgeous (pregnant) woman ever! I still look back in your blog archives to see how you dressed when being pregnant!
    Not pregnant atm but my boy is about the same age as A and i also find myself thinking about how to do all of this when having another baby around.. But you’ll be fine, I’m sure you will!

  92. Hi!!
    I’m from France and I love your blog!!! I’m six months pregnant and i already gained so much weight!! I wish i was as skinny as you are right now. Your baby bump is just perfect and you look gorgeous!! These women are very crual. I’m shocked! They must have been jealous..

  93. Oh Amber it’s so nice that you share with us your pregnancy: it’s so cute! When I was pregnant, last year, I used to feel very strong and soooo sexy (yeah I think pregnant women are so damn beautiful!!) but during my last weeks a lady (?) said to me that I had a “big ass”….in that moment I feel very sad (and hormones don’t help your feelings)..I would cry….but, hey girl, you’re a strong woman, you’re growing a life inside you!!! So i said to her: “I’m fat because i’m 35 weeks pregnant, what’s your excuse?”.
    Stay strong Amber!! You’re the most beautiful mom to be I ever seen!!!
    xoxo from Italy

  94. Yeah, ITA, those comments you received are INSANE. If for no other reason than they’re completely opposite to the truth. You know you feel and look good, so eff them!

  95. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?! People actually said that to you?? I know you’re not looking for sympathy but I still have to comment. That is OUTRAGEOUS. a) even if someone didn’t look great during their pregnancy, for cryin’ it loud, who would come out and say that?? And b) You are pretty much the most gorgeous pregnant woman I’ve ever seen, so that means there’s no hope for the rest of us (at least according to the horribly rude people who made comments to you). Good grief! I am just appalled!! You look stunning and healthy.

  96. Your pregnancy had made me feel absolutely awful, ha! I gained a lot of weight and had tons of stretch marks. To find out your perfect preg photos are altered is doing a lot of damage to women.

  97. You’re stupid pretty! & such a fantastic blogger & mom. Thanks for sharing your life & making readers feel like your friends. Keep up the good work–you’re kicking ass!!

  98. It saddens me that woman can be so brutal towards each other. Pregnancy is beautiful at any size; women are beautiful at any size. I believe that those that judge others do so because of their own insecurities. I have never felt more in touch with my feminine side than during pregnancy. I hope all the mommy’s to be out there embrace their beauty and strength. Congratulations on your baby girl. You are beautiful!

  99. Geez, I was in complete disbelief when reading what other women say about you. Seriously though, all that negativity and hate stems from jealously. People see how gorgeous and blessed you are and they just feel the need to bring you down (somehow that makes them feel better about themselves). I sure hope you don’t let them get to you! TBH, you seriously still look teeny tiny and are not in the least bit overweight!!! It’s so sad there are people out there that say such atrocious things! You’re amazing, just brush it off and know you’re worth more. XOXO

  100. I am also pregnant with my second and, quite honestly, it’s hard for me to look at your blog because you look so great pregnant and I gain SO much weight. Count your blessings that you’re so beautiful because I gained 50 lbs with my one year old and I didn’t lose one single pound while breastfeeding. I hate that people say such cruel things to you – just know that a lot of us would give A LOT to look like you do.

  101. I think you look beautiful and can not believe there are still mean negative comments out there. I wish you all the best!

  102. Omg! I can’t believe people would say that you are plus size I mean I though you were the luckiest because to me you look like you haren’t gain a pound! ????

  103. OHHHH yes GO to Cape Cod! I have family there, and it is gorgeous! And the water is like swimming in a bath tub <3

  104. Beautiful pic!! Haters gonna hate – in all honesty, I think people are just jealous. Jealous that you’re beautiful, successful and have a lovely and happy family.

    It’s so easy to get sucked into negative comments and even harder to ignore when you’re pregnant!

    I’m so sorry people are so rude. Clearly manners are not a priority.

    Thank you for such a transparent post!!

  105. LOOK AT YOU! What a cute momma. Keep your head up. I have no idea WHY anyone would say things like that about you, honestly.

  106. OMG some people can be so rude but seriously U are like the most gorgeous mother I’ve met and your body is PERFECTION especially since you’re pregnant! Don’t be upset with those that are rude!!! Cause i think you are like BODY GOALS (when pregnant)!!!!! Love your blogs they are so fun to read!!!!

  107. You are my goal when I become a mom and always have the cutest outfits! I am jealous! Just wondering where you got your flannel that you wore in you family selfies that you posted on Instagram today?

  108. I can’t believe people tell you that you look fat!? Do they not know you have a little baby growing inside of you! I love hearing about how your pregnancy is going and I’m really looking forward to having my own little one after seeing hearing how exciting yours is and little Atticus is!

  109. I remember people calling my baby bump fat and it really bothered me… I literally only gained weight in my belly and could wear my pre-preg skinny jeans buttoned up almost till I popped so I know I wasn’t fat, but even if I was why would you say that?!? Like what are people thinking? People just don’t know what to say I guess. Anyways you look amazing and I hope I look as perfect as you next time around!


  110. I don’t normally comment (though I read every post) but I just had to say – I think you are the most beautiful woman EVER and as someone who has never been super clucky, the way you write about your family and the absolute joy I see in you as a mother has made me totally want kids sooner than I expected. You literally look SO GOOD pregnant that I keep reminding myself not to have such high expectations for myself when I’m one day pregnant, because I would so love to look as stunning as you do pregnant. So I Just thought, you are human also and probably helps to add some perspective – there are people like me who really admire you and think your the most gorgeous person to walk the earth, but don’t comment (being an Australian, we tend to not go fan-crazy, and so I normally would be too embarrassed to post this ).!

  111. I’m not saying this out of sympathy…. Haters hate because they aren’t happy with themselves. You look amazing. The fact more than 1 person said you looked “plus size” is so disgusting. What is wrong with our culture???! You look healthy, thin and beautiful and don’t let any of those jealous people try to make you feel unhappy like they do.

  112. You look fantastic Mama! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and I would be so happy to look as great as you! People are so rude! You will do great with two babies! Once the second one comes you kinda just know what to do!! Best wishes for a smooth and healthy delivery!!

  113. Are you kidding me!? You’re pregnant! You’re not supposed to be a stick! And I bet if you hadn’t gained this much weight people would be commenting on how “skinny” you look and “shouldn’t you have gained more? Isn’t that unhealthy for the baby?” You, my dear fashion inspiration, are without a doubt one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen! Seriously. I think you look fab for being in your third trimester plus already having a toddler to chase after. I could never picture telling a woman (pregnant or not) that they look fat, plus size, etc. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! Hopefully, it goes smoothly and there won’t be any talks of emergency c-sections! Carly xo

  114. I don’t know how anyone could ever say anything bad about how you look. I dream I could look like you, effortlessly beautiful. Especially when your pregnant, you make me want to get pregnant again even more then I already want to. Glad you have such positive thoughts about yourself because you put yourself out there for all of us to see and I don’t know if I could emotionally handle the hate. Keep up the gorgeousness girl!!! Haters gonna hate!!!

  115. Generally our bodies don’t grow babies bigger than we can handle 🙂 It’s actually quite amazing! Wising you a great labour/birth experience no matter what though! You look gorgeous and I’m glad those comments are getting to you… crazy what people will say!

  116. First of all you do not look fat!!!! I hate people saying that to pregnant women! Everyone looks differently while pregnant! You look amazing, and I agree whoever thinks that way should punch themselves in the face! Anyways, I had restless leg syndrome while pregnant, and omg I wanted to die! Try to eat a banana before bed, sometimes it helped me. Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy, I can’t wait to see the little beauty!! xoxo

  117. First of all: I love your website redesign! Maybe it’s the fonts. Something looks different since the last time I was here, but I love it. You get an A+. Secondly: I’m glad the baby is healthy and that you’re hanging in there! 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous. I’m pretty sure I would be a beast if I were 30 weeks pregnant. And finally: just wanted to agree that no one should ever tell a girl how she should look, or make a girl feel like she’s “plus size” when she’s pregnant. I don’t know how you handle the constant pressure to be perfect and slim… but when you’re pregnant and you’re a mom, your priorities change. The vanity of fashion sometimes really really annoys me. Even at my normal size (not pregnant!), I feel plus size when I’m at a fashion show. They all have such a warped perception of reality…

  118. My goodness, bless their hearts. What nasty girls! You do not look plus size, you look pregnant… and that is a wonderful and beautiful thing to be- pregnant! 🙂 I love your blog!

  119. I’m so eager to see your tips and tricks for dealing with two babies! That’s my biggest fear now that I have a teething 7-month-old. I was so sick during my entire pregnancy that I don’t know how I could handle a second in the womb, let alone once he/she is born! I’m already stocking up on research now 😉 P.S. I’m glad that you’re not letting people get under your skin with their ignorant comments. Not everyone was born with cooth. You look beautiful, not puffy!

    The February Fox

  120. I know you said no sympathy…but come on!!!! you’re perfect like all those girls are gorgeous like you!!!! was just washing my face today and wish I had skin like yours and I’m 16. Can’t wait till your perfect baby is born

    1. I agree! My skin is terrible, and Amber, you look better than me and I’m not even pregnant! Keep your head high lovely and I am SO excited for your baby to be born! xxx

  121. While I am always appalled at people who comment on others’ weight, I am extra surprised that there were comments made to you while you’re pregnant! Gaining weight is kind of a main point in pregnancy, to support the child and provide her with proper nutrition and a safe, healthy environment to grow in! To try and manage exactly how much weight you gain, where you gain it, etc. would be crazy! It’s just so confusing to me because you really can’t control how your body handles a pregnancy, it’s going to do what it wants/needs to do!

    Anyways…I really appreciate your blog, your photos, and how open you are about your life and your family! It’s inspiring to see how you choose to balance your roles as Amber, as a wife, a mom, a sister, etc., while raising a family and still enjoying all that life has to offer on your adventures and excursions! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂


  122. First, i am an older fist time mom and pregnancy was the coolest thing I have ever done! I never thought i could love anyone as much as i love my boy. Being a mom is also the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Especially as women, we don’t need to criticize each other’s bodies or choices as mom’s. Most of us are doing the best we can for our families!
    Lastly, the only thing that is appropriate to say to a pregnant woman is your beautiful or your glowing, because it is usually true:)

  123. Hi Amber, I’m at a first time commenter as well and just wanted to thank you for being so honest <3 I'm 15 weeks with my first and I have already been shocked by how I've suddenly become a free for all for people to comment on for all things pregnancy/parenting related (and that's just friends/family/coworkers/etc, I'm not even on the internet!). I had a friend comment that I was starting to show around week 13 and that I shouldn't have gained any weight in the first trimester… in what world is that a useful thing to say?? Anyway, the body image thing is definitely the biggest struggle for me so I really appreciated your post and also appreciated reading through the comments of your amazingly kind hearted, supportive readers!

    1. Hi Kerri – First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I wanted to reply to you because I’m exactly in your spot, 15 weeks with my first, and even though you aren’t commenting to me, I am glad you wrote this because I have friends who have said the same to me. It is a tough thing going from being healthy/fit and just being okay with your body being hijacked and getting bigger. Of course it is a good thing to change, we should be changing, we’re growing BABIES! Thanks for sharing your story, it is nice to not feel alone, and I’m sure you look beautiful! – Charlie,

  124. I can’t believe that some people would be so mean to you and comment about the weight that you gained. That is none of their business. If you are large at your size, than I was a whale when i was pregnant with my boy because i gained 45lbs! Seriously though, some people just need to keep their comments to themselves! You are gorgeous!

  125. Love this post, thanks for sharing! I have 2 questions – 1. can you feel baby girl hiccup? I’ve heard that before and wondering if it’s true! 2. When you were pregnant with A, what did you crave? And is that one of his favorite foods now? Maybe new babe’s favorite food will be watermelon? My sister craved strawberries for one baby, and Doritos for another baby and those are the kiddos’ favs. Testing out this hypothesis 😉

  126. I absolutely understand what you mean about no manners…especially when it comes to what people say to pregnant women! I was told that I looked miserable, huge, and several people thought I was carrying twins, amongst others! Our bodies all react differently to pregnancy, but we are all beautiful! So glad you are brushing the comments to the side. For me, it was difficult some days. I think you look wonderful, and more importantly, HAPPY and HEALTHY! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!

  127. I have a 17 mo old we live in Westchester (just 20 minutes out of Manhattan ) I can’t believe the comments people are leaving. When I was preggers with little L people would tell me I was all belly even though I gained over 60 pounds ((bless their souls really)) clearly the people telling u to cut carbs ect don’t care about the health of your little one. And the health is ALL that matters! It’s funny how becoming a mother and looking for your child’s best interest makes you ignore what other say abo you. Enjoy these moments!

  128. Well for what it’s worth I think you look awesome. I appreciate your honesty and self confidence. Pregnancy is for sure not easy! I have a 1.5 year old boy and I’m expecting a baby girl in 3 weeks or less. Kind of fun to follow along with you and being able to relate in so many of those ways. Hang tough, some people are so disconnected and awful. Surprised that people can be so rude, but you look adorable ❤️????

  129. I truly feel sorry for those people, how disgusting! what is this world coming to? it’s bad enough that every damn time you read comment sections, whether it be the news, youtube, blogs the way we attack and dehumanize each other makes you just want to opt out of the human race! But to tell a pregnant woman, an incredibly beautiful one at that, she is plus size, fat etc. and commenting on the way you look makes me feel sick! how messed up do you have to be?
    People like that need to be dropped off in the middle of the hunger games — You are beautiful, you have a beautiful family, you live your life to the fullest — how many of them can say that?
    Chin up Miss Amber — none of those bitches are worth your time!

    Best wishes and continued success in everything you do!!

  130. ummmm, people are rude, clearly morons and can go “eff” themselves. I just had my second and i’ve been jealous of you this entire time bc you look so incredibly good! I would’ve killed to look like you during my pregnancy! But I gained 40lbs (and i’m 5’1…ick), and had a tiny 5lb girlie. And you know what – whatever. We were both healthy, and that’s all that matters! Your body will do what it’s supposed to do when you’re pregnant – and frankly – there’s only so much you can (or should) do about it!

  131. You are so unbelievably beautiful (inside and out)… don’t let snarky jealous women even close to your ego. You have what most women dream of. Jealousy drives women to say mean things… but you knew that!

  132. I’ve never seen such amazing pregnancy style ever. Love your blog so much! Your kids are lucky to have such a cool and talented mom. Sending so much love from Canada 🙂

  133. You’re gorgeous and power to you for confronting rude people but remember that being ‘plus size’ is nothing to be ashamed of! Plenty of women are plus size or puffy 100% of the time, pregnant or not. Flaunt what you’ve got and embrace this plus-size-or-not time in your life!

  134. I still can’t believe people said you looked fat next to them! This is truly outrageous because firstly you look like the most yummy mummy ever, and secondly you are pregnant of 30 weeks! Tell David to tell them off! ^^
    Don’t listen to these negative, horrible, jealous people … xx love your blog <3

  135. Oh my goodness you are ALL baby! How could you even care what other people say? You look amazing. People would kill to look like you do when pregnant 😉 I am so excited to see your little girl’s face, I bet she is going to be a girl version of Atticus haha… just as cute!!! And you should play a guessing game, like tell us just the first letter of her name and we will guess in the comments.
    I love that she is chunky already! Chunky babies are the best thing ever. Hope everything goes well! xoxo

  136. Greetings from Greece! You look fabulous pregnant or not! I can’t believe anybody telling you fat! It is hilarious! For the 2 babies it may be tough at the beginning but, a few years later you will be happy that they play together like friends 🙂

  137. You look fab! As long as you and that little babe are healthy it doesn’t matter if you gain 22lbs or way more!! You can tell being a mom brings you so much joy and that makes you more beautiful than anything!

  138. you are the most gorgeous pregnant and non-pregnant woman ever! seriously people are so mean!

  139. Well I’ve completely changed my view on those women! They’re clearly jealous of how amazing you’re looking ☺️ no sympathy, just the truth! Good to hear your pregnancy is going well, can’t wait to see the new baby!! How exciting! xx

  140. Amber, que no te importe lo que los demás digan de ti. Eres un ejemplo a seguir como madre y como persona. La gente envidiosa es la critica a los demás. Mientras tu te sientas bien contigo misma, lo demás no importa.
    Un besito a Atticus y al bebe.

  141. Wow… People have no clue! It’s like they live in a bubble and don’t realize what’s around them and what really important. People criticize others to make themselves feel better. What a sad life they live. I don’t know you but you are gorgeous inside and out!

  142. How could people be so cruel? My friends and I have you as our image of #pregnancygoals since we have no idea how you’re so tiny, thin, and PREGNANT!!! You look gorgeous, I can only hope to be as small when I’m with child 🙂

  143. Wow… People have no clue! It’s like they live in a bubble and don’t realize what’s around them and what really important. People citizens others to make themselves feel better. What a sad life they live.

  144. You are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL both inside and out, period. You open up to your readers and keep things real. People are crazy to say anything else to you but kind, supportive words. Keep on keeping on.

  145. You are effing amazing, beautiful, inspiring, down to earth, and honest. People who say those things about you have obviously lost their damn minds! You are pregnant and the most important thing is to be healthy and happy! You don’t look big at all. I didn’t even think you gained much but the belly.
    People love to throw rocks at things that shine ????

  146. YOURE PUFFY?! You look so, so, so healthy and beautiful! I’ve actually heard the hating on pregnant women is becoming normal?! I remember you saying that you’ve been going to the gym and obviously you eat healthy (from some of your snaps)… you’re providing a safe haven for your baby girl to grow. Sending all my love <3 x

  147. You are perfect the way you are. Everyone who says you’re puffy or fat is just jealous cause even preggo you look so beautiful. And you looked so gorgeous at LC Runway! Those people are simply rude!

  148. You look absolutely stunning! Don’t let the haters get you down 🙂 Seriously, it doesn’t look like you’ve gained any weight at all (except for your baby bump haha)! I feel like all pregnant women have a certain “glow” that makes them look so healthy and happy. You are obviously rocking that motherly glow. Anyways, I hope you don’t let those negative comments get you down! I cannot wait to know the name of your little baby girl 🙂 Stay fabulous – xoxo

  149. Oh my gosh you look absolutely flawless ! Literally the most gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen. Or just most gorgeous woman in general lol . No weight gain anywhere but just a cute little bump in the front . I find pregnancy makes most women look more beautiful and glowing and healthy . I get acne and look very puffy especially in my face and legs but that’s ok it’s worth it 🙂 I’m 27 weeks right now and will probably have the baby the end of November . I’m obsessed with travelling so I absolutely love seeing all your vacation pictures . I also have a little boy, he is 21 months so I hear you about things being hectic . I’m wondering how I will balance it all too ! Lol Keep up the great work , you and your husband are very clearly amazing parents , good luck with everything 🙂

  150. You are all belly!!! I can’t figure out who is calling you fat or puffy, they are nuts. You look so beautiful and glowing!!! 🙂

  151. Amber,

    Thank you for sharing with us about your precious family! I am so excited for you and David as baby girl’s arrival is getting so close! To comment on the hateful things people have been saying about your weight… I am an L&D nurse and have been seeing a few women coming in to deliver that are very obviously underweight and it is so scary!! (And unhealthy for baby and mom!) Shaming pregnant women seems to be an awful growing trend 🙁 You look absolutely radiant and healthy and just exactly as you should growing a freaking human! Best wishes on all the exciting things coming up for y’all!
    Much love from Dallas 🙂 xoxo

  152. Girl you are GORGEOUS. Face, body, everything! I can’t believe people would say those things to you!

  153. Amber: Happy to hear your baby is healthy and getting so big…that’s such a blessing. For the people who are sending hurtful and shaming texts, I pray their hearts (and mouths) would be softened and they would use their voices to lift people up rather than put them down. I think you look so beautiful pregnant…your face absolutely glows in the pictures you share and you seem so healthy to me…here’s hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Keep being your authentic and beautiful self! 🙂

  154. Amber, this is so fun to read! We cannnnnoooottt wait till we are pregnant. It is all so exciting! She is going to be such a doll!!! A little partying doll. haha! And I know you said no sympathy… but in case it helps to hear it again, you look stunning and incredible and I legitimately hope to look like you do pregnant 🙂 Much love girl!!

    xo Angela

  155. i can’t believe people would say anything mean to you about your weight! Obviously because no matter what, it’s super rude, but mostly because there’s nothing to say! You look amazing! I had my baby almost 6 weeks ago and I weighed 150 that day. I gained 34 pounds total and still have 14 left to get to prepregnancy weight. You always look great and I hope you can feel good enough to not listen to all those mean people! I love your blog and think your family is adorable.

  156. Hi Amber, just ignore those mean people and their comments. Rise above. You are such a beautiful person inside out and one of my most favorite bloggers. People are just jealous that you still look stunning.
    Big hugs and thank you for being so honest!

  157. I just started following your Instagram,YouTube, and Snapchat about 1-2 months ago and today is my first time reading your blog! You are gorgeous and I plan on starting a family with my hubby after we move back to FL (from the NYC area) and your life is so inspiring! Can’t wait to see the new baby:)

  158. You are beyond stunning and carry your pregnancies with an undeniable grace. Anyone who suggests otherwise is petty and blind. Love you and your beautiful family!

  159. LOVE the pregnancy update — It’s fun to hear how things are going, and wonderful to hear that the two of you are healthy!
    I enjoy your positive spirit, and your little snide comments every now and then 😉 I just laughed reading your fitting suggestion to “punch yourself in the face!” You are such a great role model. xoxo

  160. Oh, Amber I love your rant! I’ve been wondering how you deal with negativity in comments on Instagram or your blog. It makes me really sad sometimes to see how people treat each other. Like you said, you have enough to worry about in your life and you don’t need other people’s unsolicited negative opinions getting in the way of that. Life is difficult for anybody and we should all lift one another up, not tear each other down! I love seeing all the nice things people post in the comments. It seems like for the most part, your blog attracts really uplifting, strong women.

    Be well,

  161. I can’t believe anyone would tell you you look fat! You are stunning and a very beautiful pregnant woman. It’s hard to believe how crticial people have become especially women towards other women. I have followed you through both of your pregnacies and have always hoped I looked like you when I am one day <3

  162. Yay! So happy baby girl is doing well 🙂 You look absolutely gorgeous—healthy and vibrant! I’m about a week ahead of you and yes, I wake up about 3x to pee each night, too! Exhaustion started to hit me at about 29 weeks. I wish I could justify a nap each day! haha. Keep up the great work! xo

  163. You look fabulous, Amber! And you will do great with 2 babies. My husband & I have 2 babies under 2 & life is so crazy but so wonderful! Our son, Atlas, will be 2 in October & our daughter, Andi, is 3 months. You don’t really stop moving & your house stays kind of messy, but when you get to watch TWO babies sleeping peacefully at night, you’ll look around at the chaos of your life & realize it is all such a beautiful blessing!! 🙂 we just moved from the UWS & I will say, doing life in Manhattan with 2 kids is bonkers, but so fun! People can be rude about our double stroller though – we take up the whole sidewalk. Haha

  164. “Plus size”??? Women could only hope to be as gorgeous as you while pregnant. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that’s for sure. You look like a goddess, so keep doing what you’re doing!

  165. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful pregnant woman than you.
    Love from Scandinavia 🙂

  166. You are one gorgeous pregnant woman! I feel like people just are rude to pregnant women in this country a lot of the time. I spent the summer in south america and one if my pregnant friends came with us for a few weeks and it was so funny to see who got more attention, my pregnant friend or my chubby bald baby 🙂 everyone kept trying to get us to eat more for our babies. Everyone there was so focused on trying to keep babies healthy and strong that noone would have ever said something mean. Growing a baby is a beautiful privilege. I love reading your blog! Just keep soaking in those good comments.

  167. First of all, I am so inspired by how sweet of a person you are and I love every blog and tutorial you post! Also, I have been following you for awhile but finally decided to comment. I can’t believe how some women feel the need to say SOMETHING but that goes for anywhere and any place. You are beautiful and surprisingly so many girls will get jealous and try to bring YOU down. I have grown up in South Florida where people need to look their best always and I do know the struggle but focusing on whats really important is all that matters and that is being healthy and taking care of yourself and your precious family.

    Hope to hear from you!

  168. um, honestly Amber, whoever said you look fat is blind! You look absolutely gorgeous! My sister is about 25 weeks along and it defintitely shows more than you! I think that a pregnant woman is always beautiful, no matter if she gains 2 or 100 pounds. Everyone should just relax and enjoy this unique experience as much as possible. Best of luck with everything!

  169. You look absolutely beautiful and healthy! I couldn’t believe when I read what you posted but, you’re right some people lack manners and most of them have likely never been pregnant. Having two babies is a game changer but you’ll adjust and then look back and laugh.

  170. “Please just punch yourself in the face for me” I wish I could say that to the nasty followers I have sometimes. Why do people take the time to be so cruel? If you can’t say anything nice, move along! You look AMAZING – pregnant or not. I gain quite a bit more than you during pregnancy and it can be so hard, even when you’re excited for your baby, to deal with the added pounds. Keep on being the sweet momma that you are. I really enjoy your blog and your upbeat attitude.

  171. I love this post! Such a beauty INSIDE and OUT! Pregnancy can make you feel all sorts of insecure when society’s ideals and lack of manners are swirling around. Thank you for sharing, being honest, brave, and being authentically YOU! It makes first-time mama’s like myself feel not so alone 🙂 xoxo

    p.s. after reading this, I need to eat all the watermelon now #cravings4days

  172. Girl, you are such a fabulous glamorous woman and mom! Ignore the rude comments, people can be so rude and tacky! I have been reading your blog for a while and met you when you were at Honolulu Fashion Week and think that you are such a talented, fabulous and creative person. People pick on others when they’re insecure or jealous. You’re growing a miracle inside of you and guess what you look like you could have jumped on that runway at NYFW and still rocked it! Keep smiling and being you and ignore the mean people of this world.

  173. I can’t believe what I read… I’m working in fashion industry as a photographer so I know how unforgivable and cruel some people are… But it’s terrible what they said about you! You are pregnant! And let’s be honest: your figure still looks flawless. I guess 90% of all the women are jealous at you because of this. This people simply don’t know what they are talking about. Really would like to see how they look being pregnant and if they are living beyond nature so they won’t have a baby bump.

  174. Love this post! It’s so sad that people, especially women, think they have to cut others down to feel better about themselves. Being a fan of your blog, I got super excited to see you as a part of that star studded front row at Lauren’s show and you looked beautiful as always!

  175. Amber !
    You’re a ROLE MODEL FOR YOUNG MOMS! You look so beautiful and so healthy and you have such a beautiful family. It is exactly as you said, People sometimes lacks manners!
    What I can’t believe is how women can be so judgemental towards one another. Instead of judging we should all support each other! As a model myself I know how it feels like to always be judged on your look but it means nothing as long as you’re happy and healthy just brush it off it doesn’t matter what other people think ;).

    I send you all my love and hope to look as good as you do in the near when I have children! xoxo

  176. You look so amazing! I know you don’t want sympathy, but please know that you look perfectly healthy and gorgeous to me, and 22 pounds is excellent! Especially with her measure so big 🙂 I think it will be so fun to have two littles in your sweet little family, not easy, but so worth it 🙂 I have one right now and she is 19 months and I am excited when the time comes to have another. 🙂 Kids are truly such blessings and worth every single sleepless night and stretch mark 🙂 You’re the best Amber! Please keep being you 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  177. I think you and your family are gorgeous and I love your blog. Thanks for writing and sharing!

  178. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever! I recently had a baby and used the LaMer Repairative Body lotion everyday on my belly and I have no strech marks! I highly recommend it! Love your blog!!!

  179. Amber, It has been SO much fun following along with you and your pregnancy! And I know you are not looking for any sympathy but I just have to say you are SO unbelievably GORGEOUS!!! You are all just baby and look so small! For people to even just make any comment such as they have blows my mind! And your not even the slightest bit puffy!!! My best friend who has a blog and was at the Blog Lovin awards show was a table away from you and she was saying how your the most perfect and beautiful woman ever! And how she would die to look as good as you when she is pregnant! Keep being you girl! Your blog is amazing!!!


  180. Amber-you are probably the epitome of the perfect pregnant woman. Please don’t listen or pay any mind to those that tell you otherwise. It sounds like you already don’t take it to heart so good for you. Unfortunately there are people that just take pleasure in bringing others down (out of their own lack of self confidence). It’s them–not you. I love your blog and always look forward to your cute family on my IG feed.

  181. To talk about motherhood is one thing, but to inspire mothers, like myself to think we aren’t alone in this world- thank you!
    Im a little shocked about those terrible comments because to me it seemed as though you are still way too tiny to be so far into your pregnancy! Congrats on looking so amazing- and of course for inspiring me that there’s style available DURING your pregnancy xo

  182. Self a absorbed vapid women (Teigan, Tisdale & the like) are predominantly vapid &!have no substance. Never let the words of another have any effect on you. Ever. Why make a negative statement? Those words come from jealousy & low self-esteem. No matter how pretty one looks on the outside the inside ugly always surfaces.

    Godspeed to you & your lovely little family

  183. I think that you look beautiful. I found your blog recently when I was scanning Pinterest for nice maternity looks and found your style amazing! I think you look great and I wish that my body look like yours when I’m 30 weeks. Now I’m in week 20 with my first baby and I feel so sad to hear that people actually tells you that you look fat!! My god, what’s whit people!? It’s freaking me out to live in a world where you can’t just get a rest from all the shallowness even when you are pregnant.. I know you said that you didn’t want any sympathy but I just want to say that you seem like a great person with a strong and beautiful body:)

  184. amber, i never comment but i really enjoy your blog and after reading your post today i just couldnt help myself. as miss swift would say “haters gonna hate.” you are the most stunning pregnant (and non=pregnant) woman, if all of us could look like you pregnant we’d have a lot of happy moms to be you have a crazy body, pregnant or not so consider yourself blessed!

  185. In the words of Rebel Wilson’s character from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” YOU’RE like a magical pregnancy unicorn. Don’t let the haters get you down. Karma will bite them in the butt.


  186. Thank for being so honest with your blog — but seriously, people be crazy! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
    Plus, I believe that unlike some of the celebrities you were hobkobbing around with during fashion week, you have so much more substance to accompany your beauty which totally just makes you even more beautiful. I admire how stylish you are, but I also admire your commitment to family and faith. So, don’t let the haters get you down. You are simply awesome and I literally can’t wait to see updates on baby number two. xoxoxoxoxo

  187. Okay I know you said no sympathy comments but being 20 weeks pregnant with my first, I can’t help but get steamed when I hear that people have made such awful comments to you. You are a so beautiful and look amazing! I’ve been following you for a while and from what I see you are all beautiful belly. I’m crossing my fingers that I can be like that by week 30. I’m glad you have a positive attitude and can brush off the hateful comments for the most part. However, we all know that no matter how self confident we are, we’re still human and remarks like that can sting a little. Just know you’re gorgeous and an inspiration!

  188. Hi Amber!
    I’m a teenager so I know nothing about being pregnant. But I do know that in no way do you look “fat” or “puffy”. What an insensitive and negative thing to say to someone. To me being pregnant seems like a joyous thing! You’re bringing a new life to this world! For some reason though people can’t see that. They’re loss. I think you look Healthy and Happy. And that’s all that matters:)

  189. My jaw hit the floor! WHAT??!!! I saw your picture and thought how tiny you look for being 30 weeks. (This was before I even read the article) And omg you are anything but fat or puffy or plus size. You are gorgeous and your happiness and love for life shows! I can only imagine the people saying those things are jealous. Otherwise they must need glasses.
    I NEVER comment on things but I couldn’t comment on this fast enough!

  190. I’m 27 weeks with my first and you have been such an inspiration to me! It’s amazing how much you do and travel with a little one and, as my hubby and I love to travel, I’ve been gleaning as much from your blog as I can! You live such a full and vibrant life, you are both beautiful and wholesome on the inside and out, and you’re a momma! Can any of those criticizers say the same?!

  191. Good grief. You look AMAZING pregnant. I was pregnant while you were with Atticus and I remember thinking I wished I looked like you haha. Seriously, you look fab. And 22lbs, that’s great! I gained like a million. 😉 and “punch yourself in the face”…I literally LOL’d. You crack me up.

  192. It’s so sad that people feel the need to bring you down just because they clearly are insecure about themselves! You look AMAZING! I hope I looke half a great as you do when I’m pregnant. Don’t listen to those rude comments, for some reason people on the internet think bringing people down will make them feel better about themselves! Ugh so sad really! Well anyway you’re beautiful and no joke you are my pregnancy goals so don’t let them get to you 🙂 hope you and your cute little fam are doing great!

  193. Thank you for being so open with your thoughts and feelings about this important issue. Anyone who says a single negative thing about your body is truly a miserable person deep down. From my perspective, as an avid reader of your blog and Instagram follower, you present yourself and your family with genuine love and beauty. So many blogs have a superficial “look how hot I am” feel to them which comes off phony and unoriginal. You showcase your fabulous style and beauty ideas with sincerity from the heart. It is so refreshing to see that from a GORGEOUS woman like you! Also, it is so inspiring to see a young mom like yourself living life to the fullest WITH your child! Many people think all the fun stops once a person has children, but you showcase how you can lead a full, adventurous life as a mother and still be a force in the blogging world and fashion scene. Sending love! – Arissa @arissalovesart

  194. Love this update! You’re so adorable 🙂 Hey, I have a possible remedy for you restless leg syndrome… I had this during my 3rd pregnancy. I couldn’t take my prenatal vitamins because they made me sick, so my dr. recommended that I at least get more iron in my diet because of the restless leg – I tried Flintsone vitamins with iron and it did the trick! If you try it, hope that helps 🙂

  195. You are so BEAUTIFUL! People are crazy and so stupid. Don’t listen! Just be you because it’s all that matters.
    I love your blog, instagram and youtube channel so much. You are so inspiring in so many ways. Lots of love <3

  196. Ok let me tell you, for me it was ridiculous to read that, really??? people say those things to you??
    For me, and this is 100% true, you look amazing pregnant, you make pregnancy looks soo good!! The other day I was reading your blog and watching your pics and I thought, God when I get pregnant I want to look as good as her hahaha now I think, if they say things to you, what they will think about Kim K?? I would say, you have the most handsome baby boy, and having babies is such a blessing, so…society is bad…REALLY bad!
    In other things….I want to see your baby girl sooo much!!!

  197. What!?!? I can’t believe people are saying that to you. That’s terrible. You look amazing. Pregnancy is hard enough without people putting in their two cents. I would have loved to only have gained 22 pounds in my pregnancy. So I’m jealous of you and yet only have positive things about you. Some peoples kids….

  198. Ummm I can’t even believe people would say such things! You are gorgeous and what does pregnant have to do with plus size?! You are pregnant! Beautifully pregnant! And with my pregnancies I gain much much more than just 22 lbs so that’s fabulous for you!! People love hating on beautiful, powerful and successful women. Count it as a compliment so many people say rude things because they are jealous of you! Continue to keep being amazing!

  199. I love how real you are in this post Amber! Honestly nobody should be saying anything about a woman’s weight but especially when pregnant! 22 lbs at 30 weeks is a very healthy weight gain especially for the second pregnancy!

  200. OMG! You are the tiniest, cutest, prettiest pregnant girl I have EVER seen. There are many more celebrities like Kim Kardashian who look MUCH bigger than you and it’s completely fine. You are my pregnancy goals and I wish I’ll look as good as you are pregnant.

  201. Girl, you look fantastic! I can’t believe people would say that, you’re absolutely right about not having manners and I love that you can brush off the negativity. Thanks for the update on your progress, I love to read how it’s going!

  202. Any comment about how big you are is ridiculous. Embrace the bump!! And what ever else comes with it. Beauty comes from within and what is inside of you now, is so beautiful and precious!!! As for the restless legs, i get them a lot now, but mine are from menopause….yes I’m old. I tried a few different things but one thing that seems to work is lavender essential oil. Take a few drops for each leg and combine it with fractionated coconut oil , rub them on your legs message it in……it seems to work. Also if you have a diffuser put the lavender in that and sleep with that on all night. The other things that work for me are upping the amount of magnesium and B vitamins!!! Hope this helps, not sleeping is the worst!!! XO Good luck!!!

  203. I have never commented on your blog until now…I have been a reader for over a year and always look forward to your photos, the outfits, and your lively spirit. One of my favorite posts was of the one you put up about not always wearing makeup, and taking photos bare-faced. First off, makeup or no makeup, you look beautiful. I felt compelled to comment today because I am just so disappointed about how rude people can be to strangers–it seems like the anonymity behind the keyboard empowers the worst sides of people sometimes. The people who are criticizing tend to have their own host of problems about their own bodies and are insecure individuals–but it’s much easier to attack somebody online than to deal with their own self-confidence. Their “quick fix” is to bring somebody else down. You look stunning, you do not look overweight, you do not look like their mother (you look like their sister), and you have 2 beautiful children. I know that you asked for “no sympathy” at the end of your little rant…so I’ll end my piece here. Well, almost. If you need me to flick somebody in the throat, let me know. (; haha (it’s a joke that I use with my friends…such a strange form of retaliation that everybody usually laughs)

  204. Just have to say that you are beautiful. As other readers have said, when someone makes a rude comment, it is because they are jealous. You do not look plus size or like you could be the mother of a 20 year old. You look like a beautiful pregnant woman. Hold your head high and ignore these fools. Wishing you only the best on your amazing journey!

  205. I love that your blog and your stories are a part of my morning routine and Instagram updates. You inspire me to raise a family, in style. I. Cannot. Wait.

  206. I can’t believe how rude people can be. You look amazing and I love that you can brush of those negative comments. People are honestly just jealous of you and your family if they have to say stuff like that. I love your blog and I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a while! BTW, great update – happy to hear your baby girl is doing well.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  207. I know you said no sympathy, but I just have to stick up for you here. My motto is if you think someone nice about someone, you should tell them. You look amazing. And just think, these are people talking behind screens, and you have no idea what they look like, and they know that you don’t so they can say whatever they want. Chances are they are the fat ones (sorry but really) so just imagine that while you read bad comments and you’ll feel better lol. And then there’s karma too, so you can always count on that to make you feel better 😉 Can’t wait to see what you name the baby, and what she looks like and everything! Enjoy being pregnant. Baby girl would want you to 😉

    x. Morgan

  208. Girl, you look wonderful! Pregnancy is such a blessing that even if you gained 100 pounds you would still be perfect… because at the end of the day, you are GROWING A HUMAN! IF people seriously said that to you or about you, they must just be jealous and hopefully they had something happen at NYFW that made them look dumb lol. Love the update though. You know everyone loves you and supports your career, blog, and family!!! Good luck with the last 10 weeks, eek! And once baby G is here, you’ll have your system all worked out and be back to traveling with 2 littles in no time!! xx

  209. Can I please just tell you that any rude or ugly are comments honestly are just coming from jealous people? If someone says something to put you down in any way or it seems like they are trying to leave a thought in your mind that makes you feel bad in any way, they are just jealous and unhappy with themselves. It took me forever to realize that people say things because they are unhappy or else they compare themselves and are jealous. You are so very beautiful especially while pregnant and I only wish I looked more like you! You are healthy and it shows. Pregnant women are supposed to gain plenty of healthy weight and I was incredibly swollen and puffy throughout my two pregnancies. It can’t always be avoided and everyone’s body handles it differently. Once you deliver you will go right back to normal and then they will be saying “How did you do that?! You look so good and you JUST had a baby!” I promise! And I know you said you aren’t letting this get in your head or bother you, I just want to be a little reminder just in case, because I know it would kind of hurt my feelings that someone was so thoughtless and immature to care more about their opinions than the health of you and your baby girl.

  210. okay i think you are so amazing!!! and how well you handle being honest about negative comments, brushing them off, and remaaaining adorable is the best ever. girlies should aspire to be like you and i am so glad you let the negativity roll off. not that it matters, either, but you look gorgeous. whoever says you look fat will probably starve their baby of all nutrients trying to remain 100 lbs i guess!! haha!!

  211. You are so gorgeous! You also seem like a really great mom! I love how you let A play in the dirt and get dirt under his finger nails. My mom teaches early childhood development, love & logic, and some other child/parenting classes, and she always says children learn through play and it’s best to let them get a little dirty 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you name your little girl!

  212. Those haters are just jealous they can’t look half as good as you, pregnant or not. You’re beautiful inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Pregnancy is hard work, (especially with restless leg syndrome, I had that too…) and you make it look to beautiful and flawless. I have a 7-month old and seeing your posts already makes me want to be pregnant again!

  213. You are a beautiful mommy inside and out! I don’t know how you do it! These last few weeks are always the hardest, hang in there. How lucky your little lady will have such an awesome big brother!☺️

  214. Omg hunny you look gorgeous, don’t listen to what anyone says!!! 22 pounds is completely normal pregnacy weight gain–on the lower side even! You have to gain weight to produce healthy, adorable babies like you’re doing 🙂

    You look stunning as always but now with a pregnancy glow!


  215. I wish I looked half as good as you pregnant. Seriously, don’t listen to those haters out there. You are stunning and you make motherhood look amazing! I have a 7-month old and seeing your posts already makes me want to be pregnant again!

  216. Gorgeous! You look great and healthy! Ignore those who can’t say nice things especially at a time such as this in your life. You should be praised-growing a baby isn’t easy!

  217. Plus size model? What the hell? You look like a beautiful, glowing pregnant WOMAN. Shame on those other women for making such obviously wrong and ridiculous statements.

  218. SO excited for you and can’t wait to see your newest addition! I was honestly mind blown reading your post…you look amazing and everyone making those comments wishes they could look half as good as you do! You are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters!

  219. Wow, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time (since you were a nanny in France) and I’ve always thought you were so beautiful inside and out! Don’t listen to these jerks, you’re growing and nurturing brand new life!!! Nothing can be more astonishingly beautiful than that!

  220. In what F*ckued up world would anyone say that?! Not only is that just plain mean, but the truth is that you look beautiful! Shock! A pregnant woman that LOOKS pregnant! (insert very sarcastic eye roll.) If you are plus size then I must be super super plus (and I wear a 0.) When I was pregnant I felt huuuge and cried a lot at the end because I couldn’t imagine feeling like myself ever again, but I’ve had three and lost the weight and you will, too. It’s ALWAYS worth it, so just enjoy it as much as you can! Best from Copenhagen!

  221. Wow, people can be so rude! I will thank my lucky stars if I am fortunate enough to look as beautiful as you when I’m pregnant, especially the second time around!

  222. You look amazing and have such a good attitude! Can’t wait to see your new precious babe because A is the sweetest! I’m sure he will be such a great big brother. We are all so excited for you.


  223. I know someone that gained 99 lbs when they were preggers! You look amazing! My friend and I were literally just talking about how you are the cutest pregnant woman! I hope when I am pregnant I still have the drive to do my makeup, hair, and put on a cute outfit, because even now it seems like a lot of effort some days :D. I am so excited for you and your family.

  224. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate! You look amazing, I hope I can be as beautifully chic as you through my pregnancy! As you said, let the positive vibes overshadow the negative comments 🙂 LOVE this blog <3

  225. I think you look beautiful, healthy and most of all happy!!! So many people tend to focus on others instead of themselves. Everyone should be working toward improving themselves on a daily basis not bringing others down. I’m glad you are staying positive and posting real things about daily struggles. You are an amazing blogger! xo

  226. People can be so rude. Keep shining your light! Restless leg syndrome is the worst!

  227. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I’m at 29 weeks, expecting a little girl as well 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about 22 pounds- that’s totally in the recommended range! I’m up about 29 pounds and not worrying about it too much. This is my first baby and I was surprised at how your body suddenly becomes something that everyone and their mother comments on. I’ve had male coworkers asking how I feel about my changing body and weight gain! Like that would ever be asked of a non-pregnant person who puts on a few pounds. I think people mean well though, even if they lack the tact to phrase their comments in a nicer way.

  228. Thank you for being so real about everything and thank you for sharing your experience! I am so glad that you just let the haters hate and just shake it off (did you pick up on the Taylor Swift reference…haha) we as women should be picking each other up, not putting each other down. Thank you for making me smile every day and for sharing your sweet family with the world. Great job, gorgeous lady, keep it up! The smile on your sweet boy’s face says it all, you are a loving and fantastic mommy! I adore how Atticus and Chauncey love on each other and on you and David. Sending love and support your way.

  229. Reading this in my car (parked) and literally It absolutely breaks my heart to hear some of the things people are saying to you. I know you said you don’t want sympathy but I honestly thought I had heard it all until now- you look plus size?! Amber that could not be further from the truth. You have gained 22 lbs!!!!!!!!! The avg is 50. Kate Hudson gained 80! You are so beautiful and more than what is on the outside you have a beautiful heart and despite never actually meeting you I can tell just through having read you blog for 3 years. You rock it mama! It’s almost comical and shows incredible insecurity on their part. Can’t believe you are almost there! So excited to see your beautiful little babe!

  230. I know exactly how you feel. I am at week 32- up by 10 KG so far ( which is just fine according to my doctor), but i still get annoyed by people’s comments. It either starts with “you’re bigger than last week” or “you’re not that big”- both of them not really being compliments. I try not to notice the comments- I really believe people have no filter- and they think they can just share whatever goes through their head.

    I try to ignore- doesn’t always work of course. You look beautiful, I believe all pregnant women are beautiful. This is the time to feel good and cherished- not let bored people take us down.

    And about having 2 little monkeys- i am sure you’ll do fine. Atticus is an amazing young man, cannot wait for the pictures of him, Chauncey and your little pumpkin:)

  231. I love reading pregnancy updates! I am 27 weeks right now, with twin girls. My favorite is “wow, you must be excited you’re getting so close.” Everyone feels entitled to share opinions when they are pregnant, some days I am better at handling it than others. You have definitely inspired me to still make an effort when pregnant, and that it is ok to dress and feel pretty in my changing body. Side note, I love this top!

  232. YOU ARE AMAZING! Haters are gonna hate – just remember that. You are an amazing mom, wife, and women! It is clear to anyone who follows you on your blog, instagram, twitter, or snapchat. You said you didn’t want sympathy so I will just celebrate with you that your little girl is doing wonderful and that she will be here soon! She is in very good hands with you and David. All my love!

  233. The punch in the face comment was brilliant :). I’ve been a reader for 3+ years and you are gorgeous, you are growing a healthy human and that is really full on sometimes, and all that matters. It’s a great perspective you have – just keep focusing on what you know to be true. I’m 20 weeks with my first and starting to get uncomfortable with how my body is suddenly is public domain, and its much more intense for you. Keep growing your daughter and being fabulous xx

  234. I’m so excited for you and excited to see your new little girl! As for the nasty comments, they are all lies. Seriously you look so gorgeous in all of your pictures, and I’m glad to hear that those people don’t phase you. As for me though, I wish I will look as good as you when I’m pregnant! haha

  235. You are gorgeous! I had so many people make comments about my (large) size when I was pregnant. It is NEVER acceptable to comment on a women’s size, NEVER! You look absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work, your daughter will thank you for it one day!

  236. If you do get stir crazy and need a quick getaway before the baby comes you should think about taking a trip to the east end of Long Island. This time of year there are plenty of apple/pumpkin picking places that A would love, and the beaches are so quiet and beautiful.

  237. First off you look beautiful! I agree not everyone was taught manners and it’s unbelievable what people think they can say to a pregnant woman! I’m now 14 weeks and I’ve learned fast how people think your body it’s such a public open discussion. I now know why people don’t share the name or even gender just so it can feel like the mom and dad have something personal between them. Anyways, I hope my cravings for all the watermelon in the world mean I’m having a girl too! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by smoothly and whatever birth plan happens that God will just guide you through it and keep you and baby healthy!

  238. You are absolutely adorable!!! I love all of your posts and videos, and it’s been fun watching you through your pregnancy. Thanks for sharing with a bunch of strangers :). You are so precious and look freaking beautiful …. I can only hope to look half as perfect as you when I am preggers! Keep your head up and just enjoy doing YOU – that is all that matters. (And “punch them in the face” HAHA YES!!!)

  239. People can be rude or they just don’t think. As a pregnant woman it’s so important to be able to concentrate on your health and your baby’s health without having to put up with stupid comments from people. It doesn’t end there, when my daughter was small I got the comment, oh she’s still in a push chair….. ER yes she’s two (she was and still is tall) and now we get the comments oh gosh you don’t want to grow too tall or you will never find a boyfriend. Honestly! I just learnt to have a thick skin and ignore it most of the time. Sometimes I say something back and it’s always met with ‘gosh, how rude, I was only saying….’ So don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us and just concentrate on the positive and don’t give it head room.

  240. I can’t believe the comments you have had, people are so rude. I have to say though that you are the most glamorous pregnant lady I have ever seen. I am 30 weeks at the moment as well and when I see your posts I’m just like “why don’t I look like that when I wear similar clothes!?!” haha. Can’t wait to hear what her name will be. xx

  241. I think this is my favorite picture in the history of ever! Always so gorgeous! And people..especially when it comes to women don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. My daughter is adopted and doesn’t look 100% like me, she has the prettiest caramel skin…anyway. lol. I get the weirdest comments about it, and it doesn’t bother me, but like really people?!?! And it is going to break my heart when she gets older and can understand the ignorance. End my rant. haha. You are beautiful and I love you! 🙂

  242. Ahhh! I am so happy you posted about this! I read your blog regularly but have never posted a comment, until today. Reason being, I am 21 weeks pregnant, and have also gotten so many unwanted comments about how ‘big’ I am; people have even asked if I am sure that there is only one (there is only one and he is exactly as big as he should be at this point and I have gained exactly as many pounds as they suggest at this stage). I don’t understand why so many people make unnecessary comments to pregnant women. If they only knew how much goes through our minds on a daily basis, they would understand that our appearance isn’t everything and that what is most important at this stage is that our babies are healthy and happy in there. I really hope you don’t let the comments get to you (as hurtful as they can be), you are beautiful and healthy and there is nothing more important than how your body feels! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and fingers crossed you don’t get any more unwanted comments! 🙂

  243. I don’t ever comment on blogs but I have to say thanks for being so candid and honest on this one. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my baby girl and am feeling the same way. I am a naturally tiny person so it’s been hard! Someone I don’t even know came up to me and asked if I was having twins! No I am not! :)But I have to say I only wish I looked half as gorgeous and as fashionable as you! You look stunning pregnant or not! You seem like a beautiful person inside and out and this baby girl is super lucky to have such a beautiful, fashionable mama and family! Keep up the good work- you’re almost done! Can’t wait to see your baby girl!

  244. People do not call you fat? No way! I simply can’t believe it??? They have to be out of their minds! First you are skinny and pregnant and two you are drop dead gorgeous. IGNORE HATERS!!!!!!!!!

  245. Well regardless of what some of what some of the strangest members of Anerican society think, it looks to me like you’re having a great pregnancy. I hope you are able to enjoy some fun bonding time with Atticus before she comes (or at least catch up on Netflix). I hope you’re able to find a good hospital in NYC. I’m sure there are a ton to pick from. I watched way too many natural birthing documentaries. Ahh! I finally realized I’d rather be in a hospital c section or not and have the reassurance that if something went wrong it would be fixed. However I really do admire the people that have the courage to pop out a baby at home. Well anywho, all that to say I hope you have a great delivery with no complications 🙂 your blog is so great and inspiring. I think what I enjoy most is that I don’t look at your blog and think about how long it’ll take before I can get Valentino shoes or a louie Vuitton. It’s not based on designer items and that being the main thing. It’s more about creativity, travel, learning how to be happy, and working with what you’ve got.

  246. This is exciting! Your bump is beautiful!! Being pregnant was the best feeling I ever felt and I like knowing other moms experience with their pregnancy as each person is different. Thanks for sharing looking forward to more posts like this too 🙂


  247. I never leave comments on the bigger blogs that I read.. but I just had to comment on this one! You seem so genuinely sweet just from how you talk about your precious family and interact with your readers. It is literally the most ridiculous thing ever that people are telling you that you look fat. I guess it’s part of being in the “public eye” but it shouldn’t be. You’re stunning and a beautiful representation of motherhood. Sending you a big hug and a donut from Texas!!! XO Victoria (

  248. I cannot believe that people were actually saying those things about you. You look amazing! Can’t wait to see the first pictures of your little girl! =)

  249. You have to be the cutest pregnant lady out there! I think you look gorgeous and your body is doing something amazing right now! I am actually 12 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to start getting a baby bump, something other than bloat. Are there any maternity brands you would recommend or even some of your favorite nursing bras? You and David will be great parents to these two babies and I’m sure it sounds daunting to have two in diapers, but everything will work out perfectly. Can’t wait to hear her name!!!


  250. I am almost 16 weeks pregnant, and I have a totally different body type than you (I’m 5’3 and a little on the round side) but you inspire me daily. You are SO beautiful and have such a sweet heart. I genuinely hope you don’t let those horrible comments keep you down. I know it’s cliche but it really is nothing more than ignorance and jealousy. You just keep yourself and that baby healthy, and that’s all that matters (:

  251. Amber, I know you don’t need to be reminded, nor, are you asking to be, but you are a beautiful woman, and I think one of the fittest, slimment pregnant women I have ever seen! You “wear” pregnancy not only super fashionably, but beautifully and should never be told otherwise by anyone. You’ve expressed the sentiment before, but it’s only you that needs to be happy and content in life. T-Swift said it right, “Haters gonna hate.” Never let them win.