Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Ab Exercises


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Today’s post is about ABS. I have always loved staying fit — I loved a junior high weight lifting class I took and since have been into fitness. I always knew that (supposedly) if you have stronger abs BEFORE you get pregnant then you will bounce back faster. With Atticus that was especially true for me. I had pretty fit abs and continued to do ab work outs until my bump was too big (my doc said this was fine.) I bounced back pretty quick with him even though I gained 50 lbs with his pregnancy. With my second pregnancy I wasn’t as in shape beforehand — I had lost all the weight but didn’t have as much muscle. During my pregnancy I was so busy with Atticus that I didn’t have as much time to work out so I would often just do quick work outs or a soul cycle class here and there but really, didn’t work out much and had little desire to. During that time I forgot what it was like to enjoy working out because I dreaded it. I gained around 50 lbs with my second pregnancy too – somehow weight just sticks to me. After three months with little Rosie I decided to try working out so I bought the BBG program. When it came time to do a sit up I laid flat and couldn’t for the life of me even do one single sit up. I had never felt so weak and discouraged knowing I had such a long ways to go because I knew how hard it is to build muscle. Especially since my body doesn’t build muscle very quickly. I also knew I had to have Diastasis Recti (when your ab muscles are separated after pregnancy) — because I could feel how far apart they were.

So, I kind of lost motivation to work out and decided I wanted to first lose the weight. For around 2 months I did a no carb no sugar diet (the ketogenic diet) and I lost the remaining 25 or so lbs pretty quick. Once the weight was gone, I stopped dieting and ate normal and decided to start working out but I wanted to get a trainer to help with my ab situation and the whole separation so I didn’t make it worse.  My trainer taught me a bunch of really great work outs and also got me to love working out again which was really nice. I still have a bit of separation that my doctor says will unfortunately probably be there for now on unless I choose to get it fixed (you can get the ab muscles sewn together when you are completely done having children but I have no idea what that entails! I just know she told me that, ha.) Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite ab work outs – I am NOT a personal trainer or fitness expert – I am a tall, lerpy, and uncoordinated human just trying to be fit lol so don’t judge my form because, trust me, I KNOW! And if you have diastisis recti you should consult a a doctor before working out and if possible talk to a trained professional to see what is best for your situation!! Some of these I didn’t start doing until AFTER my separation was getting a lot better so best to consult someone 🙂

And for any mama’s out there who were in my same boat don’t feel discouraged! Changes do not happen overnight and I didn’t start seeing results for a solid 6 months. And like I said I seriously couldn’t do a 10 second plank or a sit up if I wanted to – so it took lots of baby steps at first! I kinda wish I had taken a before picture but you definitely don’t think to strip and take a photo after having a baby – especially when its winter and you’re pasty white like I was lol.

Currently I am doing the BBG work out program and I am on week 14. I don’t diet but I try to eat healthy when healthy options are available. I don’t worry too much if I have shaved ice like we did tonight 😉 its good to treat yourself.

Anyways, hopefully this helped and let me know if you have any other questions! I also filmed my favorite butt work outs and will post that one soon too 🙂 xoxo

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  1. Hi Amber,
    Just started working out post pregnancy and was wondering if you ever take any pre-workout? I HATE working out but I could play a sport for hours on end and or some sort of group activity. Trying the workout thing because I have in the past but I just had my first workout and remembered why I hated it. It’s so hard ha. Soooo pre-workout? Yay or nay?

  2. Hi amber you are a big inspiration for me and i rlly trust your suggestions ans i was wondering how to cut carbs and sugar for a long time like you did because someone told me that once i start eating normal again i gain weight really fast please if you explain to me briefly i’d appreciate

  3. Seriously love this workout! My stomach has always been the toughest part to tone & I already can see a big difference unlike any workout I’ve tried in the past. Thanks for sharing Amber!

  4. I did this workout the other day and my abs are STILL in pain! haha Serious #goals right there. Do you usually do more cardio or a combo of weights and cardio? I still would like to lose another 15-20 lbs and I know that weights are important but I usually only ever lose weight through cardio. Any suggestions?

  5. Those leggings are amazing! Can’t wait to give your ab workout a try.

  6. Love this post/outfit! Will you do a post about your breast implants any time soon?

  7. Hey Amber! Love this post, especially since I just had my second baby 3 weeks ago and am already thinking about getting back into shape once I am okayed to work out again 🙂 I also discovered I have DR after my first, and was wondering what workouts you avoid to not worsen the gap? I felt so discouraged after realizing I had DR because it seemed like everything was off limits. But I did notice you did planks in your video, which i thought(?) was a no-no. Would love some insight!! 🙂

  8. Hey Amber! I so loved this post and video! Thanks for the helpful tips! I recently found out that I’m pregnant (so fun!) but I want to still maintain a workout to some degree. What workouts do you suggest during pregnancy? Or do you have a blog post with some ideas that I could learn from?

  9. I’ve been waking up and doing these work outs every morning. Thanks Amber! <3

  10. I loved the video and tried (some) of it tonight….it’s so informative and fun, which is a hard combo to master! Thanks so much, I truly appreciate all of the wonderful insigjt you share.💗

  11. Can you talk more about the Keto diet – what you thought about it, what you ate, etc?! Ive been researching it but I am wanting info from someone who has actually done it!! Thx!

  12. LOOOOOVE these diet/exercise posts! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear more about what exercises you do, how often and how you balance your diet because obviously your body is goals!

  13. Thank you, Amber! I’m due with my first baby on June 24th and am dreading my post-preggo bod. This is great motiviation – thank you for your honesty! You look awesome, lady; your hard work shows!

  14. Great post! Can you talk about your experience on the ketogenic diet? I’ve contemplated starting it myself and I would love to know what some of your favorite go-to meals and snacks were!

  15. Thank you so much for the video. It came at the right time. I have 4 little kiddos and haven’t worked my abs in years and also have a small case of disastis recti. I’ve wanted to, for a long time now, find the right exercises to strengthen those muscles again. Your video was the perfect routine that I have now started incorporating into my regular exercise routine. Thanks again so much!

  16. I think so many people think you just are naturally perfect but it’s clear you worked so hard to get your body the way it is and you should be so proud of yourself! Everything looks so easy and instant on instagram but I know you worked your butt off! Thanks for sharing the video!

  17. Thank you so so so so so so so so much! You have no idea how much I needed this. Please share more workout videos! I want to learn arm and leg workouts too so if you ever share those I will be so thankful! Ha ha!

    1. Yay!! I am so happy to hear that!! Thanks for watching and for the feedback 🙂

  18. You are the cutest!! Loved the workout video! Thanks for sharing! I had one question-How many of those different ab workouts do you do each day?

  19. Hey Amber! Are all the workouts you did to get back into shape just body weight or do you incorporate weights? I know you mentioned that you can add some weights to some of the exercises but in your progress did you feel the need to start adding weights to your exercises or do you just add repetitions?
    Awesome vid! ❤️

  20. Amber you are sooo funny! hehe, really like your video. I must try theese workouts

  21. Thank you for sharing this! After seeing one of your posts where you said you had diastasis recti, I tested myself and found a two finger gap! Any chance you can do a video with some exercises you did to fix that! I also recently started bbg and I’m afraid not to make my DR worse…but I’m desperate to shed the last 15 pounds of baby weight!😬
    Thank you Amber!

    1. Oops! I misunderstood! The workout is for DR! YAY! Thank you so much! I had sent you also a DM asking for this! So happy! Thank you for sharing! I always bounced right back but after my fourth boy it’s been a bit challenging! Thank you! Can’t wait to do this workout!

      1. Yes!!! Of course! I hope you like the exercises and thank you for the suggestion from your DM! xo

  22. thank you for sharing this! my little girl is 4 months old and i have started working out and have not seen any results and have been so frustrated and hard on myself. working out has been so much harder than before i had her and not seeing results has been so hard on my motivation levels! you are such an inspiration! thanks again!

  23. Yay love this Amber!! Was just wondering- how do you like the BBG program right now? I’m starting this week!

    1. I love it!! They’re really challenging but high intensity, quick exercises which I like. Good luck!! Let me know how you like it 🙂

  24. Thanks Amber!!! I have two kiddos as well and with my first one I bounced right back but with the second I feel like it’s taking for EVER to get back in shape. This really helps a lot. Thanks again!!! You guys are such a beautiful family!

  25. Great Work What an inspirational post !!! and your picture are so atractive

  26. this is awesome – i am 20 weeks pregnant now and will definitely do this after the birth. can you also do a post about what you did during pregnancy or is there already one (i couldn’t find any)? 🙂 thank you sooo much for sharing!!! <3


  27. Can you do a post on your diet? What you did for weight loss and then for maintenance? I’m 6 months post partum and would love to hear!!!

    1. I’d love this as well! I know she did Keto for 2 months post partum, but I’d love to see what she made the switch to too!

  28. Thanks so much for this! I was thinking of trying something similar to the ketogenic diet. Did you allow yourself any cheat days during those two months or did you go “cold turkey”?


    1. I did a cheat day once a week and would only “cheat” for 6 hours!

      1. Oh thank goodness..that’s what I would need. I just did the whole30 which was great but when I was done I was ready to inhale every carb in sight. I think a bit of balance is best haha.

        Thanks love! Xo

  29. What an inspirational post, thank you Amber! I was wondering if you could share your experience/ results with the BBG programme as well. For example, what kind of workouts do you do for LISS and how to keep up with the schedule while traveling and having Rosie and Atticus around?

    1. For LISS I do walks on the beach or bike or walk uphill on treadmill! Traveling it is hard to do BBG but we tried to book hotels with gyms so I could do the work outs. I did have to do it in the airbnb and I just had Rosie and Atticus tackling me lol

  30. Thanks for the post! I bounced back pretty well after my first bub too. However have done little exercise during my second pregnancy (chasing a 1 year old prob doesn’t count), and have put on a decent amount of weight. I already can tell that I wont bounce back as quickly. BUT this post has inspired me, and makes me feel less disheartened about it all.

  31. You look great! I know you try hard and hope with your next pregnancy the separation doesn’t get any worse! Thanks for sharing! I don’t have kids yet (but hope to one day), I think I’ll still try some of these, because I’m sure it’ll help my core get stronger for whenever I decide to have children! I love your swimsuit! It looks amazing and your matching one with Rosie that you posted today is too cute! Take care and God bless you and your lovely family! Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!

  32. Love this ab workout. Thank you so much for all your beauuuutiful posts.

  33. So awesome that you posted a video! I remember you saying you didn’t want to because you were self conscious so well done! ps you don’t look lanky at all , you are gorgeous!
    xxx Rata Isabella

  34. Thank you Amber! I had a baby 10 months ago and I completely agree that it can be very discouraging. Your video and story will be helpful for other mothers to hear. This is unrelated – but what are your most recent recommendations for tanning lotions, etc. I know you had used wipes in the past but I was curious. Your skin always looks flawless in your posts! Do you use any self tanning stuff on your face- of just a good foundation? Sorry for so many questions! Thank you for the advice!

    1. Lately I have been using the St. Tropez Express Tan!!! Its soo good!!! I do put it on my face and it doesn’t make me break out or anything. And aw thank you so much!! 🙂

  35. Hi Amber, I just had my second little one and was wondering if exercising affected your milk supply at all? I have about 15 more lbs to lose and wanting to “diet” to get that last bit of weight off.

    1. Great question!!! I’m wondering the same! Also when you stopped nursing how do you prevent weight gain?

    2. I was worried it would affect my milk supply but for me it didn’t! Maybe just monitor it and if it does for you try to eat an extra meal.

  36. HI Amber,
    I am still working on loosing some baby weight on my lower abs….so thank you I will happily DEFINITELY be trying them all! I heard from another training video that the first ab workout you did is one of the BEST ones for our stomach. Yeee!

    From a Canadian blogger 🙂

  37. Hi! Did dieting or working out affect your milk supply? My little one is 4 weeks and when I look into dieting (I have 20 pounds to lose) I always read how it may affect supply… thanks!! 🙂

    1. For me it didn’t affect my milk supply!! If it does for you, you could just try eating an extra meal each day!

  38. Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for a workout video! 🙂 I just had my baby three weeks ago, so this was perfect timing! Can’t wait to try these an excercises when I get the go-ahead from my doctor.

  39. You look great!! Still working on falling in love with fitness, hoping I get there one day! Tried (most) of your moves this morning, but did 25 instead of 50 (not as boss as you yet!) but I am already feeling it!

  40. Hi Amber,

    I LOVED this post! It’s really nice to see your favorite ab workouts because you are incredible shape! I am currently recovering from a c-section and can’t wait to try these moves once I get the all-clear. I was wondering if you breastfed while doing the Ketogenic diet and if so, did it affect your supply? Thank you!

  41. I love this! I hate how fast people get discouraged with working out when sometimes it can take a whole year to even see a result your are happy with. I didn’t really commit to working out until after my second child and after 6 months I didn’t see any results, I am on month 8 and while I do see improvements I still would like to see more toned abs!

  42. Hey Amber,

    I really love the pictures of you! The bikini is just gorgeous and the color looks so good on you. I always thought I couldn’t wear yellow because of my blonde hair, but it looks so lovely on you so I definitely need to try something yellow on (when I am a bit tanned 😀 ) Also David is just so talented taking pictures! He really should make a video about what he is doing and also you are always looking so natural and effortless. I just love your style of pictures and you are a very big inspiration for me! And of cause Hawaii is perfect to take pictures *-*
    Also your body is just so perfect and in shape! I haven’t had one kid and I am not as toned as you are 😀 I really want to get a toned stomach and your video just helps me a lot. I didn’t know most of the exercises and I will definitely try them tomorrow! Also I’ve heard a lot about BBG and really want to try it (and get my toned abs 😀 )
    I would love to see more videos and blogposts about fitness or about food (what you eat, cooking with kids/easy&fast)
    Thank you so much for your help!

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  43. Hi Amber! Did you breastfeed while on the ketogenic diet? If so, did it affect your supply? This post is seriously a godsend for all of us mamas trying to get back in the gym postpartum!

  44. You are so cute, lol. I wish that I had motivation to do these on my own while playing with baby on the floor but I’m usually busy folding laundry or just playing with him! Thanks for sharing 🙂 – Charlie

  45. You look great Amber!! I had mono for two years (a little different than babies) and now that I’m finally healthy again I’m really starting to love working out! I’m also tall and lerpy and actually laughed out loud when you said that because girl I feel your awkwardness 🙂 I’m definitely going to try these exercises because I lost all my core strength from being sick!
    – Emily

  46. Thank you so much for posting this and being honest. First time mom here and I’m just amazed at how different by post baby body is (even though I’m only 4 lbs away from my pre baby weight, my body has changed). You’ve inspired me to go to the gym today, thanks! and again, thanks for sharing your struggle, too many women out there would like us to believe that you just automatically give birth and voila there are those abs

  47. What the heck, didn’t even now that ab separation was a thing! Haha, learn somethin’ new every day. You look amazing as always, though. Your red outfit in the workout video is so cute 🙂

    xx, Hannah

  48. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this post!!! I would love to know how you made the keotogenic diet successful/ go-to keto recipes 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so happy you liked it! And I have had a few requests for more info on the Keto diet, so I will definitely keep this idea in mind 🙂

  49. Thanks for sharing your post-pregnancy ab journey…your bod looks totally amazing! Can’t wait to incorporate some of these ab moves into my next workout! 💪🏼


  50. Ahhh! Thank you for sharing! I just had my second baby and I am having the same experience! I snapped back so fast with my first because I worked out all the time with friends before and during that pregnancy, but I had no muscle tone before getting pregnant the second time and (just two weeks out) I can already tell that it’s going to take longer to look good again 😩 I HAVE to work out before I get pregnant with my third. Lesson learned lol!

  51. Thank you Amber!! This is so helpful. Love your blog and sweet family.

  52. I remember when you first started the keto diet and talked all about it on snap and stuff. I am really wanting to start it because my body dosent do well on grains anyways. Did you count your macros when you were keto, so that you knew how much fat to consume? Can you do a post on how you did it and what you ate and stuff? Also your boobs LOOK AMAZING MAMA!

  53. Huge fan of your blog and absolutely LOVE this post 🙂

  54. I really enjoyed this post, i used to hate working out, to the point that i never worked out all through out high school. when i got to college i gained even more weight than high school and although it wasn’t much i started seeing a bigger me and it dawned on me that if i didn’t develop a healthy routine i was going to gain a lot more weight. this semester my friends an i started running, doing insanity, and hitting the gym for butt workouts (recently we started and ab circuit)…in the beginning i completely hated it and dreaded every workout but fast forward to the end of the semester and i’ve developed a true like for it. if i dont work out i feel lazy and when i do am happy :). its a long journey and i am still not where i want to be but i am glad i got started and and slowly growing to like it .

  55. This video is the cutest and you are hilarious. You look amazing darling, you always have. I can’t relate to body after baby yet but I look forward to experiencing all of it when the time comes. You and your family are lovely and I love following along.

  56. This makes me feel bad because your abs are so much better than mine and I haven’t had any kids yet!! Can you get Diastasis Recti without having defined abs in the first place? I’ve never heard of it before. Anyways, thanks for the motivation! XX

    Nikki |

  57. I gain 50lbs each pregnancy too. I’ve never worked out any of my other pregnancies but this time with my fourth I have been and I am loooving it. I’m doing BBG too, going on week 4. I’m just modifying it to being pregnant and it’s been so so good! I’m still totally on the same track of gaining 50lbs like normal but feel so much better about myself this time around. I got the idea to do BBG from you and your sisters! So thank you SO much for that!! I’m super excited to use this ab workout once I have my baby!! You look incredible girl like seriously, hot mama!! Super inspiring! 😘

  58. Thank you for this! Especially for the bit about results not showing overnight. I know that’s true, but it can be hard to remember when you’re working so hard but not seeing them as fast as you’d like! It’s encouraging to hear you say you experienced the same, and then to see the results you’ve had!! You look incredible! Love the video, I’ll be adding those exercises to my workouts 🙂 I’m doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series and am so excited!! I’ve followed Tone It Up for a while now and LOVE their programs 🙂 xx

  59. OMG Amber– I needed this so bad!! It’s like God knew I needed to read this and when I opened my email I had an update about your new blog post 🙂 I had my Charlie almost 2 1/2 years ago then just had my Josie in December. So she is 18 weeks and I have started BBG but haven’t seen the results I am wanting. I haven’t lost all the weight as easily this time and it is SO discouraging. When I started BBG I couldn’t do a plank or a push up and now I can do a 2 min plank…so I know I am STRONGER but I am still do discouraged with how I look! My cellulite is off the chain! Anyway…thanks for the reminder that it takes time and its good to hear that you had your own struggles. You look absolutely amazing mama! You are such an inspiration!!


  60. I would love to know of some ab workouts that are safe to do during pregnancy! Or any workouts, really. We lost our son at 39 weeks in October, and I started working out super hard in December, then found out in March that we’re pregnant again, and even though I lost all the weight super quick, I’m already feeling super pregnant since my abs didn’t have time to recover! Or if you could just point me in the direction of a great resource for workouts during pregnancy, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

  61. You are SO GOOD with staying on top of fitness. I travel as much as you guys do and have a very difficult time keeping up with it. I would love to know any tips and tricks you may have. Just like you and David I too have cravings for some unhealthy things and love a proper work out as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! x

  62. Ah love this post, the video was so cute (really well made) and it made total sense so thank you! So excited to incorporate some of these workouts 🙂 You look amazing girl!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  63. Thanks for sharing your after preggo workout! I’m pregnant now with bb number 2 and it’s definitely hard to stay up on working out running after a 1 yr old as well! So inspiring to get back into shape after this pregnancy! Can’t wait!!

  64. I love this! I had two babies 17 months apart also and I know what you mean about the lower abs. I am going to do your workout tonight. You look amazing! Love that your kids are your priority and you are still working on being the best version of you. Also, love how encouraging you are to new mommas just starting out. I can’t wait to see you favorite butt workouts too.


  65. This post is so inspiring!! I’m so motivated haha and I haven’t even had a baby yet!! How often do you do ab workouts?? You’re in such good shape!

    1. I totally know what you mean, It can be hard getting into a routine and it can feel repetitive I suggest finding someone that could do it with you or someone to keep you accountable. My sisters and I have a group chat and talk about our workout for the day. Also, take before and after pictures so you can check your progress and keep yourself motivated. Good luck!! xo

  66. Girl you look amazing !!! Thanks for sharing, I just came from a run my legs are burning but I just got very motivated after watching your video. I’m about to work out my abs now lol.

    1. You go girl!!! I would love to get into running, I may need some tips from you 😉 Thanks for reading!! xo

  67. You go lady!! You are so inspiring! I’m currently doing BBG with a friend. It hurts so good! Hehe! You have such a positive outlook on everything! And your family is absolutely adorable. Thanks for always sharing. I love your tennis shoes in the video! Where are they from?

  68. I think you look wonderful, Amber! Your hard work certainly has paid off (and you looked beautiful when you were pregnant! All my very skinny – and tall – friends gain a lot of weight when they’re pregnant – it’s like they have to make up for the weight somehow. I didn’t gain as much weight as you but I’m nowhere near as thin as you are) However, I wound up with stretch marks and an umbilical hernia (which I’ve been advised not to have fixed) so my stomach is a mess : ( . No more bikinis for me. But my child is beautiful, so…

  69. Holy Jamalama! One hot mama! Love that you are 100% devoted to your children, but still find time to be the happiest/best version of yourself. I am sure the balancing act must be tough at times, but at the end of the day the best you is the best mama for your kiddos! Valuing self-care leads to valued care taking <3

  70. Yay! I was waiting for this vid! This may be weird but.. whenever I’m feeling the burn from an ab workout and I just want to die, I tell myself “Do you want Amber Filerup abs? Then keep going!” I’m seriously the weirdest but you’re my biggest fitness inspiration! xo 😅❤️🙈

    1. OMG! How nice are you?! Thanks for making my entire week haha! Seriously! 🙂