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Driving along the Almafi Coast is among the most amazing and scary things ever! The roads are so narrow, it seems like two tiny Italian cars can barely fit.. then a bus passes and my heart stops as I sit there praying I won’t die.

One morning we left our hotel and were headed to the beach and we were following behind a large bus… well I saw another bus, equally as big, headed our way and I quickly did the math and realized the buses would 100% NOT be able to pass each other! They couldn’t.. they both stopped and the drivers got out and were discussing in Italian what to do for quite some time.. meanwhile a huge line of cars on both ends piling up. Luckily we were the first in line behind the one bus so he backed up and guided us on a maze through the two buses and let us out but I still have no idea what the two buses did to get passed each other! David and I could not stop laughing about it later.

Anyways, I probably aged about 10 years driving on that coast because I literally thought we were going to die multiple times with cars zooming passed us on sharp turns – BUT it was definitely worth it because the entire coast is littered with gorgeous cliffside villages, castles, rock stairways leading to the beach, and its all so breathtaking. I wanted to pull over a million times to take photos but unfortunately there is rarely anywhere to pull off since the roads are so teeny.

I got this white top (sold out, similar) a while ago and had been dying to wear it! Positano seemed like the perfect place for it.


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  1. Hi Amber,
    I love your blog!
    Can I ask what month you visited the Amalfi Coast?
    I’m booking a trip with my boyfriend for next year and we aren’t sure when is the best time to book for the weather that’s not too busy!
    Thank you!
    Sophia x

  2. Wow! Just discovered your blog and I just love it! Just launched my blog and yours is a great source of inspiration! Hope you get some time to check out mine and maybe give me some feeback 🙂

  3. Positano, beautiful during the day and at night.


  4. Your pictures are so beautiful!!!!!!!
    I am planning a trip to Italy for this summer, debating whether to rent a car or take a coach from Rome to Positano?! Even though the drive was scary would you recommend driving?
    Loved reading about your adventure!!
    Julie 🙂 x

    1. Thanks so much!!! And I would say to rent a car for sure, honestly we loved being able to see all the little towns and make stops whenever we wanted! It is really scary driving on the coast, but everywhere else it is fine! 🙂

  5. I was in Italy over the summer with a tour group and we did a tour of the Amalfi Coast in a large tour bus and it was scary. We could pass other buses on straight areas, but during turns we had to go one at a time and sometimes our bus or the other bus would have to go in reverse to let the other pass. Our tour guide told us there were size limits for buses in the area so that they were able to pass each other.

    1. So crazy!!! I wondered what it would be like being in one of those buses. Yeah, I am sure they can all pass each other but it literally seemed like they only had an inch to spare! I am sure you felt the same!

  6. Hi Amber! I was just wondering what websites (or books) you used to research your trip? Did you make a set itinerary for each location? I would love to know what resources you used, and if you have any advice on where to begin the planning process for a big trip like yours! Hope you are having an amazing time, I absolutely love all the pics!!

    1. Hi Meredith!! I made a rough itinierary for our entire trip but we didn’t end up sticking to it exactly. I didn’t use any websites or books for planning purposes but we used priceline and airbnb for all of our bookings!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet words! xo

    2. This is something I wanted to know too, thanks for asking my question for me haha! Since Amber mentioned in some recent post that she writes trip itineraries when she is in bad mood I thought she might have some secret skills in this area!!!!

  7. As soon as I saw Pasitano, I thought of Under the Tuscan Sun! Have you seen it? If not, you should!!! 🙂 This whole trip is positively gorgeous you blessed girl!! 🙂 Have fun!!