Here I am wearing the color Barefoot Blonde from my hair extension line!! and here is a tutorial I did a while back for this hairstyle!

You have probably seen this spot 1000 times on pinterest and insta but I meeeean – for good reason right? It is such a special little spot! If you ever go you should try to go over a weekend because last year we were there over the weekend and they do firework shows at night – let me tell ya it is magggic! It echos in the cove and its so awesome. The day we took most of these pics, Atticus had been wanting to do paddle boats all day.. but I kinda wanted to wait til the sun wasn’t so harsh because the sand down there gets scorching hot at peak hours and it burns the kids feet because they hate wearing shoes in the sand. Anyways, so we waited and when we finally got down there the boats were done for the day!!! He was so sad! So first thing the next morning we went out there at 8am right when they opened and did the yellow paddle boat just like he wanted! He loved it. Seeing Positano from boat is also a must do because you get to see the entire cove and it is really somethin else. And the PIZZA. The pizza from all the little tiny shops is sooooo good! So simple. I love that they just have delicious homemade crust, delicious sauce and fresh mozzarella! Really that is what I love about eating in Italy – they keep it simple and just have fewer quality ingredients and I love that you can taste each ingredient when eating a dish. I love the food there! Atticus clearly loved the pizza too 😉

This swimsuit is a favorite of mine. I love the fit. And the print! Love a good citrus print. David and I are so excited to have orange and lemon trees in our backyard when our house is done. Fresh OJ is. life.

First half of photos taken by David and second half taken by Tessa

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  1. Thank you for not editing out your stretch marks! You look stunning and it makes me feel better about mine.

  2. Do you get fake tans? Do you get them done at a tanning salon? How do you tan your face? Your face and body match so well. Also are your roots naturally that dark? Or do you dye them darker. I really love the look of your hair right now with the dark roots.

    1. I don’t go to a tanning salon but sometimes I will go get a spray tan or use at-home tanning wipes. I love the Kate Somerville tanning towelettes! I normally don’t tan my face, I just use a foundation to match 🙂 Hope that helps! Oh and yes, my roots are more my natural color.

  3. Pics are beautiful…..I’m headed there next month. Where did you stay?
    Any reccommendations??

  4. I love the double photo of your son eating a pizza. It feels like you guys thought “he is so cute on this one, and this one and this one and this one… ok, which one should we choose… ok let just put both of them” ahaha. (like when I want to print my son’s photo ahahaha) he is super cute 🙂

  5. Hi Amber!

    I never been such a fun of Italy but as i look on your pictures I feel like i might be in future 😉 especially that we plan with my fiance tour around europe soon and i think I will put positano as a must stop haha thank you for sharing!


  6. Hi Amber 🙂 Do you have a favorite place to stay in Positano? Also love all the pictures, your family and you are all so Beautiful!!! Xoxo

  7. I have stretch marks in the same spot you just made me feel 10x better!!!

    1. I have honestly had them since like 7th grade!!! I grew SO FAST and got them from growing I think!

      1. I have them too! Since forever. I think my butt grew way faster than the rest on my body??? 😀 I love how you don’t use filters and fotoshop to cover these and you are so beautiful with them! What an inspiration you are. Thank you! XOXO

  8. What hotel did you stay at? Would you recommend it? We are going there in the spring.

  9. The prettiest photos I have seen! This place is totally on my bucket list! One day 🙂
    Btw, I bought the extensions and I love them!

  10. I’m in love with your swimsuit! The fruit print is just perfect. I’m secretly wishing you move to Europe so I can see more travel pictures like these

  11. I love this beautiful place so so much! Even tho I nearly see it everyday on insta, it never gets old 😀 And I still really want to visit this place myself one day 🙂 Must be magical to see sunset / sunrise from there!
    I am also totally in love with you bathing suit and you hair! I really need to redo this hairstyle it is so so gorgeous <3
    When will you write the next "blogger tips / infos" post! I really love these ones and I am waiting for a new one for so so long 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  12. Amber, we just had the best pizza in the world that was homemade and the most authentic Italian we’ve had. It’s a homemade sauce and crust from America’s Test Kitchen, and just had basil and mozzarella. Literally the best pizza I’ve ever had. I think to get their recipes though you need to subscribe to the website, or just buy their recipe book like us and you get all of them. We just made a bunch of dough and sauce to freeze so we can have this all the time. 😊 Also I’m adding this place to my bucket list!

  13. Amber, these pics are so adorable. Your suit, your hair, the setting, the kiddos, you and David, ugh. All so perfect. LOVE it.

  14. I’m going to Positano in a few weeks! Your blog inspired me to go. Im so excited. Im wondering if you have ever traveled there from Rome by public transit? We are trying to figure out the fastest easiest way to do so…

    1. I live nearby so can answer this one 🙂 There is no easy way to get to Positano, unfortunately, unless you have a car (and then you will be paying top dollar to park it). There is no train station, for instance, so your options are: training to Naples, taking the Alibus to the port of Naples, and taking a ferry from there. Alternatively, take the train to Sorrento and a local bus. You are looking at a 4 hour trip (one-way) minimum. Keep in mind that train delays are not uncommon, so be flexible.

      1. Had to add to this! We just were in Italy and stayed in Positano. We took the train into Naples and then paid to have a driver take us from Naples to Positano. It was a 50 minute car ride and cost around $100. I’m so glad we didn’t rent our own car and drive those winding roads!!

  15. Ahhhh these photos are pretty much my “dream list” for when we have a family!!! Cannot wait for our family to grow by 1 next year and to travel with our precious little one!! Would love if you would start doing travel vlogs again! Those were so cute!


  16. Where is yalls house going to be in? And where is that? Best pics

  17. All of these photos are #goals! I absolutely love your suit, I looked for a similar print before my trip to Italy and couldn’t find anything as cute!

    Also, can you pleaseee do some presets for sale?! Your photos are always so gorgeously edited and I need some of these presets in my life! 🙂


  18. these are lovely pictures of a lovely family. i love your swimsuit – you look fantastic, and, if you don’t mind, your hubby is a cutie!

  19. OMG I am totally in love with your Swimsuit, looks gorgeous. Love the Pizza-Pictures :*


  20. omg your bum looks SO GOOD!! Also, LOVE the photos of Rosie being all pensive and Atticus destroying the pizza <3

    chevrons & éclairs – http://bit.ly/2whfTcU

  21. These photos of you and your family are so precious! You all look so happy! It’s great to hear that you all enjoyed your time, and that Atticus was able to enjoy a paddle boat ride just like he wanted. I’m also in love with your bathing suit, by the way! The print is so fun!


  22. Okay these photos are the visual definition of perfection. Rosie standing on David’s hands kills me! And your bathing suit is just the best Amber. Looks like you all had a dreamy time:)

  23. Positano is so dreamy! I can’t believe I was just there weeks ago and now you’re there! Wish I could meet you and your adorable family. Also – so excited to hear updates on your home build!!

  24. Oh how I would love to visit Positano, it looks like a true piece of paradise and it’s not even that far… I have promised myself that I will go there latest next Summer. 🙂


  25. Omg! I love your blog so much! Beautiful pics every time! 😄

    Ps. I love that although you started bringing contributors to your blog, you still using it as your journal.


  26. So pretty, Amber! I will never get tired of this spot — It’s so pretty! I want to go to Positano one day!