PINK SWIMSUIT (similar style for $40 here) / HAT (old but similar here) / ANKLETS (also wearing this one) / SUNGLASSES / DRESS / ROSIE’S SWIMSUIT (also have a matching adult version!) / ROSIE’S WHITE DRESS / ROSIE’S SHELL NECKLACE

I really had the best Mother’s Day weekend ever! We went to Maui and stayed at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. It was our first time there and we loved it – especially the shallow pool which the kids had a blast in. We spent most of our time in the pool and by the pool. We drank a lot of pina coladas which will forever remind me of when I was pregnant with Rosie. It was my number one pregnancy craving and David was so sweet and would always make me them at home (virgin, always, obviously. we don’t drink.) While we were in Paris when I was about 7 months pregnant I asked a waiter at a restaurant if they serve pina coladas. He was so confused and had no idea what I was talking about and David still makes fun of me to this day haha! It was pretty ridiculous to ask but a pregnant girl has gotta try. Anyways, we ate lots of yummy food and the kids and David gave me sweet cards and I got to go get a massage 🙂 David got me Wonder Woman sneakers because he says I am his Wonder Woman 😉 I thought it was so cute and sweet of him.

Anyways, it was just a really good weekend. It was so fun to watch Atticus have such a blast and we had such a blast with him. And not going to lie, Rosie is pretty obsessed with me and I am pretty obsessed with her. I absolutely love the face she makes when I have been gone for an hour or so and return and the fact that she has to be within arms reach at all times. I love how loved I feel by my kids and that made for a really amazing Mother’s Day weekend.

PS a lot of you asked about my anklets! I got them in a three pack but the pack is sold out but you can buy them individually here, here, and here!

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  1. Can’t wait to visit here someday! Love getting all these ideas on places to visit from you. You are incredible!

  2. Y’all have got to be the sweetest little family there ever was. And I know I say this over and over but it’s just so true! I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day and a wonderful birthday (Happy Belated Birthday, btw 😀 ) (Mine is coming up this Saturday on the 20th!)

  3. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I can only hope that one day mine are like yours. I just started a blog not too long ago out of a passion for photography and I used to sell things on it, now I focus all my efforts into the blog and I love it! you are such an inspiration and I love your little family so much! It is perfect:)

  4. OMG Rosie looks absolutely adorable in her little swimsuit and shell necklace. I can’t wait until I have kids so I can take them on little trips like this. You have the most lovely family ever, Amber!!

    Moments of a Mermaid

  5. Beautiful family! Also, I would love if you could give me Rosie’s outfit deets! Her two-piece bathing suit is absolutely to die for! xo!

  6. Hey Amber,
    your Mothers Day weekend sounds so fun and lovely! Maui has to be so pretty with all the palm trees and the sunset looks awesome!
    I especially love the first picture of you and Rosie! She looks so adorable drinking her pina colada and looking at you <3 so sweet!
    Now that I've seen your insta story where your hiking with the kids in Maui to the waterfall I am so exited for these pictures 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love Rosie’s little two-piece, so cute!

  8. ahahha not stupid at all to ask for a pina colada in Paris, I live there and have them all the time ! This waiter was probably living under a rock 😉 Great pictures !

  9. Your blog is sooooo gorgeous, me and my twinsister read every post of it!
    You are amazing Amber!
    Love from Austria


  10. I absolutely love your photos! I used to live on Maui and the Andaz was just getting finished as we were moving off island. It looks like a beautiful hotel. Glad you got to enjoy the island.

    P.S. I love that your bringing back anklets….thinking I may need to give this trend a try.


  11. Your family pictures always make me smile! Love the love you guys have <3


  12. The pics of Rosie in her suit are so swee! She’s just adorable. I can’t believe how big she’s getting. She looks so grown up! ♥️

  13. Rosie looks like a little Hawaiian model! So cute! You always put her in the most adorable outfits! And I love that pink one piece btw! It can be so hard to find flattering ones!

  14. We stayed at the Andaz in March and it was HEAVEN! So incredible. Did you have a chance to go to the Morimoto there too? Heaven! These photos brought me back!

  15. There is so much ADORABLENESS in this blog post! I can’t handle it! I love you and Rosie’s connection to each other. Can’t wait to have kids someday to experience the same thing <3 Of course, I do love my mom very much so there's that! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

    Simply Lovebirds

  16. Hy beautiful Amber❤!

    I love how you edit your pics and your kids are soo cute! You are blessed with them and you are bless to be a mother right?I love that you are travelling but you make every country to look so boring but I know it isn’t. It is just you, boring and full of makeup like every day!❤

    Wish you the best as always! ❤ Xxx

  17. I’m glad your Mother’s Day was great! I love your necklace too. Did you get it as a gift for Mother’s Day? 🙂

  18. I’ve been waiting for this post because I’ve been dying to know where you got that pink ruffle swimsuit. I’m not usually a 1-piece girl, but that suit is just too cute! Unfortunately, $350 is waaaaay out of my price range. Do you know of any knock-offs or similar styles from a more economical retailer?

      1. Thanks so much for checking! It’s definitely close and the price much better, but I still adore the style of yours more. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a twin of yours. Or a really good sale. lol Enjoy your time on the beach. It looks gorgeous.