Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

MY DRESS c/o / LIPSTICK (Coral Bliss)

Sunsets will never ever ever get old and I love watching everyone flock to the beach with their families around 5:30 to watch the sun go down. Each one is better than the last! These pictures were from a couple weeks ago when Chauncey was allowed in the ocean! As of the last week or so, Chauncey’s skin has been reacting weird to all of the salt and sand. We had to shave some of his hair off and doc said he has to stay out of the water for a couple weeks 🙁 he is so confused when we tell him not to go in!

I have been stalking tour dates for Jimmy Eat World concerts because I really want to make one work! I have been dying to go for sooo long and it just needs to happen already. And I am also finishing up planning our trip to Japan! Just when I think I am done I find something else I need to look into. And some things have been really difficult to find information about. They were having a sale back in November and I booked our tickets. They had another sale recently and I booked more tickets to go later in the year. They were just over $300 RT which is crazzzzy. It is also around the same price to go to Australia right now too. I am so excited for our trip ahhhh! Tell me if there is anything in Japan that is a must do! Specifically Tokyo and Kyoto. You guys always have the best recommendations.


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  1. How did you get tickets to Australia for $300 round trip!!!!!!!??? We are going in June and I can only find some for $900 round trip. That said, we are coming from LA so
    Maybe that’s why.

  2. Hey Amber!
    Huge french fan here, 😉 I am going to Japan in a few weeks too and here are the stuff I have been recommended to do!
    – go to see a Baseball game ( you can buy tickets online)
    – go to see some Sumo tournament
    – do a Japanese cooking class in Kyoto ( check on Trip Advisor, top one 😉 )
    – try to find an Onsen (traditional Japanese Natural Bath)
    – Go to see the cherry Blossoms
    And just eat as . much Japanese food as possible! I hope you have a great time and I am excited to hear more about it!

    Manon xxx

  3. We went to Japan in October with two young children and it is sooooooo kid friendly. Definatley bring a stroller, it was easy to take everywhere (as long as it’s small and light). Our son loved Robot Park in Tokyo.

  4. hey amber!!
    first of all I am in love with your dress in this post and your bathing suit in your last post! I am coming to the island of oahu from march 24th to the 31st for my spring break with my family! I was wondering what places you would recommend for me to go to while i’m on the island. any good clothing boutiques or restaurants you have discovered? or any fun hikes to do? or any other fun things to do and experience! please let me know casue you seem to always be doing fun things even if you are just relaxing on the beach!
    kylynn silva!

  5. I love the mandarin oriental and the four seasons in tokyo!! The ritz carlton in Kyoto is also amazing:) For sightseeings, go to Tokyo DisneySea (not disneyland, other park has more to do!). I also loved the tokyo skytree and if you go around the suppppper long line, there is a special line for foreigners (US!). You HAVE to go to the Golden Temple in Kyoto-it is SO beautiful!! The buses are a great way to get around in Kyoto, but you HAVE to use the subway in tokyo-tokyo station is SO Amazing (and of course us New Yorkers know how to use the train-and you’re an expert!). I also loved the tokyo national museum!! If you want more suggestions, let me know. I did all of this with my three little girls (all under six) so they are so child friendly!!!

  6. Please share how you found $300 round-trip tickets to Japan. I know you said it was a sale, but what website did you go to? I can’t wait to see all your photos there.

    1. I love using SkyScanner! You can set price alerts for specific flights which is nice 🙂

  7. I would highly recommend the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka near Tokyo ( It’s a fun place to explore for kids and their parents alike. Especially if you are familiar with movies like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro! Also, like Christine Lemoult says: the island of Miyajima off of the coast of Hiroshima (if you’re headed in that direction). In Kyoto I would also recommend the Fushimi Inari Taishaa, thundreds of orange torii gates, up the mountainside. Plus: the Philosophers Walk! Japan Rail Pass comes in handy if you plan to travel by train. Enjoy your trip, Japan is SUCH a wonderful and beautiful country!

  8. Come to Jimmy Eat World in Missoula, Montana!!! Ps you’re perfect!!

  9. I absolutely love your pom pom dress! It looks so cute on you!! That’s so exciting that you’re going to Japan. I’ve alwaysss wanted to go. My family is taking a trip to Aruba this summer, and I can’t wait!

    Moments of a Mermaid

  10. Don’t know what it is about this post in particular, but it has left me so inspired! Always look forward to your uploads! That dress is also soooo cute, I need to find something similar for summer 😍
    Hope poor Chauncey is feeling better! That’s such a bummer 🙁

  11. You are so beautiful Amber! What airlines did you book with? Those prices seem so crazy cheap!

  12. Every time I saw him in your pics in the water I was hoping when you got home you sprayed him down with the hose to get the salt off his skin and coat but didn’t want to say something if you were doing that already. Water and especially salt water is super dehydrating to skin and even more dogs skin. Try that every time when hes allowed to go in again!

    1. Ah yeah 🙁 we have an outdoor shower so we all rinse off in the shower after and David hoses him off when he is out for a long time but I guess under his neck it wasn’t getting rinsed off as good as the rest! I feel so bad!!!!

      1. Hey! This actually happened to Cooper our golden during the summer also, the vet says it’s called a Hot spot and it is very common in golden retrievers specially if they go swimming, it happened to Cooper after we went camping and he went swimming in a lake all weekend. Idk what it looked like on Chauncey but coopers skin got red, under his ear and neck and starting secreting muccus, they had to shave him down and also told us to keep it dry. We got this an anti fungal spray called tinactin at the pharmacy and sprayed it over and it totally healed it! you can prevent the hot spots from getting worse by spraying it early on.

  13. Japan Recommendations! I get so excited when I hear people are traveling to Japan, it’s so unique. We went last May as a family of 5 to visit my Dad who was living there, so he knew the area really well (two parents and three 20-something girls) THE BEST TRIP I HAVE EVER TAKEN. I would go back solo in a heartbeat. We stayed in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and traveled around close to those main areas. I would definitely make efforts to go to the following places (also, literally all of these places are kid friendly, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that at all):

    -Tokyo SkyTree
    -Kinkaku-ji (Buddhist Temple – The Golden Temple) and surrounding gardens in KYOTO
    -Fushimi Inari Shrine (thousands of Tori Arches) – AMAZING in KYOTO – lots of walking up stairs so bring the baby backpack carriers
    -Kotoku-in (Big Buddha in Kamakura) – outside of OSAKA – this was a moment I will never forget seeing this for the first time
    -Shibuya Crossing (Be selective about when to go to this – INCREDIBLY busy and can get a little dangerous (pickpocket-ers near nightfall)
    -Hiroshima (Peace Park and Museum) and Miyashima – Island of the Deers and giant Tori Arches that you can walk out to at low-tide – incredible. Also you can take an individual (like family size) tram up to the top of the island and the views are incredible (I know you aren’t planning to go there but if on a whim you decide to hop on the bullet train you will not be disappointed).

    Japan is a beautiful place with beautiful welcoming people, it’s incredibly organized and orderly. Oh also just any of the malls or markets are a sight to see and experience. Also maybe try booking a traditional Japanese Tea (may not be good for the kids but for you and David it would be a very cool experience).

    As you can see I get super excited about Japan, I can send you the YouTube video my sister made of our trip if you would like! If you need more details or have questions about specifics don’t hesitate to reach out, my Dad lived and worked all over Japan for over a year, and our trip was very organized and detailed. Have so much fun, and can’t wait to see pictures and be like I’ve been there ahh!


    1. I realize I look like an absolute crazy person writing all this, but I swear I’m not oh my lord haha

  14. I would definitely ask Hailey and Brad! But I’m sure you already thought about this 😉

  15. These are stunning!! The print of your dress reminds me of fine china– LOVE! Loving Ro in her little shell necklace and pigtails too, but I feel like your kids being cute goes without saying 🙂

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  16. I am absolutely in love with this dress, the pom poms are so cute! Rosie’s smile in pictures always makes me so happy, she always looks like such a happy baby!
    xxxx Isobel

  17. GORGEOUS photos as always, Amber! Please please please tell me what tanner you used for these photos…your skin is gorgeous!

  18. Pretty please tell us the spray tan details! Also, How you keep it on with the salt water… whenever I go on vacation it’s gone within hours from the water 😩 Love your blog and loving your life in Hawaii it suites your family!

  19. Amber, you and your family are the absolute cutest!! I look forward to reading your blog every night – so much, that you inspired me to start my own blog. So thank you SO MUCH for that; I’m really enjoying it so far!! I hope you’re living it up there in warm and sunny HI 🙂

    XOXO, Emily

  20. OMG WHERE ARE THE $300 FLIGHTS TO AUSTRALIA?! My girlfriends and I are dyyyyying to go!!!

  21. I’m looking to book a trip to Australia for my husband’s 30th birthday next February. It’s a dream of his to go and I would absolutely love to surprise him!! Where do you look for your tickets?! Roughly $300 is dirt cheap and I would love to find those flights!! Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. My email is if it’s easier for you to reply that way!! Xoxo

  22. you should check out Brad and Hailey’s Tokyo travel guide if you haven’t already!!

  23. You HAVE to get some ramen at Nagi in Tokyo! It’s down this amazing alley of restaurants and bars. and check out Osaka if you’ll already be in Kyoto 🙂

  24. Disneyland is in Tokyo! My goal is to go to all the Disneylands/Disneyworld in the world. I’ve already been to 3 of the 6, but I’m adding Disneyland Paris to the list this summer! Perhaps that is something your family can do too! 🙂

  25. Awwe poor Chauncey, hopefully it’s nothing too crazy and an easy fix ! Poor guy ! These photos are so gorgeous, sunsets really do never get old … also sunrises which I never get to see enough of ! Love the pom poms on this dress by the way, so pretty !


  26. There’s a Disneyland in Tokyo however I have to admit it has longer wait times than Anaheim. I waited in one line for up to 4 hours! Very crowded. However they make up for it with marmalade popcorn and have other weird and wonderful flavours like soy sauce popcorn too, haha. Tokyo is incredible – so many amazing little side alleys with fresh food and arcade games. Drink as much miso soup and eat as much edamame as you can! Zoo in Ueno, Harajuku girls fashion. Kyoto has a lot to see! Beautiful gardens too!

  27. You’re trip to Japan is going to be awesome! It is such a cool place to go.. and I can’t believe how great those ticket prices are!!! That is insane. Where are you booking your flights through? Is it Sky Scanner?

    Always love looking at your photos.. thank you for sharing them with us!

  28. Oh my goodness reading this post is giving me so much wanderlust!! I would love to go to Australia and Japan! You guys are going to have such a great trip! You should go to Disney Tokyo!!



  29. Are you going to Japan for blogging? Emily Schuman from cupcakesandcashmere is going and it seems like they are paying all of you to go.

    1. Nope this is just a family vacation! Nothing is comped, we are paying for and planning everything on our own 🙂 like I said we booked these months ago.

  30. I am not sure if it worth to visit for tourists but I heard there was an entire cat island in Japan 😀 Also isn’t it almost that time of the year where these pink trees blossom in japan? Always wanted to see this phenomenon! I look forward to see the pictures! Loves from Belgium!! X

  31. Oh My Goooooosh. This is the cutest pom pom dress everrrrrr. Seriously in love with it. And these pictures! They are beautiful. Poor Chauncey. 🙁 Hopefully he’s better soon! Can’t wait to see photos from your upcoming trips! ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  32. You need to do the foot onsen in Kyoto! The Golden Temple in Kyoto was our favorite. And in Tokyo we went and watched sumo wrestlers which was so cool! And we loved Takeshita street at night SO MUCH. We also went to the top of a tower and watched the sun set behind Mt. Fuji and we had a 360 degree view of Tokyo. We got to watch the whole thing light up and it was absolutely magical!!!! If you have an extra couple of days, Hakuba is a winter wonderland with some of the best skiing in the world. I miss Japan daily, can’t wait to see your pictures!

  33. Looks absolutely beautiful! And what airline or website did you book your tickets through?