The day we shot this it was a surprising cool week in Arizona! The mornings were super chilly that week and the weather warmed up to low 80’s during the day. I am learning that this is Arizona’s version of Fall. I know I grew up here but I honestly just forgot what all of the seasons were like. I have still been wearing my sweaters and hats because even if I have to turn my AC down to 60 to feel “crisp air” and justify wearing it – I will wear cozy sweaters!!! (okay our AC hasn’t actually been down that low. that is considered “freezing” in my book lol). I have my fav candles burning and I got a new cozy blanket from Anthro so now all we are missing are some fall leaves!

I went on Free People the other day and kinda went a little crazy. I forgot for a moment that I am trying to be more MINIMAL. Clearly I have to work on that still. I loved this coat and hat. I got the hat in two colors I loved it so much.

This time of year will forever bring back fond memories of New York. Two years ago I was anxiously awaiting Rosie’s arrival.. all of us would go on walks and wander Central Park with no sense of where we were or where we were going. I really miss that part of New York. Just aimlessly walking and exploring. I loved watching Atticus play in the leaves and hearing them blow in the wind! Isn’t that the best sound in the world?!

xo Amber

Photos by Michelle Herrick

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  1. Somehow I don’t believe you when you say that it’s chilly in Arizona hahahah. We are used to fall being around 50 degrees in the Northeast — although you’d know because you lived in NYC! Hope you enjoy the cool weather and the cozy fall outfits that come with it 🙂


  2. GIRL! I have been eyeing that coat since they released it! I’m obsessed with the idea of a fun coat thrown over a simple outfit for fall. Even though it’s Arizona, I totally see the NYC vibes! Love it Amber!

  3. How far apart are your babies? Any challenges since they look close in age?

  4. That coat is absolutely beautiful Amber! I’m loving all of the shades of red that are on trend at the moment, it’s definitely a colour that looks gorgeous on you! x

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  5. I love this coat, Amber! Although it does look a little out of place in the dessert 😉 😉

  6. I love this hat and the coat! It looks so cute and perfect for fall. I am going to NYC next week and I cannot wait to wander around Central Park and see fall leaves!
    Courtney ||

    1. OH and also! Last weekend we went to Flagstaff to ride the Ski Lift during Fall and it was amazing! All the leaves are changing color and it was so peaceful. ❤️ If you have not done this I highly recommend!!

  7. Girl, only you can rock that look in the middle of the desert. I totally get what you say about the seasons in Arizona. I live in Miami and we only get 3 days of “cold” (low 60’s) in the winter.. Lol.

    Rosie it’s so big! She and Atticus look so much alike, they’re the cutest!! ☺️

    -Betty M.

  8. Well…I tell you something. I have been living in Arizona for over a decade and I don’t wear a sweater until December. October is still a bit warm. I wear my high knee boots maybe 5 times if I am lucky during the winter. I learned over the years that Fall here is still warm, but I try to go more north like Flagstaff to wear my really thick sweaters and warm jackets! I am very excited to see more posts about your life here in Arizona in the future. Your outfit looks really cozy, but perfect to go out.

  9. I love fall too! It’s my favorite season! I was married in October and it was absolutely gorgeous in the U.P. of Michigan! Our falls are the best- they look very similar to your New York pics. Those are definitely some of my all time favorite pics from your blog- fall in New York! I keep waking up and putting sweaters and pants on and go outside and it’s 70 out! I feel overdressed for sure! I can’t wait for 50’s and 60’s!

  10. Awww I so miss living vicariously through your New York pictures! I can’t imagine living without Fall, although it looks like you’re handling it well! Maybe you guys should take a little impromptu trip to NYC later this month when the leaves are in full bloom😘😘

  11. You are working this hat trend, Amber! I have been searching for a way to style mine and I love it with this coat. Arizona fall sounds like my type of fall 😉 Although who can argue that Central Park with the leaves changing isn’t the most gorgeous?!


  12. Love the out fit please do more make up tutorials love how your makeup looks flawless all the time. Also would love to see a video on how you get that perfect blonde hair color I’m a brunette thinking about going to your color just looks so nice 🙂

  13. Love this! So difficult with Phoenix weather… It feels like I’m shedding layers all day! I’ve been looking for this exact lip color for months- could you share the brand/color? Thank you! <3

  14. I totally echo your sentiments Amber! I moved to Paradise Valley from
    NYC 6 years ago and still to this day miss aimlessly walking the streets and parks
    of the City!!! I dream of taking my kids to the City once they are a little older and easier to travel with! Xx

  15. Love your look! Such a gorgeous blend of fall colors <3


  16. I really thought Rosie was already one? You celebrated her birthday right? Or was that Atticus? Lol hahaha you must know 😉

  17. these are such beautiful photos, love the jacket too

    Mel x

    1. I thought so too! Her 1st birthday post is from last December… 🙂 I guess time flies when you’re having fun (with TWO) 😀

      1. Whoops I meant to say two years ago — that is what I get for writing this right before bed haha 😉

  18. This look is too cute amber! I love your outfit posts so much! So much fall inspo 😍😍