my sissy just moved up to provo!!! so excited.
it started reminding me of when i moved up here.. and reminded me of how i wanted EVERYTHING pink. yes everything.. laptop, lamp, comforter, suitcase, measuring cups, strainer, pots and pans, contact case… literally everything i purchased HAD to be pink. i think i thought i was some sort of princess. now the mere thought of anything pink makes me ill. (except for everything in these pictures. i still think pink can be done right. once in a blue moon.)

california was amazing.
(minus the hideous, tragically disgusting traffic)
*jenna looked gorgeous. (as per usual)
*the reception was the funnest ever.
*the beach.. minus now my face is peeling off because me and mary claire thought we didnt need sunscreen. nate said “girls dont you need sunblock?” our reply “haha uhh.. look at us.. we are already tan we dont burn duhh” (ooopsie. i burned.)
*lots of me thinking calories dont count since im in another state (aka eating lots of donuts and ice cream)
*hot tubbbbbing
*watching fireworks with my fav 🙂
time for bed.

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