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It’s been a minute since I have done a 12 things so here we go!

1. This morning I was getting ready and gave Rosie some make up to play with and I wasn’t paying attention – we were just gabbin and all the sudden I look down and she has dug her little nails into my bronzer so much that nothing was left but powder alllll over the floor hahah it was such a mess

2. I just filmed a hair tutorial! The kids are on a little pre birthday outing with my mom and sisters! It’s rosies birthday on Saturday!!

3. I am completely obsessed with Oprah’s podcast. You guys have to go listen! Every episode is amazing. I loved Joe Biden’s – I thought it was really cool to hear his family values and a bit about how he was raised. I also loved the Eckhart Tolle episode – makes you think about certain things differently!

4. We are decorating our Christmas tree tomorrow! We usually wait til after thanksgiving but decided to do it early for now on. Why not?!

5. Atticus is obsessed with me lately and I love it because I’m obsessed with him! He always wants me to hold him and always asks to lay down and snuggle 🙂 he is so affectionate and I love that I always feel his love.

6. For Ro’s bday we are going to a fun harvest festival that has pony rides and a petting zoo. I considered getting a petting zoo and inviting friends but then saw the harvest festival had one and thought, yep that sounds easier and cheaper lol. But we have other fun family stuff planned and can’t wait to have a day all about her.

7. Our office renovation is soooo close to done! I’m just trying to order everything to fill it. And gosh is decorating expensive $$$ or whattt.

8. The weather in Arizona right now cannot be beat!

9. My brother and sis in law and their kids come in town this weekend and I can’t wait. I really wish we got to see them more. My whole fam is doing thanksgiving here but we are going to California this year to be with Davey’s fam! We are going to do a special dinner on Monday with my fam before we leave.

10. I get so excited when I see that Atticus has a school project due! So fun to get to do those with him. I also love how much he loves school. We have to wake up at 6:45am which is really early for him and he’s always sooooo sleepy (he likes a A LOT of sleep ;)) but as soon as I say that he gets to go school he says, “yay!” And jumps out of bed!

11. The first day Trader Joe’s got their fresh wreaths and garland we got them for our house! Smells sooo good.

12. I did the dumbest thing recently!!! It was such a blonde thing to say and I want to explain it on here but it is too hard to explain haha. So I’ll have to tell you on an insta live or something. I was literally CRYING laughing like actually tears coming down my face when I realized what I had said haha!

hope you guys are having a good day!!!!!!!


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  1. Hey Amber! I know that awhile back you said you would do an insta live on how you travel cheap… I recently deleted my insta and I am very interested in how you do it… I’m a college student and want to go to Europe for Spring break this year 🙂 any way you could do a blog post on it?! Thanks <3 <3 Taya

  2. You look so pretty in pink! Would you possibly be able to do a post on your favorite jeans for tall girls? I am 5’10” and struggle to find jeans that are the right length for booties and also for flats/sneakers. They always seem to be too short or too long. Thanks!

  3. I know this is super Debbie Downerish, but I feel like I need to say it: Be thankful, don’t take any of it for granted. My Opal would be two on December 06 but she passed away on June 24 from leukemia. We lived at St Jude for a year trying to fight it. It’s been unbearable and we miss her so much. 💕 I know it’s unrealistic to be expect the world to stop, but that doesn’t mean everything around us isn’t painful, and ncluding seeing other little girls turning two. Press in to those moments. They can be taken away in the blink of an eye. 😢

  4. Why did you just say “Oh bubba” when Atticus deliberately knocked over the folded boxes at your office? It’s your job to gently tell him not to do that and help him pick them up, not the poor girl who works for you. Kids need to be taught manners, hon.

    1. Here is one thing I will never understand… whyyy people think that what they see in 120 seconds of Insta stories each day represents what happened or who a person is or how a person parents. How do you know I didn’t pull him aside after and talk to him about it OFF social media? How do you know I didn’t make him go pick them up and help Emily (our employee) restack them? How would you possibly the know the extent of my parenting if you only saw a 10 second clip? Please do not be so close minded 🙂 thanks!

  5. Oh I love your 12 Things Posts so much Amber!! They are so fun and random and interesting 😀
    I really would love to see a blogpost for Rosie with many old pictures!! Like you did on insta but with even more cute pics of her to remember!! That would be so lovely to see <3

    I wish you a wonderful time with Rosie and a lovely Thanksgiving!!
    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  6. Always LOVE your 12 things posts <3 BTW I put Barefoot Blond Hair on my Christmas list this year!! If I don't get it, I might need to see how I can work for you to get a free set of extensions #willworkforextensions LOL

    If you get the chance, check out my 2017 Travel Guide for Ladies & Gents – http://wp.me/p755kV-3t8


  7. I love when you do these!! I love that sweater too!!
    Ps I am so excited to hear who the applicants are for #bfbhaireverywhere 🤞🏼i hope to be one of them!! ❤️ Thank you for the amazing opportunity!!

  8. The 12 things format is so great. Atticus seems like such a positive little dude. Maybe you should do a list of your favorite things at Trader Joe’s sometime! Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and your family, Amber!

  9. I CANNOT WAIT to get some fresh good-smelling wreaths for my house! Here in Copenhagen the Christmas markets open up this afternoon, and I’m crossing my fingers that the one right outside my house has some beautiful greens to offer… I’m definitely going to start decorating this weekend and not wait until after Thanksgiving. Especially since weøll be coming back to the States for Chirstmas, I want to be able to enjoy it here as long as possible! Will it be weird to have decorations up during our Friendsgiving meal? Maybe… but I think we’re going to break out the Christmas cookies for decorating after dinner anyway so… might as well just go all out!
    Love it when you post 12 things 🙂 Always some fun peaks into your life! Looking forward to watching your insta story haha!

  10. This pink sweater is the cutest! I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts, so I will definitely have to listen to Oprah’s. Also, it’s never too early to start decorating for Christmas in my opinion 😉

    Mia | http://www.verymuchmia.com

  11. I’m in love with this bright pink sweater! You are looking adorable in this outfit. 🙂
    Such a cute/ fun facts to share, I agree decorating isn’t a “cheap sport” and I’m all about getting into festive mood
    and early Christmas tree decoration myself too. 🙂


  12. You look beautiful as always! Can’t believe Rosie is two already my son turned two a few weeks ago! They grow up so fast! 😫