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Summer is officially here! Ok, so it’s not June 20th yet but it sure feels like summer. The other weekend we had so much fun at Pier 25. If you haven’t been, or are planning to visit the city with kids any time soon, you definitely need to go. There’s so much to do. They have mini golf, beach volleyball courts, a skate park, and the most amazing splash pad/park for kids. By the end of our day there, we went to the end of the pier and caught them practicing flyovers for Memorial Day. It was the ending to a perfect day.

Atticus was born in the summer time and I quickly learned how hard it is to have a newborn in the summer because they can’t wear sunscreen till they are 6 months old. When Atticus was young we went to the beach and took all measures we could to keep him out of the sun, but didn’t realize that the reflection of the sun from the sand and water can actually cause a sunburn, and he got a little pink:/ It was so sad, so now I try and do whatever I can to protect their sensitive skin. That includes keeping my new favorite Aveeno Baby sunscreens in my bag. Luckily Rosie just turned 6 months, so that makes things so much easier. Before heading out in the sun we make sure to put it on the kids. I love the Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Face Stick SPF 50 for their faces because with toddlers especially, you don’t have long to rub it on and Atticus thinks it feels funny.

Here are a few other tips for keeping your babies safe in the sun:

– Remember to apply SPF 15 minutes before sun exposure.

– Avoid peak sun hours -Don’t assume that because it’s cloudy, you can’t get a sunburn.

– Even if they are just in the stroller, their feet and legs can be in the sun.

– Always have 2 of everything; 1 at home and 1 at the diaper bag. I keep the Aveeno Baby Face Stick in my bag because it’s so small and easy to use on the go for reapplication.

– Don’t use sunscreen till babies are 6 months old.

– I love long sleeve/full body swimsuits for more coverage. You can find Rosie’s here (Sold out, also love this one)

-Hats are great, although Atticus still doesn’t love wearing them:/ Short, thin baby hair doesn’t provide much coverage for their sensitive scalps. Bonnets are such a cute option for girls, and I get most of A’s hats at H&M. Have fun this summer and stay safe under the sun!

*Thanks to Aveeno for sponsoring this post.


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  1. I LOVE the picture of you applying the sunscreen to your hand before Rosie’s legs because (this will sound weird) but it made it easier to normalize you! I often struggle with seeing such a beautiful person and realizing they’re just like me and just as normal as me, but seeing your dirty, unpainted fingernails made it easier to remember that we’re all human :*

  2. Thank you for sharing part of your day with us as a blogger myself it is so wonderful to see people taking the time even though you might have to add some products in the shots here or there that you are opening up your life to us! You’re an inspiration.

  3. Hi Amber! I don’t know if you have already mentioned this before but have you ever used Makeup Forever’s Liquid Foundation? If you have, would you recommend it other than the Estee Lauder? Thank you! xo

  4. Amber! 🙂 so I’m hoping this is where you wanted the comments for the competition? My baby is due in only 7 weeks and I’m casually freaking out haha but reading your posts and seeing your instagrams make me feel so much better about becoming a yummy mummy 🙂 you make it look so easy to look so good with 2 little munchkins and I hope I can do the same
    I’m only 21 and live in Australia and I did the whole churchy thing with my husband: got married and got pregnant real quick! So quick that my entire honeymoon I had horrible morning sickness 🙁 so romantic! Haha I actually grew up using aveeno too! I love it so much and will definitely use it on my babies
    Thanks for inspiring me in the time I feel most like a hippo with this big baby bump!
    Love Shenoa 🙂

  5. At what age is it safe to start putting sunscreen on my baby?

    Patricia Treadwell
    pediatric dermatologist
    The best way to protect a baby from the sun is to keep him in the shade of a tree, umbrella, or stroller and dress him in long sleeves and a hat. But if that’s not possible, it’s fine to use a small amount of sunscreen, no matter how young your baby is.

    I recommend choosing a “physical” sunscreen – one made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Unlike the stuff in chemical sunscreens that the skin absorbs, which may cause irritation or allergic reactions, these ingredients merely sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s rays. There’s no evidence chemical sunscreens are dangerous or toxic, but we just don’t know enough yet about how their ingredients affect babies.

  6. Hi Amber! My sister and I absolutely love you and your cute little family! You are such an inspiration to us. I was just wondering where you got your cute sandals in the pic of Rosie standing up? I’ve been looking for some adorable black sandals I love these!!! Xoxo

    1. Hi Ali!! Thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you and your sis!! (tell her hi for me!!) And the sandals are Steve Madden from Nordstrom but they aren’t available anymore 🙁 So sad!

  7. Hi Amber! I love following you and your family on your blog! Where did you get your sandals in this post?! I’ve been looking for a cute black strap sandal. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi love!! Thanks so much for following along and for the sweet comment 🙂 And my sandals are Steve Madden from Nordstrom, but they aren’t available anymore 🙁

    1. I know it!! The more rolls the better 🙂 And aww thank you! glad you liked it!

  8. Hey Amber! Where’s Rosie’s hat from? She’s so cute 🙂

  9. OMG! The kiss with Rosie is just adorable. The pics are beautiful

    1. Thank you doll!! That seriously is nicest compliment!! I love hearing feedback 🙂 I appreciate it!!

  10. Amber! How long are you in Italy for? Are you planning a meet up? I’ll be there in 2 weeks and would love love love to come to a meet up.

    PS- Your trip a few years back totally inspired the trip I’m on now 🙂 After seeing your photos from Plitvice Lakes in Croatia I’ve been saving to go!! After Croatia is Italy!

    1. Hi Sarah!! We are leaving next week actually! So we will barely miss you! I hope you’re having a great time!! Croatia is beautiful huh?!

  11. Sweet pics. Im hoping still for Summer and Sun in germany.
    why should i Not ist suncreme for Babys under 6 month???? Sorry i heared this the First time… doctors in germany recommend Sun cream for Babys from the beginning… now I am confused????

    1. Thank you so much!! And I am just following the recommendations from my doctor 🙂 I am sure some say it is okay to use a little but there’s chemicals in sunscreen that can be harmful for babies.

      1. Ah THanks. I allways Used suncreame with mineral Filter without chemicals.

  12. I am absolutely obsessed with all of your photos and videos and blog posts. They literally make my day. I’m always so excited to see what the Clarks are up to on the day to day via snap. What is the wide angle lens you guys use? Are there any specific filters/editing strategies you use to edit your photographs? They always turn out absolutely AMAZING!!! I guess it helps that you have a beautiful family 😉

  13. Hey Amber!! Love love love your posts! I keep up everyday, you’re beautiful! Where did you get the sun hat you are wearing in this post? Xoxo from Iowa <3

  14. Sometimes I wonder how your babies came out so freakin’ adorable, but, I mean.. look at you two! How could they not?♥ You are a beautiful and extremely happy family, always love to see a new post Amber 🙂 xo

  15. Hi! Can I ask about your camera that you’re using for taking pictures and lens?

  16. Hi Amber! I love too Aveeno products for my baby girl Ginevra (18 Months)…..What do you think about Aveeno products for adults? I’m very happy you are in Italy al the moment…Do you plan to see Pisa or Florence? Because I’d like so much to meet you!!! If you’ll visit Tuscany I recommend you to visit Lucca ( beautiful city ) and Camugliano (tipical Tuscan village
    Eleonora from Italy

  17. Those nails of yours have stayed on for so long! What kind are they? (Gels, acrylics?) Love them 🙂

  18. So cute! I love seeing photos of your kiddos, looks like you all had a fun memorial weekend – I hope you’re enjoying Italy now 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

    1. Wow thank you!! That is seriously the nicest compliment! 🙂

  19. Rosie looks adorable in that bonnet and the full sleeve swim suit! Good to know that babies can’t wear sunscreen until 6 months — I had no idea! Lovely photos of what sounds like a perfect day!! xoxo

  20. Amber, your kids are such cuties!! I have a travel question! Have you ever been to Switzerland? I am going there in a few weeks and I wanted to know if you had any good places!!
    Xoxo// V

  21. Hey amber! Your travels give me so much inspiration!! This year I will be going to Switzerland and I wondered if you have ever been // if you had any fun places to go!! Xoxo, Virginia

  22. Oh my goodness rosie is to die for!!!!! And atticus is just the cutest little boy ever!!

  23. It’s also important to reapply every 2 hours since the sunscreen wears off! I am sure you do, but I didn’t see it listed so I wanted to comment since most people don’t do this! As an aesthetician, I tell all my clients this and a lot of them say they forget, but it’s so important! 🙂

  24. You make the cutest babies! We love Aveeno for our son. Awesome pics!!!

  25. Hello! I’ve tried multiple types of sunscreen on my toddler but they all leave a really ugly white cast on my toddler and he hates it and keep in mind my son loves putting on lotion so I’ve had a difficult time finding a good sunscreen. Does this one simply go on the skin like lotion or does it leave a residue on the skin? I’m excited to try it as in the pictures that doesn’t seem to be the case!

    1. I have the same problem. Every time I apply sunscreen on my daughter’s face, it leaves (or gradually develops) a white “line” just around her hairline.. Then her hair is all greasy around it, too… I am really hoping that this Aveeno stick will solve it. Looking forward to trying it and thanks for the tips, Amber.

    2. Check out ColoreScience, it’s a mineral powder sunscreen. My sister was introduced to it by her dermatologist. We used it for a week in Puerto Rico and never got any sunburn on our faces. I loved that it was water resistant as well as didn’t run into your eyes like a lotion one would.

  26. Rosie has the cutest rolls ever! I can’t wait until my little guy starts to get them. It is my favorite baby stage. 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more about how important sunscreen and sun protection are. Especially on our little ones. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  27. I never would have thought about the sand reflecting the sun!!! So good to know for the future! Such great tips, will definitely be picking up some of these products for le diaper bag! Hope you guys are enjoying Italy!!! Living vicariously through you while I’m stuck inside finishing my last university class… 🙂


  28. Lovely! There are adorable!! It’s so much fun to take them out on summer time.
    Great tips for summer time!

  29. Hello Amber! Where are your hat from? It’s beautiful!

  30. how this is so cute! I didnt know you couldnt put sunscreen on them for 6 months that does make things challenging!! Glad you had a wonderful time! Sending love!!

  31. Okay, these pics are too cute! You looked like you had a great day with your family. Thanks for the sunscreen tips for the kiddos, I will for sure keep it in mind when I have some of my own one day.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  32. Heey love you’re pictures!! Youre kids are so cute!!!!! He may i ask where did you buy those amazing sandals? Much love from Holland!! ????????????

  33. You’re such an amazing momma!! I love her little bonnet and suit…I mean could her little rolly legs be any more precious!! 🙂 Thankful for these tips when facing the summers sunshine!! Aveeno is such a fantastic brand!
    Terrell in OKC

  34. Love these pictures! Hope you and your family have a great time in Italy! Please make a travel diary or like itinerary because I want to visit so badly.

  35. Rosie’s little swimsuit onesie kills me. She’s adorable!


  36. I love me some Aveeno. And why is that babies can’t wear sunscreen until their 6 months old? Is their skin so fragile that they can’t take whatever’s in sunscreen? And oh no, poor Atticus!

  37. Good tips for sunscreen usage! You also have to make sure that your sunscreen has UVA and UVB protection. Really simplified: UVA rays cause cancer & UVB rays burn your skin. SPF only refers to the UVB protection it provides. Even if you don’t burn, you could still be getting rays that damage your cells if you don’t have adequate UVA protection. At this point, the most effective and safest UVA and UVB protection on the market is a sunscreen that contains 20% zinc oxide. has a great sunscreen guide where you can find the safest and most effective sunscreens available. I used to work as a surgeon assist and all day long all we would do was remove skin cancer. It made me pretty serious about sun protection.

  38. There is just too much cuteness in this post! I didn’t realize that about sunscreen and little babies…so glad y’all had a great time at the Pier!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl