Oh man.. after 13 hours of work and 2 hours at the gym.. I am seriously loving laying in my heater blanket in my cozy bed.
Why yes, I said heater blanket!!! I use it year round.. especially since I live in the basement and its freeeezin down here!
I already tweeted this last night but I am going to say it again.. Why is it so much more special hearing “I love you” as opposed to “love you”?! for some reason, at least for me that little ‘I’ being thrown in the mix makes it so much better. I know they mean the same thing and one doesn’t mean more than the other but still… does anyone agree with me?
Well I love all my readers! Goodnight!
{here are some recent pics and pics from when I was in France that haven’t been posted!}
Spikes and a braid! I just used a spike necklace as a head band and started my braid off as a side French Dutch braid and ended it like a normal brand and then pulled the sides like I did in my Long Braid Tutorial! If that made no sense let me know and I will cook up a tutorial
 My friends from Paris that I met while I was there got me these amazing studded booties from Zara as a going away gift! They are the absolute sweetest. How could they know me so well after only a week?
 Another gift while I was in Paris
 An amazzzzing gift from Rebecca Minkoff!!! Ah love everything about everything she makes. The inside of this is blue polka dots. You would die.
I am also wearing it: here.
 I am doing my basic curl tutorial so stay tuned
 A family in Draper, Utah has a zebra for a pet and they let people come feed her! Her name is Zuri the zebra! So cute.
 Chanel feeding Zuri!
 Sometimes I feel like this eye is judging me when I eat handfuls of candy………..
But then again I also feel weird getting naked to change in front of my roommates lab (a dog) that stays in our room…
So, yeah.
(I am just kidding… mostly)
Little Zuri
Cold and rainy in Paris
I love when my boyfriend just watches chemistry/science videos for so long and has just the most fascinated look on his face. It seriously is the cutest dang thing ever. I scored such a hot nerd. Sigh. 🙂
Goodnight for real this time!!!
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  1. where do you get your ideas/inspirations for nail art? They always look great!

  2. I totally agree about the I love you thing. I honestly think that there is more meaning when the “I” is added. It seems to be easier to say “love ya.”