Tid bits of my life lately:
 Sis and I went to go see Titanic 3d a little bit ago
 We of course wore pajamas and brought blankets 🙂 I hate being cold in movie theaters! The worst.
 Me and my camelback about to go on our hike!
 Made it to the top! Whenever I get to the top I never want to come down cause its always so pretty. So I usually will read on my phone or something for a while. Its my favorite.
 Went to the mountains and did some yoga and running
 My new skirt from D.I.
 Okay I love this hair style. I have seen it a few times and decided to try it.. I felt like a princess leia milk maid….. but it was still one of my new favs!! So classic. I did it and went to church thinking, “okay I know all the boys will think its silly but I don’t care.” and I assumed the girls would probably like it since they are more up to date on what the new hair styles are… but nope! It was most definitely the other way around! The boys loved it and the girls made comments on it but almost like they thought it was funny or something! Random right? I thought so!
 While the boys were at School of Rock Chanel and I went to PetsMart and Nordstrom Rack…. barefoot might I add haha.
 I got this new Bruce Springsteen tank and I am in love. Maybe a little toooo in love since I practically live in it these days!
 I gotta love my pinterest quotes 🙂
 trying on hats at Nordstrom Rack
 I saw this in Fitness magazine yesterday and reeeeallly liked it. “optimism is something you can strengthen like a muscle” I just really love that!
 picking these girls up from dance is seriously so much fun for me! haha they love having the windows down and blasting the music and its so funny watching them jam in the back with their hair blowing out of control haha its so dang cute I love it. {they wear their seat belts of course :)}
My new favorite necklace from H&M
So yesterday I woke up and just thought, “I want to have the best day today”. I was going to have a normal day, run errands, nanny, gym, bed time.. but I just thought I want to be even more happy every day from now on. So I told myself I was going to have an amazing day and then got home last night and realized I really did have an amazing day… nothing changed about my day except my attitude and I was sooo happy when I got home! Crazy how telling yourself something so simple can make such a difference in your whole day.
Hope everyone has a good day today!


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  1. Hey amber! Just reading through your blog and just wanted to say I really love your optimism and your upbeat posts! Totally agree that everyone needs to embrace their silliness – it’s my fave thing about my husband – we laugh everyday about the silliest things!

    1. Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me 🙂 I am glad you are following along now!! xo

  2. This is so random, but I have been looking for that exact bruce springsteen tank top all over and had NO luck! I was trying to search for it online and when I was googling things… I came across your blog! I absolutely love and need that tank! Where did you get it from?

    Again, SORRY to be so random!


    Kelly 🙂

  3. You are adorable!! And I totally feel the same way! Sometimes I think that my life is on repeat and I HATE IT! I love being spontaneous so telling myself today is going to be special/an amazing day is soooo important to me!!



  4. I love my camelback! I’m pretty sure I drank a ton more water since I got it. Thanks for that motivational story. It really does help to just change your attitude. You can always decide to just be happy.

  5. Jackie! I actually got it at Costco for like 12 bucks or something! It’s not camelback brand it’s a knock off version but it works great and I love mine! I’ve had it for a year or so! And I was just at Costco a couple days ago and saw them right when you walk in on the right! You guys should go get some and we need to go on hikes and camping trips!