This past week it was my cousin Lauren and my brother’s graduation!! So here are some pics from that:
my love
during graduation this is what David and I do….
Cutest Lauren
 My sissy Ashley {she has the best skin, ever. it looks freaken photoshopped.}
 cousin Christina (left) my littlest sis Jamie (right)
 My brother and his cute preggo wife!!
My honey carries my heels for me when I can’t walk in them any longer haha
Just the best boyfriend
After graduation dinner
It was also my cute mama’s birthday! I was at my friend’s house in Paris and they brought out a cake with all these huge candles on it and when they lit them they did was she is holding and I thought it was so dang cool. So of course I brought some back.
My dad saw the candle and said, “do you think we should do that outside?”
me: “nah” (sometimes I dont think things through)
Turns out we should have! We almost set off the smoke detector.
Okay so… I made my handsome and I some dinner for our din din/breaking bad date last night and I thought I would share the recipes I used!
 I figured since I like to braid hair…. why not braid the crust of our pie?!
Martha Stewart’s Banana Cream Pie
 The braided crust looks much less cute once its cooked.. but the pie was delish.
Recipe: here
Thanks Martha.
{if it is your first time making a pie, watch her make this pie on her show here}
Cucumber/Mint Lemonade
When David and I were in Vegas we had the most delicious mint/cucumber lemonade and I keep trying to remake it but nothing works! I didn’t love this recipe.. it is just cucumbers and mint leaves pureed and then mixed with lemonade.. I guess I will have to keep trying! If anyone has any good recipes for this please share!
Rachel Ray’s Chili Con Queso Pasta Bake
 I forgot to take a pic, so I stole this from the website with the recipe! It requires quite a few ingredients, but it is super easy and so yummy! I really loved it!
Recipe: here
 Breaking Bad dinner date.
If you don’t watch Breaking Bad you are seriously missing out!


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  1. That pie looks delicious and darling. I too love cucumber lemonade. Have you tried the kind from Postino in Phoenix? Delish. I have a recipe for more of a cucumber limeade that is really good, but not really good for you haha 😉

  2. Cucumber mint lemonade sounds delicious! I hope you find the perfect recipe! I hate when one doesn’t work out :(.