All sharing a powerade at the car wash 🙂
 My new wild gold shades
 fishin 🙂
 My Sunday hair for church
 and then I changed
 David and I camping
 And another
 Jackie and I 🙂
 Our lovely self timer pic
 My mountain man helping me fish
 Bout to go on a bike ride with David
 Slumber party camp out in the back yard
 Me and the girls
 Bree and I laying in the street in an ally
I like her.
Oh and dont forget to enter the giveaway below.. because not many people have… WTF. Free eyelash extensions? What more could you ask for?! jk… but seriously enter. freak. 🙂
Have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. Hi where did you get the american flag heart necklace in your gold sunglasses pic? I LOVE it!!! – Katie

  2. Love your ‘church hair’!! Could you do a tutorial or just simple instructions how you did it?!? 🙂 🙂

  3. Who is the maker of your beautiful red lily of the valley sunday dress?