We went on this amazing hike and this was our view… France is on the left and Switzerland is on the right! So gorgeous.
Well I am not lookin so good… but at least the kids grammy looks cute as ever!! She is too sweet.
cutest trail ever right?
I die. So unreal.
explored this castle the other day.
haha so see this gate? well I wanted to explore that castle so I walk right through the gate and start exploring. I heard yelling behind me but it was all in French so I didnt pay too much attention. Then I hear running.
They were chasing me. I didn’t know you had to pay and walked right by without paying. hahaha I felt so dumb.
This was my last day at the beach. I kept thinking how I never want to forget how blue and pretty this water is.. (it is seriously bluer than the water was when I was in Fiji) and so I just sat and stared for hours and hours. Haha I figured, the more I stare the better I will be able to remember and not forget… right? I hope thats how it works!
I love the Saturday/Sunday markets in town.
I wanted to spruce up my room.. so I went on a walk and picked some ombre roses.. or at least the closest to ombre I could find!
Point of this picture being taken: remember that hairstyle I posted? The twists on the side with the fishtail in back? First day seen: here, second day (looks better second day): here. Anyhow I woke up the THIRD day and took out the twists and braid to get this! Amazing messy waves! And the fourth day I wore it in a cute messy pony. Yay for 4 hair styles, no heat, and no washing!

The back of the waves.. I didnt do my braid all the way to the end so my ends are kind of straight… but I like it like that anyhow. But if you dont, braid yours closer to the end!

Have you guys ever tried Speculoos? Good gosh. That stuff is so dang good. I bought two for my journey in Geneva, Nice, and Paris and two to take home. It is France’s version of Peanut Butter. Only on crack.
I eat it by the spoonful.
Sometimes in the middle of the night. (yes I have a bottle by my bed) (I am on vacation)
I LOVVVVE this cat!!! She is so pretty huh? And she just snuggles me 🙂
This right here is what makes a tiny bit of homesickness go away. Snuggling time.
Watching Antoine box his friend. Antoine will seriously be a famous athlete of some sort one day, or famous for something. He is so good at everything he does, literally. EVERYTHING. You name it, he is amazing at it first try. It is crazy. Not to mention he is so darn sweet.
The little time keeper/ref/whatever you call it for the boxing match
Macaroons and baths. Seriously, what is better after a long day?
Even after he is mean to me, I still can’t help but melt every time I see his cutest little smile. Ugh. Gets me every time.
Uh ohhhh….
You would THINK, “oh I am homesick. I am going to watch Shark Speed music videos on YouTube.” (my boyfriend’s band) …. nope. Bad idea. Don’t do it. Makes it worse, trust me.
The face of a boy who is up to no good..
Anyways, wish me luck on my little adventure!

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  1. Hi Amber! I know that this is SUCH an old post, but I’m wondering if you can tell me the name of the hike from the first few pictures (or the approximate area if you can’t remember the exact name). I’m planning a trip to the area and would love to add it to my itinerary. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Soooo Amber, I don’t know if anyone told you this yet but Trader Joe’s sells their version of Speculoos and lots of people are raving about it, calling it crack, etc! Hope you have a TJ’s by you 🙂

  3. How did you not make a career out of modeling? That’s what I’d like to know?!