Peonies for Days

AHHH! Peony pics!!!! I had been dreaming of going to Washington to see the peonies for ages ever since I heard you could go pick them! It was so dreamy I kept pinching myself. The first farm we went to wishes to remain private but she was the best host for the day and took the kids all over the farm on the tractors, got us fresh strawberries from the farm next door, and was just so great to us. The next farm we went to was called Pure Peonies and anyone can go and tour or pick them! It is so so so beautiful so I highly recommend it! It started raining by the time we got to the second farm but it was still so amazing. I will also be posting a little video from our time there on my insta!

I brought those little baskets for the kids to push around and yes it did take up almost a whole checked bag haha! I was like “david, what are your thoughts if I brought these baskets?” and before I even finished he said “nope” ha but I reeeeally thought they would be fun for the kids and so cute so we brought them anyways! 😉

Also if you go there is a Lululemon outlet store that you’ll pass and you can’t miss a chance to go in there! Such good stuff!


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  1. These photos are unreal! Looks like such an amazing space…and love that you and Rach are such great friends it’s so sweet!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. Can’t believe you were in my hometown!!! Would you mind sharing what lens and camera David uses? These photos are magical 😍

  3. These pictures are gorgeous!!! Love getting to see my two favorite bloggers go on trips together! & I think the basket were a great choice, the kids look so cute with them!!!

  4. Do you have website for Pure Peonies or an address for them?

  5. Ok, this is sooo dreamy! Peonies have been my grandmother’s favorite flowers since I was born, so they always remind me of her! And those push baskets were totally worth the extra checked bag, even if David doesn’t agree! LOL


  6. What a beautiful post! I bet these smelled even better than they looked! I have fresh cut peonies in my vase right now too and they make my dining room look so festive! I got them at Lidl 7 days ago and they still look great! XOXO M

  7. OMG! I’ve been waiting for this blog post ever since watching your insta story. Absolutely gorgeous photos from what looks like the perfect day <3

  8. LOVE!!! I’ve been waiting for these pics since your insta stories! Now I’m dying to go next spring, so beautiful! Also, fav thing ever when my two fav bloggers collab!

  9. Sooo pretty. My little girl was looking over my shoulder and goes, “where did you get those pictures from?” haha. She loved the photos too!

  10. So pretty! It looks like a dream! I would have totally gotten those little baskets as well. We have a lavender farm around us that we’re hoping to get to this summer, but Peonies would be awesome! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  11. Wonderful pictures, so pretty!
    Also, these little baskets are adorable. I would have bought them as well <3


  12. I’ve never heard of this and now I must put this on my bucket list. The photos are gorgeous. Where is your pretty hat from?