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  1. Great to hear you are going private. You truly are the definition of a hypocrite. The fact that you can dish it out but cant take any criticism speaks volumes about your character. You judge people on how they dress for Halloween, yet you used to dress the same way, but since you have had some sort of epiphany you are now so much better than “those people who dress like that.” And yes I do still read all your blogs, I get paid to go around reading blogs to get a sense of what people are doing and how they react to certain things. Ill just let you know that I am a guy and I am married. I hope you take this criticism and use it the right way. Be careful what you say on a public blog, people do read them. I guarantee every guy that courts, or attempts to court, you will read this blog. I know you are single simply by reading what you write about people and how you view others. While you may have dated a lot of guys it is fairly obvious why you haven’t been able to maintain a relationship. All the best of luck to you and this is the last time I will be on your page or write on it. So feel free to delete this but I hope some of what I say sticks. You are a beautiful person on the outside but that beauty will only take you so far. Take care….. ANONYMOUS

  2. Hey its me… the good anonymous from the other day. I have this strong urge to write you a novel/ego boost.

    Fact: the “jerk” anonymous is actually seriously comical. Don’t let them hurt your feelings, I sit and laugh extremely hard when I see the effort put into putting you down.

    (please note the comment on this post from the said “jerk” anonymous.)

    I translate that into…”Please give me more ammunition to make myself feel better”. Luckily you are a bright girl and already understand the high this person is receiving from putting you down.

    I have to commend you for your journey to really find out who you are and understand what you stand for. The love you have for your family and friends is AWESOME, I wish we were friends in real life.

    I will tell you I am a girl, I am 23 and married, (lds) not that it matters.
    I don’t typically get jealous, but of you girl?! I admit, I do a little. As you would call it a humble brag I would like to say that I don’t hate people I am jealous of. I actually LOVE them, like a little trinket I want to keep in my pocket and carry it always, or a baby that is so sweet you wanna squeeze its guts out (but don’t because that would be extremely messed).

    Fact: I know this sounds gay, I feel gay… I swear I am not! 🙂

    Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is you’re beautiful, fun and intelligent. Please don’t stop giving people a reason to hate you!


  3. i know arent they those most adorable little lovebugs ever!!!?? ahhh so cute!! and pc was amazing! i wish you could have come! and ill keep telling myself people are jealous. they are pretty mean.

  4. those little girls are ADORABLE!!! and PC sounds amazing! love you sis and dont worry what people say bottom line they are just jealous.