IMG_6062IMG_6132 IMG_6073IMG_6147IMG_6129-1IMG_6246IMG_6199IMG_6189IMG_6281IMG_6157IMG_6180 IMG_6219IMG_6182IMG_6309IMG_6317 IMG_6316 IMG_6101DRESS: ASOS; similar pieces here and here

HEELS: Windsor; similar here and here

BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Vegas Volt’ over top MAC ‘Snob’

**photos taken by the one and only Jessica Janae

I saw this dress a while back in June and thought it was cute and it was on sale so decided to order it and see how it was in person and was so taken back by how much I loved it that I decided to save it for Fashion Week. It is unfortunately no longer available but you can see other pieces made by Olivia Rubin here.

I love to mess around with braids and sometimes I don’t pay attention while doing them when I should haha I did this one in two seconds really quick before the Rebecca Minkoff show and I hadn’t even looked at the back of it.. So when I got home and finally had a chance to look I actually didn’t love the way the back of it looked so it made me feel better when the hair ended up being featured on Refinery 29, Bloomingdales, and a few other places hoping that meant no else paid too much attention to the back :). But if you are going to try this hairstyle it is just two french dutch braids on each side and a big normal french braid in back.. If I were to do it again though I would bring in the dutch braids a little lower to my neck, fyi.

To see what my friend, Cara, is wearing in these photos with me you can visit her blog, here! xo


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  1. What a perfect little dress! Olivia’s designs are awesome, and quite affordable for how beautiful they are.

  2. Hi Amber! Love this dress! Your hair and makeup went perfectly with it! I recently discovered your blog and am obsessed with it! You’re so gorgeous and I can tell you are so sweet and genuine 🙂 I read in one of your posts that you use the FakeBake Airbrush spray as your self tanner. Did you have that tanner on in this post? I bought this tanner and it did nothing for me 🙁 Actually, it did do something, it turned the bottoms of my feet brown from the settling of the spray onto my floor. whoopsies. Any recommendations about the tanner? Is the lotion better? Thanks!!!

    1. Alexis!! Ah sorry that happened! I actually get sprayed now professionally, its just so much easier but when I am in a hurry and don’t have a spray tan then I use Fake Bake! The airbrush is harder to apply so if you had a hard time with it I would say use the lotion, it is a bit more user friendly!! 🙂

  3. Hey Amber,
    First off, love your blog! Secondly, who are the other girls with you in that picture?

    1. The other girls are Rachel from Pink Peonies, Julia from Gal Meets Glam, Cara from Cara Loren, Kat from With Love From Kat, and Sophie from Angel Food Style

  4. I can’t imagine what that would be like. To be so beautiful that everyone wants to look at you and take your picture. It must feel absolutely amazing.
    Great blog – I really like reading it

    1. Aw thank you! And girl I am sure if you were walkin down there they would be snappin pics of you too! 🙂 xoxo

  5. Hi Beautiful Amber! What can I say? I am in love with this dress and heels combo and certainly your Amazing hair!!!! I again love your style from head to toe, and I so wish I could have you color my hair! You are a doll and I am one of your biggest fans!! XO

  6. Hi Amber!

    I only recently discovered your blog – through instagram – and I love it! Ever since last week I’ve been browsing through your blog linking and mailing great finds like the sugar scrub, braid tutorials and banana bleaches to my (most fashionable and beauty loving) girlfriends. I love the way you come across so funny in your writings and I. adore. your. sense of style. So, I guess this is a sort of thank you for writing so much great things on! I feel inspired :).

    Oh, and I love Chauncey. I’ve been asking for a golden retriever ever since I was a kid. (Like in every single letter to Santa) My boyfriend promised me we’d get one as soon as we buy a house. Safe to say I’ve been showing him every cute puppy Chauncey pic this past week just as a reminder 😀

    Lots of love from Belgium,

    1. Kirsten!! Oh that is so sweet of you and that totally just brightened my day!! 🙂 Thanks so much for that comment and I hope you get your golden! Let me know when you do and send a pic! I am obsessed with golden retrievers!! Sending my love!!! xo

  7. You look incredible! LOVE this dress so so much. Looks like Fashion Week was a blast 🙂 Was this the first year you attended??

  8. I love how you did your hair – I wish I could do the same, but my hair is too thin to create a nice, voluminous braid.
    Jessica is an amazing photographer. She captured so many great moments of you and Cara.

    1. Oh girl mine is way too thin too! I totally use extensions for all of my hair style!! Otherwise my hair is much too thin! And Jessica really is so talented!! 🙂