Since I have been traveling alone I have just been making friends with locals! There is a pizza shop next door to my hotel and the boys who own it are the nicest people! They keep saying, “we just want you to enjoy the short time you have in our country” and their hospitality has seriously stunned me! I went and met their families because it was momo’s dad’s birthday and they were equally as nice! So lucky to have met fun, respectful friends to show me a good time in Paris! Not to mention, since they own the pizza place they have been stuffing my face with free pasta, salads, pizza, drinks… I am going to get fat!
We went to see the tower the other night to watch it light up and get desserts to eat under the tower! I was like a little school girl watching it light up, the boys were laughing so hard. I could not believe how amazing it was!!!! ahhh. And then they took me to this mountain with a view over ALL of Paris, I couldn’t get a good picture of it but it was unreal!
skinnies: j brand / shirt: zara / jacket: forever 21 / wedges: payless; similar: here
 my hotel desk
 eating our desserts under the tower!
Like I said, these boys are going to fatten me up. Anytime we go anywhere:
“are you hungry?”
“no I am okay!”
“no treats? candy? desserts?”
“no really I am okay thank you though!”
“no lets get you some desserts”
 hello simba.
in which I ate a million macaroons in one sitting.
skinnies: j brand / shirt: zara / jacket: forever 21 / wedges: payless; similar: here
Our frozen treats were not a good idea for this cold night! Although I usually get tigers blood and went wild last night and got apple 🙂

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  1. I’ve just recently discovered your blog and you are too cute! Finding out your a member just makes it all the better and I would love if you talked about how you stay so fit because it’s ridiculous how gorgeous your figure is!

  2. Your skin is GLOWING it’s so clear and radiant!! That’s awesome you can stay so clear in that hot weather! I sure can’t!

  3. I don’t understand how you stay SO skinny and eat unhealthy??!! Do tell what your secrets are!!

  4. I think I met those same guys/went to the same pizza place when I was in Paris! They made me a heart-shaped pizza, they were really sweet!