Barefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyleBarefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyle
Barefoot Blonde Mother's Day with Pandora and InStyle

BLAZER: H&M // TOP: H&M // JEANS: H&M // LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heatwave’

Being a mom is definitely my greatest accomplishment and always will be. I love that I have so many candid moments captured with my kids – I love laying in bed at night and going through old photos or even photos from that day or week. I had a lot of really great examples of what I should strive be when I was growing up. My mom was just in town and she probably did about 30 loads of laundry for us throughout the week, kept our apartment spotless, watched the kids, cooked for us etc. I am always amazed how much she can get done. My aunt is another big inspiration to me – I still remember all the crafts and activities she put together for us as kids. Anytime we came in town she had little gift baskets waiting on our beds for us and it always felt like Christmas coming to her house. She treated every day like a celebration and that was so fun to us. For Mother’s Day I have teamed up with PANDORA to do this special shoot. I got to wear these amazing PANDORA pieces – I absolutely loved all of the champagne and pink jewelry and their Rose line. I also love all of the dainty rings, they look so good all stacked and mix n matched. PANDORA’S Mother’s Day collection is really special and unique. Jewelry is always a great gift to give a woman. It is so timeless and you can customize it for your own relationship and make it feel really personal.

I have been so excited to share some of these photos with you since it was such an exciting project for me. In this month’s issue of InStyle you can see me and my babies and it was so fun for me to see!! I know David showed you guys some of the behind the scenes for this shoot on Periscope so maybe you already saw, but we had about 25 people, catering, lighting, camera crew, wardrobe, hair and makeup crew, etc etc all in our apartment – it was absolute madness. But soo fun since I have never gotten to do anything like that before.

You can also see the Mother’s Day video we made, here! Some of my favorite clips of Atticus 🙂

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  1. I love your blog!!! Where’s your white dress from? It’s beautiful!!

  2. Dear Amber,
    where did you get A’s dungarees?? It is freaking cute!

  3. Moms are seriously the best! And the amount of cleaning/cooking/anything my mom can get done is 100x more than I could in the same time frame! Amber, that is so amazing! What a cool experience, and to be in InStyle, that is so great! I am so happy and excited for you! Congratulations, you are the cutest momma! I hope that once our little guy is here, to be just as cute and fun of a mom as you are!!

    Much love, Angela

  4. You really are in magazines!!! ???? So beautiful! You look absolutely gorgeous! Your little ones are so precious!!! Love the look with Pandora!!! You rock Amber!!! ❤️❤️ Ya!!! xoxoxo

  5. Amber,

    I was seriously SO excited to see you in InStyle magazine. I’ve only been following your blog for close to a year but I just can’t imagine how excited people are for you who have followed you for years! I’m also really glad I got to see this project with Pandora because when I think of Pandora, I just think of charms/beads for bracelets and I don’t like wearing bracelets. BUT I love stackable rings so I’m glad I learned that Pandora has super cute ones.

  6. Love the white dress! And your hair in those photos too. Do you have a tutorial for that braid style?

  7. Amber the video is so cute! Congratulations on this collaboration you are too sweet and so are your little angels. Love following along on snapchat and just wanted to show support and say hi hehe. I am your same age and a mom of 2 too lol Lots of love from Delray Beach, FL Xo

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 And most importantly, thank you for following along!! It means the world!! xo

  8. Your littles are so precious <3 And your little guy so reminds me of my oldest son. He basically refused to talk til he was 2.5, but he was such an animated, laid back little guy who definitely knew how to convey what he wanted without words 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much love!! That is too nice of you 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience!

  9. Such cute photos! And I love your classy look in the playroom with your babes 🙂 Also, I’m sorry you are getting criticism about Atticus’s speech 🙁 I don’t have twitter (so old fashioned…) so I didn’t see what was going on there, but no one should be criticizing you/him for that! I just graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and it is totally normal for children to develop at different speeds. People just get so worked up about it! It sounds like you are tuned into the fact that he may be taking his time a bit more than some other children his age, which means you are doing the best thing and should not be worried or criticized. It seems like he just might not be interested in talking yet. My older cousin didn’t read for way longer than her peers because she wasn’t interested in reading anything yet…then when the Harry Potter books came out she jumped from not reading at all to whipping through those big books in no time. It was just a matter of interest. Atticus is getting so many wonderful experiences traveling etc., and seems like such a happy kiddo! Don’t listen to the meanies out there…you rock, Mama!

  10. I just saw your snapchat and tweet directed at the horrible people who’d judge a small child. First of all, go you for defending him! I applaud that.

    Second of all, I wanted to let you know my sister didn’t speak at all until she was three. My parents were worried she had hearing problems or maybe even other problems, and took her to a few doctors. Then a couple months after her 3rd birthday, she learned to speak in complete sentences within one week! She wanted to be friends with the little neighbor girl (who couldn’t understand her baby noises) so she decided she was going to talk. It’s so true that kids don’t talk until they want to and are ready!

    My sister is now almost 20 years old and extremely successful. She is pre-med at UCLA and is an assistant at a psychologist’s office. She has a leadership role in her top sorority, is a talented self-taught makeup artist, has a bangin’ bod, is socially skilled and drop-dead stunning to boot!

    My sister is the type of girl your haters wish they could be (not to mention that YOU are also the type of girl your haters wish they could be), and your son will lead just as fulfilling and envy-worthy of a life, regardless of when he chooses to speak. He is lucky to have a mom like you!!

    I am sorry you’re going through this! I will keep you in my prayers.

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  11. Look at you go! Congrats! And your hair always looks amazing, but for some reason it looks extra amazing in these pictures. Especially the ones of you in the blazer with it down!
    Also, I saw your snap which led me to your Twitter and just wanted to say my son wasn’t much of a talker either. I had certain members of my family criticizing me about it and making me feel like a bad mother, as well as my pediatrician who I have since switched from. Like you said about Atticus, my son was (and still is) quite physical and just wasn’t interested in talking yet. Around two he started to say more and more words and now at almost 2.5 we can’t get him to stop talking. Just wanted to send some encouragement even though from your Twitter you already know he will talk when he’s good and ready! And I’m so sorry you have to put up with that. I will never understand why people feel the need to attack someone else, especially a child.

  12. Amber first off I want to say you and your family are absolutely adorable. I always look forward to your blog every morning. I read your tweet about Atticus and it made me so sad! He is so stinken cute and reminds me so much of my son who is the same age. I can’t believe there are people who are so ignorant and cruel. You are an amazing role model and mom. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with those of us who love you guys.

  13. Such cute photos of your family!
    Re: your Twitter post- props to you for sticking up for your little man! I’m curious if you’ve ever thought about writing about your and Atticus’s experiences with speech therapy, to give your readers a glimpse into some of the struggles you might be encountering. I love all the vacay photos but things are never all rosy in any family!

  14. Amber your such a big inspiration to me! you inspire me to become a good person right now, be a good mother when I am your age, and you also how you have to beautiful babies to look after but you still find the time to write a blog post, produce amazing youtube videos ( which I love to watch) , and always look stunning while doing everything! :)<3 xx

  15. I read that you are getting criticisms over your little man not talking much. Can I just say people are idiots. And he is only so little still. Also I’m not sure how people would even know that about him. What I see from following you is a beautiful family, with two happy gorgeous children. You can see how much they are loved and who fun their lives are. I’m sure he says the perfect amount of cute words and that more and more are coming out all the time. Keep up the good work beautiful mumma.

  16. I aspire to raise my kid as well as you! Seeing you always focusing on the fun and happy times and making sure to get outdoors and travel all the time is just really inspiring for me to do the same. Every kid develops at a different rate, i was worried when it took my kid several extra months to start walking (big head problems) while my sis-in-law was worried because her 2 year old only said 2 words total. 6 months later both little dudes have totally figured it out and are doing great. Don’t let mean people bring you down.

  17. My mom passed away 15yrs ago so Mothers Day is remembering all our good times!! I cherish every moment I have with my twin daughters. Your blog post & video make me smile how adorable!!!!

  18. I also love what you wrote on Twitter! I can’t believe that people are talking about Atticus, who’s only two. (And btw he’s the cutest 2yr old ever). Some people need to grow up. I’m so glad you mentioned he’s doing amazing at his therapy… Go Atticus!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  19. People can be so mean! All kids are different! When my 6 year old was this age she was talking sentences but with my Lil guy who is 2 it’s totally different! He talks but a lot less than our daughter did. He’s slowly picking it up, and it doesn’t worry us at all because every kid develops at different paces! The most important thing is for kids to be happy and loved. Both your kids always look happy so try not to worry about what other people say!

  20. I loved the video!! It was so cute!! Love Atticus’s big smile! 🙂

  21. Such a beautiful family!! Can i ask where you got the pink dress from on the last clip of that video? I love it! Thank you!

  22. I love what you posted on Twitter. You are such an amazing mother and I aspire to be like you. From following along on your blog and social media you really have become a role model to me. Love you and your beautiful family!

  23. Oh but what about the dress where is it from?! You all are so lovely as usual xo

  24. Love what you wrote on Twitter!!!! First, the fact that people would even say stuff like that is honestly so sad that they would take their time to tak about any child like that, let alone Atticus!!! My brother and I used to be behind on speech and reading but we totally caught up and I would never say that I’m behind anyone my age right now, I’m actually ahead!!! Exposing Rosie and Atticus to different cultures is one of the best things you can do for them oh my goodness!!! So much love and prayers for your family! Hopefully people will be more mature!! Love to you guys from Indianapolis ????????????

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you posted on Twitter about Atticus!!! One of my best friends growing up could read chapter books when I struggled to read the lowest level books, being that we were only a few days apart it bothered my mom but she never mentioned it to me because she knew that I would develop just find and catch up and I totally did!!! By exposing Atticus and Rosie to all parts of the world is in my opinion the best education they can receive! Atticus is still basically a little baby, he shouldn’t be rushed to do anything and I love how you and David really embrace that!!! Atticus seems like such a loving, sweet and caring big brother!! My mom always says that compassion and care for others comes before any type of IQ level or grade on a test. I truly believe you are teaching Mr. A that and he is going to excel in life. You’re an amazing mom!!!! Atticus is such a perfect little boy ????????????

    1. Sorry Amber haha my phone messed up and posted so many so then I thought it didn’t post at all but then it post way too many HAHA I’m so sorry

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you posted on Twitter about Atticus!!! One of my best friends growing up could read chapter books when I struggled to read the lowest level books, being that we were only a few days apart it bothered my mom but she never mentioned it to me because she knew that I would develop just find and catch up and I totally did!!! By exposing Atticus and Rosie to all parts of the world is in my opinion the best education they can receive! Atticus is still basically a little baby, he shouldn’t be rushed to do anything and I love how you and David really embrace that!!! Atticus seems like such a loving, sweet and caring big brother!! My mom always says that compassion and care for others comes before any type of IQ level or grade on a test. I truly believe you are teaching Mr. A that and he is going to excel in life. You’re an amazing mom!!!! Atticus is perfect ????????????

  27. I can’t believe how some people can comment such mean things on Twitter. Atticus is such a sweet boy, it’s amazing how loving he is especially with his lil sis! ???? if I ever have a son, I honestly hope he’ll be as loving as A! ????

  28. I saw the article in Instyle a few days ago and I was so happy haha ! I was like ‘ OMG LOOK IT’S AMBER AHHHH” <3 I always love seeing other bloggers in places other than their blog ! It makes me so proud in weird way lol ! This shoot was lovely though, all of the photos are so cute, you can see how genuinely happy you are <3


  29. Oh my gosh. That comment down there about Atticus’ speech made me cry! I am SO SORRY that you had to read horrible comments about your baby. Seriously, people (MOTHERS???) were saying mean things about a BABY??? What pieces of crap. Evil pieces of crap. Just blows my mind. I mean, jealousy is really sad. I guess you can just pity those who feel the need to talk shit about an innocent CHILD!!!!

  30. I got my Instyle, and I was like…hey! I “know” her! 😀 Hope that isn’t creepy lol. LOVE the photos, so beautiful

  31. Stunning mums and kiddies as always! Did David take the photos for Pandora? He is so good, it would not surprise me! As a mum it’s not sometimes the easiest to wear much jewellery – for practical reasons – but I love a nice ring or pretty earring (that my baby girl can’t pull). It must have been really fun to have this amazing crew in your place, I hope it was not too overwhelming for Atticus and Rosie. Much love from London, Julie xx

  32. Hi Amber, I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who has been following your blog for quite some time. I know that I’ve seen other people online who are concerned about your son’s speech (from snapchat videos) and decided to comment because I think it might be helpful to you (and to honestly stop other people from judging something they don’t know very much about). I know some of them mean well but they aren’t qualified to assess his speech development. If he already has a speech therapist or if he has been formally evaluated then please disregard this as a full evaluation is MUCH better than what I’m able to gather from snapchat videos! I think your son’s speech is slightly delayed, however variability is very normal for his age group. He may be producing fewer sounds than is normal for his age group and have a slight phonological delay, which means that he’s having some trouble learning the adult rules for how to use speech. Here is what you can do at home to help him 🙂 Also any moms out there with little-ones this is a great method to foster language development for any child! So you essentially take whatever he says, and really expand on it. You might feel a little crazy doing it at first but it REALLY helps! So say he reaches for a ball and says ” bu (blue) ball”, then you would say “You want the ball? Yes you want the ball. Blue ball. You want the blue ball!” If you do this regularly it really helps young children to get a lot of quality language stimuli, and you are modeling correct/expanded productions of what they are trying to say. This is of course only my best assessment based on limited examples of his speech from SnapChat. I would maybe consider getting him formally tested when he turns three if it seems like his speech still seems a little delayed for his age. However, like I said there is a lot of variability in the development of young children and it’s especially common for little boys to be slightly delayed in their speech. So the moral of the story is, don’t worry too much but if you can try to do the method I suggested above to really help his speech get a jump start. Anyway, I love reading your blog and hope this post was at least somewhat helpful. 🙂

    1. Hi!! Thank you for this. This is a super sensitive topic for me. I never knew it was possible for people to think rude things about a child and actually post them for the world to see.. I didn’t know those evil types of people existed until I had a blog. I saw some of the rude comments about Atticus’ speech back in December and it truly sent me into such a sad state. It broke my heart into a million pieces to see people writing hurtful things about a child, let alone my OWN child. Since then I have completely banned myself from reading any negative comments whatsoever. It has helped me a lot. That is why you might have a hard time commenting because you won’t see it appear right away.. my husband approves or deletes them and I go through and read the approved ones. So it doesn’t show up til we approve it.

      We do take him to a speech therapist, and it has helped. He just doesn’t have much of an interest in talking right now. He will say words once and never again. He just picks and chooses when he wants to talk right now. She is worried about him and doesn’t think speech therapy is terribly necessary but early intervention can never hurt. He can say about 10 words but has an understanding of almost anything we ask of him. Thank you for the helpful tips. I have always just tried my best and it makes me sad that people judge him when he is just a baby and so innocent. If I could reach through the screen to all the people saying rude things about him I would and it wouldn’t be pretty. He is such a good boy and trying his very best. He is just a little delayed and that is perfectly fine.. he has so many other amazing qualities to make up for it. We do flash cards, activities, hands on learning, we watch speech therapy sessions and sing along, I am doing everything in my power. Thank you for addressing it in a polite and helpful manner and for thinking of him in a caring and nice way. I wish everyone was capable of doing the same.

      1. I’m glad my post actually worked and thank you for taking the time to respond. 🙂 You seem like a really devoted mother who dedicates a lot of time to your children. I HATE that people criticize other people online, especially children. I think the moms who are directing negativity and criticism towards your children need to step beck and realize how they would feel if someone was saying negative things about their child! I think you are really generous to let other people see into your daily life, that’s something that not many people are brave enough to do. Anyway like I said before, I LOVE reading your blog and it sounds like you are doing all of the right things with Atticus as far as his speech development goes. 🙂 Best of luck with everything!

      2. I can’t believe people would be rude. If I ever saw a rude comment trust me I would report them and try to get them banned from whatever social media it was.

  33. Gorgeous!! I love the little blush rope pieces. Thank you for sharing such personal stories. It sounds like you have the most amazing family.

    Sara Kate Styling

  34. Atticus in the video!!! The pure joy on his face playing with those balloons is contagious! I’m also loving the H&M look you’re sporting – so classy! Hope you have a most wonderful Mother’s Day!! xoxo

  35. I love all of these photos!! You are doing a great job as a mom, I loved getting to spend time with your sweet family❤️

  36. I love Pandora items and so does my mother. Perfect gifts for moms to be and of course for mothers day! Love the way you styled your jewelry.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  37. I love this post and the pure happiness I see in you and your children’s eyes.
    I am dying to know what kind of camera you use, your pictures are incredible.

  38. So awesome! You are gorgeous and such a great mama. Love all the looks in this post. That white dress is so cute with all the lace details 🙂 I love that your aunt put together gift baskets for you whenever you visited! I’m totally going to try to do that when my sister has kids 🙂

  39. Such lovely pics! You’re and David are such a good parents and it’s so nice too see that you handle it so well. Parenthood fits both of you perfectly. I have a question: you travel so much, and now you’re gonna be in Europa for a month and there’s a lot to come yet. Who takes care of dog Chauncey (I don’t know if its right the spelling) xoxo, Ana

  40. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! Of course I love all of the delicate pieces of jewelry – all gorgeous! But it’s so sweet to see your kids and how much you care for them. You seem like such a wonderful and present mother!!

    xx Kathryn

  41. These photos are so sweet!! I love seeing your babies grow and play and am very grateful you share your beautiful mom life with us 🙂 Hope you have an amazing Mother’s day and cherish every moment with your hubs and babies Amber♥

  42. Absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for you!! This seems like an amazing accomplishment that was so fun! though all the pictures and videos you seem like an amazing mom, Atticus and Rosie are so blessed to be able to call you mom. I hope you are having a great time in Ireland and Amsterdam!

  43. Congratulations on InStyle! The shots are beautiful! I love Pandora for Mother’s Day pieces, we had the British Mother’s Day back in March, but I would these pieces anytime of the year! x

  44. Ahw that video is supercute. Atticus has this face where it expresses full joy. Must be incredible to see for a

  45. I saw a glimpse of this on snapchat and have been waiting to see the pictures. They look so good! You have the best candid photos with your kids! And I love the video you made too! 🙂

  46. I love how you stacked the rings! Super cute! Also, I love the white dress, I’ve been looking for something like it for a while. Where is it from?

  47. What an exciting collaboration!! I love reading about your adventures as a mom. You seem like the most fun, adventurous mother who doesn’t mind if the kids rub a little dirt in 🙂 That’s how it should be! Kids being kids!! Also obsessing over your blue blazer! xo

  48. Oh amber you have such a lovely little family! Such a sweet post. I love your dress where did you get?

  49. I always love your outfit Amber! also I wanted to ask you if in these pictures are you wearing false lashes or its just a really good mascara?

  50. The photos are so lovely, and you make such a great mother. I wanted to see these photos for a long time, back when David was showing a little in snapchat. How exciting to be in InStyle!!

    Carolina |

  51. Hi Amber! I love Pandora jewellery too 🙂 it’s great You can match Your own bracelet. Will You show Yours shots from InStyle on your blog? Probably we won’t see it in Europe InStyle… 😉

  52. I’m waiting with excitement for video clips 🙂 And You’re pretty mom ! Have a god week Amber 🙂

  53. How can I be you? 😛 These pictures are amazing! I was telling my Fiance last night on our walk. It is crazy how I don’t know you personally but yet feel so attached to you and to your Babies. Especially because we (your followers) see them grow up. You became such a huge inspiration in my life and it makes me amazingly happy to strive to be like you. Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful Mothers out there including you <3

    P.s I hope you are enjoying your Europe Trip. I'll be in Portugal and then Paris in 4 weeks!!!

  54. I was SO excited for you when I got my issue of InStyle this month! The pictures are beautiful! You are such an inspiration for motherhood! XO

  55. This is so amazing! I have to go buy the magazine now 🙂 congrats! Also my mom is the same way and I can only hope to be half as good as a mom as she is to me and my brother! You are awesome!!!

  56. Beautiful video!!! You seem like a wonderful mother and should be very proud of raising two kids plus working!!!

  57. I already waited for your post and video about pandora. As you filmed that i saw your snaps on snapchat and i was so excited to see. 🙂 Great job!
    I still wish you and your family awesome and save weeks in europe!
    Best wishes from Austria 🙂

    Ps: I`m so sad that you don`t come to austria and sadly i don`t have time to come to amsterdam this week. Next time you have to come to austria, it`s beautiful!

  58. love pandora! those rose gold rings are amazing! wonderful photos!

  59. Pretty!! As always❤ atticus and rosie are such a lovely kids❤

    Anyway, can you make a vlog about your holiday in Europe?? I would like to see that ❤

  60. Congrats! That would have been such an exciting day ????
    Would be interesting to see the behind the scenes details. Haha but I don’t even know what periscope is…

  61. I’ve never worn anything from Pandora. The Pandora by me always has a line out the door from shoppers that love it though. I was gifted with a bracelet and charms last year but its still in the box, I will have to pull it out lol.