Palm Beach with Lilly Pulitzer

Hello from Palm Beach! It is my first time here and it is so beautiful! We are out here with the Lilly Pulitzer team shooting their swim collection that launches TODAY!!! The swimsuits are all so beautiful and made so well – you feel really held in, like you could go run around and be active in them. Which is nice for me when I am at the beach with my kiddos. Speaking of kids, Lilly Pulitzer also designs mini swimsuits, ah they are so precious.

I have learned so much about the Lilly Pulitzer brand since coming here, they are a really unique company and I especially loved hearing the background behind all of their pieces. All of their prints are hand drawn by artists and they also make their own custom colors. A fun fact they told us, was that in every print you can find LILLY somewhere hidden in the print. It is so fun and addicting to look at all their pieces and search for the hidden “Lilly.” It is such a fun little detail!

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The other great thing about Lilly Pulitzer is that they have pieces for so many different styles – you can find something bright and colorful or you can get something neutral and classic! My friends Rachel and Julia are also out here and we all have slightly different styles but all found pieces we loved.

*Thanks to Lilly Pulitzer for sponsoring this post


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  1. Where did you get those layered chokers? i love them, especially the little moon!

  2. So pretty!Can you please share your workout tips and what you did to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks? I m so inspired by your body after two pregnancies!

  3. No one really said it….so I’ll speak the truth: you look amazing! Your boobs look amazing!!! We know you work hard and take care of yourself and you really look gorgeous!!!! Your smile is glowing! You look so happy!! Your skin looks perfection! (Still using the kate somerville wipes??) No wonder davidavidavid wants 3,4,5,6,6,8,9,10,11,12,13 kids!! ☺️😁😉 You are a beautiful wife, mom, woman 💕💪

  4. You look so fresh, young and happy 🙂 Absolutely stunning!!
    So great to look at all these photos and feel the pleasant breeze of summer in the middleof winter 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the designs of these cute Lilly suits! I am tall and have a long torso. Did you find that the one pieces fit well on a tall frame, or would you suggest sizing up? Thanks!

    1. LOVED YOUR POST and your pics. You’re sooo stunning! However, am I the only one who can’t access their site? 🙁 It says ‘ACCESS DENIED’ for some reason.. I’m in Europe.