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I lovvvve oval sunglasses lately!!! I am so happy about this trend because I think they are so retro and fun. We are going to Europe soon and I can’t wait to pair them with dresses. The good thing is you can find them in all different price ranges. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have a lot of options for a good price. 🙂

On a totally unrelated note.. tonight at the pool just as I saw a bee, Rosie put her arm right on top of it and it stung her! But it didn’t phase her one bit. She just looked curiously at it as we pulled out the stinger but didn’t cry. Which made me feel like a real baby for running like a crazy person each time I see one.

Our new vlog camera came in the mail and tomorrow we are filming a vlog. Wish us luck ha.


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  1. I love this trend, they are amazing

  2. Ahhhh I’m so excited for the vlogs to come back!!! And Go Rosie!!! What an awesome gal.
    These glasses are all so cute I might need to get a pair. Thanks for sharing!!
    Fondly, Emily

  3. Wow Rosie is a trooper!! Good luck filming your vlog, can’t wait to watch it!
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  4. What vlog camera did you get?! My fiancé and I have been using the Canon G7X Mark ii to vlog about live in Connecticut, because we love the flip screen!

    I have been loving round sunglasses but have never considered oval! Maybe I’ll give them a try!

    Simply Lovebirds

  5. Where in Europe? If you come to Madrid I hope you’d do a meet up!

  6. I love that you have a pair of KREWE sunglasses on here. What a great brand right here in the city of New Orleans.

  7. I wish I could rock oval sunglasses!! And omg ro?!! Can’t believe she didn’t cry! I’m such a baby too when it comes to bees haha! + Good luck on the vlogging! I believe in you guys! Can’t wait to see vlogs! <3