A Missing Dress

Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend! We really had the best day today with our kiddos! We played at playgrounds, went to the legoland here in Arizona, played about 100 games of hide n seek, went to costco, and relaxed at the house! Super excited for tomorrow for work because we are working on really fun projects.

This is one of my favorite dresses! I bought it while in New York City – I can’t remember if I have worn it on the blog or not before but it is by Ulla Johnson. Her pieces are sooo beautiful and always feminine with some bohemian vibes. When we were unpacking our stuff here in Arizona this is one of the pieces that I was like.. “where is that?!” along with an Ulla Johnson blouse I had gotten. I really thought a box had gone missing because everything has been sorted through by now and kept trying to put it out of my mind because I felt so sick about these lost pieces. (I remember I told you guys I was also missing that denim jacket if you remember me talking about it). Anyways, David had pulled out a random bag and in it was this dress, that blouse, and a few other really amazing pieces. Note to self: don’t hire the cheapest movers. Our movers packed up our stuff and literally had ZERO rhyme or reason to anything. It was all so disorganized! Definitely splurging on a better moving company next time. But the dress is found so yay!

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  1. I love cactus oh and the dress is beautiful :)! I get to visit Phoenix for the first time beginning of May and I’m bringing my 16 month old son with me. I heard the zoo is a must see! Any other recommendations for younger toddlers? Also I notice that Atticus is often barefoot in your pictures on your walls. My son prefers to be barefoot so as long as it’s a clean safe space, I allow it. One less thing to fight him on 🙂

  2. Love how you really went all out on the rustic west vibe with this look! The feminine dress gets some edge when paired with the black boots and statement belt. This is a great look for spring and summer that I will definitely be replicating!


  3. Stunning photos!

    Moving is such a pain and you lose so much stuff I realized I left a box of kitchen stuff half way across the country. Thankfully it was at my boyfriends parents house but I was so stressed when I couldn’t find half my kitchen stuff!


  4. Loved the dress! Great that you had a good weekend! Love you blog! Have a great day!

  5. I am really loving the new format of your blog Amber! And always love your posts and updates! Xo

  6. Hey Amber- I have loved reading your blog and seeing all your pictures- I have been following along for a few years! One of the reasons I was so drawn to your style and made me want to check back for new posts, EVERYDAY, was all the COLOR! I know you have mentioned that you are trying to be more minimal.. but I miss all the color SO much! I feel like there are already so many blogs that do the more neutral style, and all the color is what really set you apart from the rest of the crowd. I have always thought that your style was so unique and fun! I still love following along, but I don’t feel like I need all the pieces of clothing that you are wearing like I used to. I’m just trying to give some perspective from a reader’s point of view, and I don’t mean to be offensive, if I didn’t love you guys I wouldn’t still be following along!


  7. I know exactly what you mean! Except I packed all my stuff and movers moved it. I have a box missing that was full of my scarves and Kate Spade and Dooney purses! I’m totally bummed. Can’t find it anywhere and I swear I’ve been through everything. 😩 You’re lucky you find yours!!!

  8. These photos are gorgeous, I love the desert vibes! I still haven’t checked out the AZ legoland, I’m wondering if my son is still too young. He’s only 16 months, is there stuff to do there for that age group too?


  9. Love the dress! I actually have been looking for one like this for a long time – especially longer dresses. Would you recommend any longer ones of the same style?

  10. I know people always love a lil constructive criticism and I know my opinion doesn’t really matter: but I really miss the blog layout when you would post all the pictures in a row and then have the links for clothes/description of the blog at the bottom<3 Still will always read your blog tho! <3 <3

    1. The links are still at the bottom! I will try to place them so they are more noticeable! xoxox