I just got this new shirt in the mail and was so excited to wear it! I am in love with studded anything.. so needless to say I was gushing over this new top.
Also, I woke up and looked in the mirror and decided I was bored with my hair so I did a slight melt on myself to add more depth. I wanted it to be a lot more red than it is, but oh well! Next time. 
Why is everyone so against red hair? I personally think red and gold tones are so complimentary and people should experiment with them more! And remember my month long heat fast for my hair? Ugh, I didn’t last… I had to curl it because I was feeling drab after cutting those 2.5 inches off! Forgive me.
How stunned are we about the co founder of Invisible Children getting arrested? So stunned. So bizarre… I am so utterly embarrassed for his wife. Get your shhh together dude. 

studded top: romwe
bracelets: nordstrom and forever 21
skinnies: j brand
salmon flats: hm

Have a good Saturday!

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  1. Love your blog! Question for you- I want a new hot tools curling wand but am having a hard time deciding which one to get. I have really long and pretty thick hair. Any suggestions? I bought one that was a Large and curled from a 1 1/4 to 3/4 curl but the shaft wasn’t long enough for me to wrap all my hair around it! I’d love any suggestions you might have. Thanks chicka.

  2. And as I explore your blog more, I see that you did post about Invisible Children. Thanks for trying to make this cause known!!

  3. Hi there! First off, you are stunning and I love love your fashion sense and your hair! With that being said though, I would like to say that your comment about the Invisible Children co-founder sounded a little ignorant and perhaps uninformed. I would encourage you to read up more on what really happened, and maybe post something more uplifting about the organization! IC is a wonderful group doing so much to literally SAVE hundreds of child slaves who are being tortured and killed. IC both promotes awareness and physically helps rescue these children, which is much more than any of us can probably say we have done to help them, wouldn’t you agree?

    Maybe you did post something great about Invisible Children in a past blog post that I missed, but I would just encourage you to check your facts and maybe uplift rather than tear down a rather stellar organization.

  4. You are darling. I love this outfit and the setting. I read above what you wrote about a mean anonymus person writing hurtful comments…screw them. People will always be mean jealous when you’re on top! Keep up the good work!!


  5. I just found your blog and im in love!!! The way you did your hair is my DREAM! please teach me how to do it!

  6. anonymous- yeah the thing with romwe is they only have things for a limited time! it is kind of a bummer!! i will try and find it for you and post a link k?! sorry about that! xox

    kalli- i wear snob from mac!! with a salmon gloss over it! its my favorite!

    alyssa- thanks girl!!! rissa did your hair?! love it! she is too cute! yeah melts are amazing and so low maintenance! xoxo

    laura- thanks love!! you are so sweet! 🙂

    kat- thanks so much girl! thanks for reading! xo

  7. Love this look! And ps love your hair like this! I had Rissa Madsen do a color melt on mine a couple months ago and its been a dream! I never have to worry about getting my roots done and can spend that money on clothes…its a win win situation!



  8. ok i just love this shirt. but i cant find it anywhere on the website..please help…love your blog