A couple days ago I woke up to some bad news that totally ruined my day.  My sister was in town so I decided not to tell anyone what was bugging me and went to the gym to try and run it off and get over it but I just kept thinking about it and by the end of the day I was seriously in the worst mood. Not only that but on Monday I got out of the shower and decided hmm…. I want lush blunt ends (on my hair) like tuula (from tuulavintage.blogspot.com) … so I took my scissors and snipped 2.5 inches off. My ends look amazing BUT my hair feels so short and fugly. Why did I do that? Gosh. No one knows, but I blame tuula. (just kidding I worship her). But seriously I knew I would regret that major. Also everyone else decided to have a bad day too so all the people I encountered were just being huge b’s and I got lost in Salt Lake and wasted so much stinking gas. Luckily when I came home one I got to give a big fat hug to one of my favorite people and then we all made pies… so that made me feel better. 
Anyways… blah blah blah everything went wrong that day so yesterday I decided I was going to be over my bad news and have a good day no matter what. So I did. You know how every single girl has pinned that “how to have a lovely day” picture? Or at least seen it? Well I love that pic but number one on it says, “drink tea”. Since I don’t drink tea I decided to make my own how to have a lovely day.
I didn’t add “drink grape soda” but you should do that too. 
Here is an outfit post from a couple days ago:

blazer: Forever 21
tee: HM
skinnies: J Brand
heels: Forever 21
Have a good weekend!!

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  1. Julia!! I am sure you got my comment in response to this on instagram already! But yeah I just make sure to brush my scalp with a wire bristle brush each night to stimulate the cells and then I also take vitamin E! My friends have said biotin works for them, but it didn’t do anything for me! Anyways love your blog so so much! xo

  2. Hi Love! I hope your days are getting better. I know that exact feeling, when everything seems to go wrong. Also, I totally regret cutting my hair!!! It was so impulsive and I wish I would have thought about it before. But you are still gorgeous 🙂 Any tips on growing your hair faster? Ugh, so mad at myself! Love your blog 🙂 I didn’t know you had one, just followed you on instagram.

    XO Julia