My roommate and I just ordered these leather pants online! (they are really pleather but I feel so chintzy saying pleather so for my sake I will call them leather).
They just came in the mail last night and I was so excited!!! I have been wanting some for so long but didn’t want to spend a lot and alas we found some for $16!!! Crazy.
Also, my locks and I decided to go on a heat fast for a month. Aka I will not be curling, straightening, or blow drying my hair for 31 days! So in these pics I let it air dry and sprayed some beach spray in it so make it look a little messy 🙂 I will share the beach spray in a post soon!
{and check out the post below to see a very talented man and a music video I was in!}
Here are my new leather pants:

things started to get wild. 

Leather Pants: Windsor
Star Wars Tee: H&M
Hooded Sweater: Forever 21
Nikes: Nordstrom

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  1. hillary! the sad thing is, you will probably look a million times better than me AND you have had two babies!!! you look so good girl! and your girls are so stinking adorable!

    colleen! i know they are great, definitely my new favorite item!! xo