Everyone is always asking me why I am not barefoot in my pictures…
When I know I am going to take pictures I generally throw shoes on.. but for these I decided not to, since its true that I am pretty much always barefoot with the exception of school… and work.
You wouldn’t think that one could have lerpy feet… I mean usually they are just big or small. But somehow I managed to come into this world with the lerpiest feet imaginable. I don’t even have long toes, they are short and fat.. but my feet are somehow rather lerpy and awkward.. or so my friends tell me 🙂
I started seeing girls with their button up shirts tied on the end and immediately associated that with when we were younger and used to do that as a joke.. or maybe it wasnt a joke.. but I looked like a joke when I did it so I am telling myself I was kidding.  So basically I told myself I was never going to do that again. Turns out.. now I am obsessed. 
This always happens to me.
I am either completely uninterested or totally obsessed when it comes to styles.
Obsessive compulsive is what you could call me I suppose. 
P.S. in response to FAQ in emails:
*the lipstick I am almost always wearing is “Snob” from Mac
(I am wearing it in this post and the studded shoulder post)
*I use a 1 inch curling iron to curl my hair and I clamp it, I don’t wrap it around, although I do love those curls also! 
*Also, if you try to comment on a post and it doesn’t show up right away, it is because I have to approve all comments so it won’t show up until I approve it! And I always respond even if it takes a few days so if you asked a question be sure to check back! Thanks! xox

our friends from the Medallion Manor 🙂

referring to pics below haha too funny. you can tell my brother is married.. he sure knows his feminine products!

button up: forever 21 / pleather pants: windsor / bracelet: forever 21 / teale necklace: hm / blue necklace: nordstrom

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  2. MC!!! oh my gosh yeah arent they the cutest?! i love that place! i miss you tons!!! so excited for you and nate!! wahoooo!! i knew you guys would work out 🙂 love ya!

  3. taylor!! haha isnt he the sweetest thing? now i have way too high of expectations for who i marry cause he is so great! his 3 sisters taught him well 🙂 and thank you so much!!! thanks for reading pretty girl! xo

  4. jules- thanks lover!!! the shirt was like 5 bucks no joke haha and im glad youre with me on being late to like trends sometimes!! ugh the worst! love ya!

  5. I recognize those guys from when Mads and I volunteered at Medallion Manor this summer!! So sweet, miss you!

  6. I love the your brother;
    #1: said your blog post was cute.
    #2: noticed that baby sock.
    #3: cared enough to ask.

    That is so adorable! i love your shirt, the whole outfit worked so well!